Saturday, July 20, 2019

Time Whizzing By....

Wow, slow it down...that time! Before we know it we will be preparing to leave for the south and you'll say, what in the world did you do?

We arrived safe and sound at Wellington Camping Park in Lee, NH.  We have come here for the past two years and this year we are actually workcampers.  A beautiful park set in a forest along the Lamprey river.  I took this photo the other day as I was sitting outside the office. The park is full with seasonal campers and I tend the office while Roger cleans the bathrooms and gets the trash.

The other huge bonus was the Wellington family let me have an old shed that was left last year and guess what I did with it?!!!

I have an art studio!!!!!

The mosquitoes are crazed right now so I bought one of those magnetic screens for the door. As Seen On TV.  It velcros all around the door frame and then during the night, falls down.  I have chair tacks so I put those across the top and voila''s perfect.

Happy artist!!!

...and her assistant!!!

And look what I've created in my new space!!

Arizona Plains...18" x 12" x 2" cold wax and oil on cradled board.

I've totally fallen in love with cold wax medium.  You'll be seeing so many more pieces.

Our Senior boy Sammy.

He's 14 and has weakness in his rear legs and every time I think, oh this is it, he pops up wagging his tail and is ready to go for his walk or gallop up his dinner. He's not ready yet and doesn't want to miss a thing.  Everyday he teaches me something new, one of which is slow down and enjoy the moment and I do. I push the daily aches and pains away and just enjoy. 

A few of the paintings I did this summer.  I work inside the rig on super hot days and on the days I do watercolor.  The days we work are 6 hour shifts alternating 3 to 4 days, my assistant, Lola, gets panicky that I'm not around so I'm happy to be inside for a bit. 

The story of the washing machine.!! Sweet lord.... So, before we left Florida I grabbed the handle before the blinking light was a steady slow blink. Sigh. I pulled it and stood there with a handle in my hand, not attached to the door.  We were able to rescue the laundry but that was it.  This summer, Roger was able to get a replacement handle and together we actually repaired it and it's back up and running. Believe me I am so gentle with the handle it's like a sacred artifact!

The story of the toilet. Last year it was awning and slide out covers, this season it's appliances.  In Florida our electric toilet died and we bought a similar electric toilet from our friends. It had been in their rig when they bought it and smartly, they pulled it out and put in a foot peddle model.  We installed it before we came north and it made a loud noise similar to our old one just before it passed away. Oh yes, the replacement toilet died. The positive note was it had a handle in the back that if you bent over, rested your head on the back part, you could turn the handle so the disc would open and flush. That's a positive you say?? HAHAHA, yes it actually was. Then that glorious moment came when Roger said.."It's time isn't it". A resounding YES!!! 

Amazon had the same model in electric and foot model. He ordered the foot pedal model, china bowl, easier to clean I think and I feel more like it's "Home" ,to be delivered in a few days. 

UPS dropped it off a the owners home and her son brought it down to us. Thrilled, I called our new, he actually comes, RV repair guy.  Roger went out a few days later to the store, came back in and said Amazon delivered an electric toilet! NOOOOOO!  He called and they said they'd refund us and we noticed they charged us more than it was listed for so bonus on the refund.

Jeff, the new RV guy came and installed our new Throne!!! And yes I'm super cautious about stepping on the paddle extension...Haha...

Toilets, washing machines, work camping and painting...then I get to see my girls!! I was adopted so I never "looked" like anyone in my family. You do have similar habits, expressions and people say, "you look just like your Dad", of which I loved, but my daughter Erin, far right, is the first person I ever connected with biologically.  Then her brother Jamison. Sometimes I feel like I'm a start of a lineage but when I see what my two grandchildren do I wonder what ancient ancestor passed that trait down.  In front of me is Morgan. Artistic, talented with a love of adventure.  Then Kelsey, an amazing dancer with such a passion. I cry every time I see her dance. Where does that talent come from? Proud Mum and Gram!!

So that's it for now. More paintings for show and tell soon . 

With the crazy heat across the country please stay safe and hydrated and remember your pets need this attention also. Lola and I will be in and out quickly today as well as our Sammy. Ozzie seems ok but I'm thinking an in and out for him also.

Until next time, be well and thanks for following along on the adventure of a lifetime.

Warmly, (probably not the perfect word for today,,haha)

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Our Travel Update So Far

We spent longer in Georgia at Lake Harmony RV Park than we anticipated but it was so nice and our friends, Betty and Bob who we traveled out with, were arriving on the 1st of May so we stayed to surprise them.  A week at the park is a bit pricey but if you get the site on the lake so worth it. Extra days ran us about 39.00 a night.

