Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Things To Be Grateful For..

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and even though I do daily Gratitude's,  I count once more.  First, Roger and my health. Yes, we have aches and pains and parts don't seem to work as well as say 20 years ago, but all over we are healthy. Our furkids and two legged kids are all healthy and we have a beautiful Coach to keep us safe.  Friends, old and new, and our ability to laugh still in tact!

We have been doing a daily 4 P.M. Happy Hour and it's been wonderful! Great conversations and laughter! So healing!

Of course I am grateful for my gift of painting and drawing! My art space has shrunk but I still can work. No excuses! So that brings me to what I am working on today.

I am using a photo of our Sammy as reference and sketched this in the other day. 

My plan is to use a technique I discovered a few years ago using black ink, watercolor and colored pencil.  After I sketch the image I paint in the ink where I want me darkest areas to be then go on from there.

This is a finished piece of my beautiful Muse, Sophie. It now hangs in our bedroom. So very grateful she was in my life.

Thanksgiving also reminds me of people that have now gone to Spirit. It's always a mixed feeling on Holidays isn't it. Well, one day we will all meet again at the Rainbow Bridge!! But Sheila? Isn't that where the animals go when they pass on? Yes it is, and that's where I'm heading. I know a lot of our friends and family will already be there or soon follow!!!

I also want to mention I am so grateful for YOU!!! Yes, you! , And we want to wish you a very warm and Happy Thanksgiving! 


Roger, Sammy, Ozzie and Lola

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

One Thing After Another

Taking a deep breath since it's all part of the adventure and believing that everything will work out.  Our friends from last year came back to the campground and since they love to work around the area, I was able to take a small breath.  Even got back to painting.

You see my work space. Haha.

This is a watercolor, colored pencil on watercolor paper. Matted and ready to go. Chocolate Napper

Last week I cut my gum and had a hell week of pain, swishing peroxide, salt water and Listerine. Happy to say all is well now and I'm back to my 'ol self. However, during the sad week, our a/c started to "rain" again. It definitely needs gaskets.  Rick said about $45.00. Not bad.

A few days later Roger opened the refrigerator and said, "Oh oh..we are loosing cold". Norcold has been noted for not being a cold fridge but we have been lucky. Even at times we have had frozen ice cream. ;-)
On to Google to see what we could do. Ok, shut it off for 24 hours and then turn it back on. And let me add on to that, eat all your frozen things quickly. Now what!!! The oil pressure, the stairs, the A/C and now the fridge? Off to Lowes and Roger bought a small refrigerator to keep milk and staples cold til we find out whats wrong.  24 hours and we turned it back on. Nothing. Ok, let's try the propane. Nothing. The electric was working but it just wouldn't get cold.  On the phone to Rick. He told me that I'd probably have to take it to a shop because if we need a new one they will have to take it out through the front windows.  Now I was back to being "homeless" in my mind.

Last September, when we were planning on going off and our slide wouldn't come in, we called a mobile unit in Cocoa.  On the phone again, I called Ron. He had a unit close by to us and over they came. My first question was if we needed a new system would we have to go to the shop? (hommmelessss) "No", he said, "We can do anything right at your site."  Happiness is.....!!!! He climbed on top of the rig and clicked a switch and said maybe that was the problem. Call us in the morning to let us know!  Last night, during our happy hour, I placed my hand into the freezer and it was..COLD!!!!

Now we plan on having Ron put in estimates for the a/c, the stairs and fix the clicky switch on the roof! Huge sigh of relief! It doesn't even phase me that our Propane gas detector died last night. Oh ya.  No worries, found a replacement on Amazon for $48.00.

Roger reassured me it's just like being in a sticks and bricks. Stuff breaks. I think since we have everything right around us in a much smaller space, it becomes more noticeable. I am glad it's happening while we are at the park rather than out in the middle of nowhere.  "We'll be all fixed before we travel come Spring", I said to Roger. He responded that for sure something else would go. Constant upkeep, but I'm loving living in our CiCi BLue.

I'll end by doing a show and tell of one of my latest commission pieces. 12" x 12" oil on canvas.  Please feel free to contact me if you'd like your pet painted. Always accept and love commission work.

Have a great night.