Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Two Week Update

Now doesn't this say it all? I think finally after two weeks I'm starting to come out of the tiny room fog and I'm noticing Roger is too. Today he scrapped two areas that started to rust in preparation to paint it with rust preventative. Our battery bay and our front bay under the drivers area.  Me? After I took Lola for our walk I was determined to finish a commissioned box that I needed to do touch ups on and did it! Frustrated with the light inside, or lack of it, I took everything outside to the picnic table and worked in peace and quiet until it was done. I'm back!!

Then, oh yes I am back, I started and finished the little ACEO. A friends dog that I fell in love with the photo and she allowed me to use it.  It also gave me the chance to experiment with the background. Another commission that I have is a 16" x 20" watercolor.  I recently purchased a Walter Foster book, The Art of Drawing and Painting Portraits. One of the chapters is by artist Peggi Habets, whose work I greatly admire and since the painting will include a person it has been a great help. Keep positive thoughts coming.

Look what came from Amazon!! I also got a box of doggie poop bags but that's not as exciting! Great price though by the way! I'm using these brushes for my oil painting. Short and easy to work with and travel with. Very similar to Simple Simmons.

The honey wagon cometh! At first I thought I'd have to go inside but not at all. New Hampshire living.

Last evening Lola and I took our nightly walk up to the field. The sun was starting to set and the sky behind the tree line was a pinkish orange glow. We just stood in the field watching it. Not a sound. Not a bird, no cars. One large bug flew by my eye but even that was in silence. Lola and I stood there for a good 15 minutes not moving. If anyone saw us they would have thought maybe something was wrong, but, it was all perfect.  I'm feeling my energy returning and even my walking is improving.

That's it for today so have a great night and I'll chat with you again tomorrow. (Just heard it's going to rain tomorrow so I get to wear my rainboots again...exciting! )



  1. We have the same issue here with our chairs...we end up on the floor and a certain lurcher of ours is on the sofa! lol. Your painting is lovely, great brush work :)

    1. And the bed!! We're lucky to get a spot! Lol
      And thank you!! Loving your work!!