Monday, July 10, 2017

The Fourth Stop

I slept fitfully last night thinking of everything that could go wrong, from cascading over the side of a bridge to loosing our brakes someone on a hill and rolling into the forest. Finally I fell asleep and this morning took a 1/4 of a xanax pill I had left over from my MRI.  It actually helped or I just thought it did.

Here's our girl. Not in the woods nor over the side of a bridge. She got us to Western Village Rv Campground in Carlisle, Pa. Strong and true she went up and down hills perfectly. When we stopped, for a brief moment Roger said, her check engine light flickered on then went off. Remembering she suffers from "Low Oil Pressure" , it was ok.  First time she showed any sign of it since we started out last week. 

Roger getting ready to hook up the sewer. And there is the infamous tow dolly that we stop for every two hours to make sure the straps are tight and the steering wheel is straight. 

Here's a few pics from today's drive.

The entrance to the Western Village RV Park and the sign I spotted right away.

So now we need to find a park in NY State for tomorrow night. It would be 500 miles from here to Lee, NH and neither one of us want to do that drive! A stop in between will keep us all from murder and insanity. 😏

Thankfully an uneventful travel day with the front window fan working and me being cool and calm. Really, not once did I wave my arm like a crazed woman or scream dear lord slow down we're all going to die.!! (No I never said that but I do wave my arms like a crazed woman. That way Roger can see in his peripheral vision that I am saying something without startling him. )

Have a great night..not sure where we will be staying tomorrow night, looking at a Walmart right now, but I'll check in soon.



  1. Wake rested and calm. Hope your dreams were happy or non-existent. Me? Oh, I'm trying to install a new Dish receiver. It's stuck on a screen and refuses to find the Internet even though it is also through Dish. Guess I shouldn't be doing this at midnight our time. 😑