Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bathhouse Painted, Commission Shipped, Still Hot

Roger and I finished the bathhouse trim together the other day! It looks quite nice I must say. We did get silly from the heat a few times and started laughing non stop when we thought of our age and the heat we were in.  Then we marched, as I did in our sticks and bricks house, right into the pool fully clothed. It was a bit like bath water from the sun but after awhile our core temp dropped and I felt a chill.

The trim before was a royal blue. Wasn't sure how I'd like the tan color but it looks very clean. Yeah, us!!

So what else have I been doing? Working on more commission pieces. I'm so grateful to be getting work. This is an 8" x 10" start of a beautiful Black labrador from Scotland! I was fortunate to be able to paint my clients yellow Lab last year and this will go lovely on their wall.

With it so hot out and now our getting afternoon storms, I like to go in our room and lay down for a nap or just listen to the wind and rain. My "alone" time one would think!

Not sure if you can see it clearly but there is my arm. The hair next to my arm is Lola! She comes right in and up, laying down the side of my body. Ozzie, our chocolate Lab, is just above her fur and my arm directly beside my head! Sammy, our Black Lab, is below the fur and laying on my feet. I believe the saying, "Three Dog Night" (Not the band) is from people in the northern hemisphere bringing their dogs into bed with them for warmth. Good thing I love these guys! 

On the 17th I made an appointment for Lola Bear to have a Spa Day!! Zoomin Groomin is coming once more.  Lola hates me trimming her but loves being brushed. She sees scissors and she's off.  So, she is scheduled for a luxurious bath then trim. De tangled and furminated to get that ol winter coat off her rump,followed by a sani-trim, girls shouldn't have odors, and finally a blow dry!  2 to 3 hours of spa! I can hardly wait!! I brush her hair daily but right now it's at a length that she sneezes and it becomes a mat. hahaha.  I'm not sure how short her hair will be as her hair protects her from the sun and heat. so minimal. Pics will follow.

And on the to do list this week, New lock fixtures. My bathroom cabinet. Oh-oh.  Actually I need a few for around the Coach. After 11 years I think they are due to break. Camping World is a few exits away from us here so it will be a quick trip. 

Ok, heading to the bedroom, with everyone, hahaha, for a snooze. 
Have a great evening and I'll chat again with you soon.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Heat Continues

I know, we live in Florida. It should be hot, but, the past few weeks Florida has been breaking records that were made in 1920.  There have been times I said I wished I had lived back then but gee, I could do it without the heat. Could you imagine? In 1920 woman still had to be covered. They still wore the long heavy dresses and buttoned shoes for the most part and even their summer swimsuits looked like an outfit.  No, I don't think I would have survived long back then. The heat bothers me as it is so 98 degrees with a heat index of 108 just would not do.

Our Ci Ci Blue has been fantastic. We do have the front a/c running all day up front, then at night the bedroom a/c is on. It's wonderful and the dogs are content. A few people with trailers have said their a/c just isn't keeping up at all. 98 out and inside their trailer it has been high 80's or low 90's. Let's hear it for Country Coach!!!  Storms seem to go under us or over us or straight down the middle of the state. Frustrating. We hear the thunder and see the lightning but no rain!

The lightning hit an exit away from us in the pine scrubs and started a fire. 100 acres burned and the cloud was amazing. We also keot an eye on it in case it progressed and started for us.  It was, happily, put out during the night.

10:10 A.M. 85 degrees and feels like 89, and rising.  Roger is out painting the trim on the bathhouse. Thankfully in the shade. I did a bit of ground work with Wendy and just came back in. Soaked!  Fed the kids and now they are snoozing and comfy under the a/c.  My job today is hiding and finishing two commission pieces that need to be mailed on Friday! Yikes. Can I do it?? You bet!!!

So for now I'll close and will write again soon. 

Stay safe and cool.....


Thursday, June 18, 2015

100 Degrees In The Shade

Lola says to stay inside because it's broiling outside. It's been at least 100 everyday this week. There is a breeze but of course that's a hot breeze. Tonight I went to take a cold shower but the water has been warmed in the tank, I'm sure that's the reason, and it came out hot. The three kids have been sleeping a lot.

This past weekend I flew up to New Hampshire to see my daughter and her family. It was my youngest granddaughters dance recital. It was also cooler out and I loved it!

Kelsey on her toes. So precious! 

And my two girls. Kelsey and my oldest granddaughter, Morgan!

Then, while I was gone, Penny, one of the park owners was rushed to the hospital with severe dehydration.  Her kidneys were ready to shut down and it was extremely serious. Wendy, her sister, was at the hospital 24/7 so I helped out in the office. I have had experience doing office/phone work so that was fine it was just if someone asked me what was available and the price. Hahaha. Important things I'm thinking. Wendy texted me info so it all went well. I do know I can do it but boy, it's good to be back painting now. 

Roger and I are doing research on tow dollies. So far I seem to like the The America Tow Dolly. Reasonably priced and they will deliver it and actually show us how to use it. It's exciting as we plan our trip this coming September to Georgia. Our second Sea trial! We also need to figure out why all the lights are coming on when we turn on the rig. Sigh. Not to worry, we will get it!! 

So, life lesson this week in the heat... diet coke and gatorade will not hydrate you. Water!!! Just water til you swim. I'm not a coke drinker but Penny was. Thankfully she is home and on her way to recovery!!

Oki, Ozzie and Lola are playing and running amok in the coach so I'm heading to the couch to pick my feet up so I don't get stomped on .

Have a great night and chat again soon,

Warmly, Sheila

Sunday, June 7, 2015


We have been cleaning and trimming the park. This is what it's like to workcamp. Even though it's been in the 90's hare work still needs to be done. Grass needs to be cut and the trees overhanging the fence in the dog run needs to be cut back. So, out we went.

This is an older picture so the tree limbs hung further down and the vines were popping through. It's looking quite nice now.  Then edges were mowed, trees clipped and all is looking quite nice.  By the time we returned home we were both quite tired. A good tired after a day in the sun and getting things accomplished.

In between the work at the park I did get a commissioned painting done and ready to ship.

It's oil on a 12' x 12' copper panel. 

I'm still trying to get myself accustomed to painting in a different environment. I have been in my studio for years or painting in a studio at my "house".  It's a smaller space now with Roger and three dogs milling around but there are no excuses so I keep going. I'm not doing as many pieces as I had, painting daily, but I must need the break. I will say there is a small guilt attached to it but I will get back to painting daily.  trying to decide, Etsy or eBay for smaller pieces. We have found being on a fixed income has changed things and not working at my craft makes it tight. Besides, I LOVE what I do. If you know of anyone who would like a portrait please check my page here under Commissions at the top of the blog. Thanks.

Moving on...one year ago today we took possession of.....

"Ci-Ci Blue" our 2004 Country Coach Allure

In honor of that I spent yesterday cleaning and putting "stuff" down into the basement and making sure that the heaviest load was in the center of the coach.  We vacuumed and shined the inside and it looks lovely!!  Wow, a year. 

How do I like it after a year of living in a motor home? I LOVE it!!! Sure I can get anstey waiting for someone to move so I can get by to the front or the back of the coach and finding "alone" places are harder in a smaller area. (That's why I bike ride) or go take a nap. Also curling up in my comfy chair and reading is also a favorite. Roger and I get along great, thankfully, so life is good.  After a year I have found myself getting rid of things I haven't used. Space is at a premium so one becomes very particular about what you store.

Unlike a sticks and bricks neighborhood, people that are here or come and go are like minded. There is a freedom in knowing you can be a nomad at any given time and hit the road. The dogs have calmed down and love the fact they are with us 24/7. (but could I please have more of the bed?) We still have the maintenance of our home, it's just different. Are the batteries ok, will the slides come in and are the tires inflated correctly. So, after a year and many rain storms there are no leaks but found some mildew in the basement so I'll put some damprid there.  Our insulation has protected us during the winter cold and last night,a fire engine, 6 police cars and an ambulance was right behind us for an incident and we missed the whole thing. Didn't hear a thing. We did have the a/c on and were awake. hahaha. Lola barked but I thought she just wanted her water bowl filled. I did that and we all went back to bed and watching tv. Yeah Country Coach, you made a beautiful home!!!

Ok, off to shower. We are going out for lunch with Wendy, Penny and their Mum. A restaurant on the river with great food!! So,

Have a great day and I'll chat with you later..