While we were in Georgia I got the front curtains made. 3 84" panels placed sideways and a small hem at the top to put the pins that hold it onto the little circle do dads in the curved rail on top of the window. They are lighter, somewhat black out, massively inexpensive and easier to clean.  And they look nice!

 The last night.

Sammy getting ready to travel. Everyone needs to be in their places.

But not before Lola gets a last stroll in the lake. She's afraid to go in deep and I keep her on a long lead but she loves wading.

And we're off!!!

Our next stop is The Barnyard RV Park in Lexington, SC. About 39.00 a night through Good Sam and we just stayed one night. I got my poor plants out of the shower so they could breath. Someone placed the plant on the road before we left the park last September and I've been re rooting and planting ever since. Excited. Leave no plant behind!!!

Our next stop was Ft. Chiswell RV Park in Max Meadows ,Va.  I loved this park last September so we came back. The back pasture was under some sort of construction so the cattle and sheep were out front the first night. This is also a two night stay for us, and we got in and hooked up just before the thunderstorms and rain started.

The next day was a celebration day...

Sammy turns 14!!! 

Ft. Chiswell is $38.00 a night, big pull thru's and quiet.

Then we had to leave!


A three some odd hour trip took way longer this travel day. There were sections that it just poured. This area wasn't bad but everyone seemed to like to zoom past us. We let them. Traveled slow and made it safe and weary to Shenandoah Valley Campground in Mt. Jackson,  Va.  We were staying one night. Then today were heading to Carlisle, Pa and the Western RV Park. One of my favs. (It has tubs of different flavors of Hersheys ice cream.)

We arrived at Western RV Park and Roger asked if our site would be available for another night and voila' was!

This is the way to the Western RV Park.  I have to smile because when we were first starting out on our adventures and total newbies this would have been part of our adventure. We would take the wrong turn and end up driving through a neighborhood that was marked "No commercial or heavy vehicles". I would wave while cringing and hoping the rig wouldn't sink into the road but thankfully we haven't done that in a few years. 

At the end of the lovely neighborhood we see the entrance gate to our stay.

I've changed Sammy's "meds" around and I'm finding he's more alert now during the day. At night I give him his CBD oil and he sleeps soundly but daytime is his Technyflex pills. One in the morning and one in the evening with dinner. If he has any inflammation or pain it will be reduced or taken away. From his excitement on going out for his walks..he's doing great. 

And he's got us to our place for two nights perfectly!!

Our view from our bathroom window. (Why do I suddenly feel like singing an old Beetles tune?? haha)

Well that's it for today.  Tomorrow we head to Matamoras, Pa (though I keep calling it metamorphosis ), for one night then up bright and early the next day to drive to Lee, N.H. It will be a long drive but I get excited being from New England. It's home.  We'll be seeing friends and family and I already have a date with my daughter and granddaughters for Sunday...Mother's Day. What could be better!!

Thanks for coming on our journey with us...I'll be back to painting and working at the campground this year so it will be a fun season! We have experienced deluge rain and so far the resealed seams have held beautifully.  Our other "project" this summer is to paint CiCiBlue's walls. Not the wood but the beige wallpaper that they put in RV's.  Passing thoughts have been, hmm, sometime trade her in? (Shhh, I never said that CiCI) but you take the risk of buying someone else's problems. The Universe knows what we/she needs and I have Faith. 

New cold wax and oils coming and some fun dog/Lab art too. Roger's making eggs and bacon so I am so ending this!!! Love you all!


Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Being Fearless

Even when you're feeling totally out of your comfort zone. 

The campground here has been a welcome stop. Our love our neighbors where we stay in Florida but every so often I need an amazing space and SPACE. As you know, this site faces the lake and we feel alone. 

 So this is why I'm out of my comfort zone but I have to say, loving every minute of it.  Watercolor and gouache on 140lb paper that I've not used before.  It was a square format, which I love, so it came home with me.

I wasn't happy with the shadow under the dogs's leg so I needed to wet it and bring the tone down a bit. Also added a pink glaze of color. I like the second version much better. Subtle suits me.

I'm making excuses to do plein air.  Oh it won't dry in time, even though we are here until next Tuesday.  I'm thinking Dear Lord, it's all green out there.  Let's see what the afternoon brings. Sheila, just do it....!

Our friends!

What do we do the rest of the time here? Well, neighbors next to us are from NH so of course we bonded.  Then at 4:00 P.M. it's happy hour and listening to Lola call to me.  Take her out? She doesn't like the heat so she complains and wants to go back in. Oh my word, fussy girl!! Hahaha.

I'm having fun taking photos with the new iphone. Also looking for reference photos!

May you all get a chance to sit and do absolutely nothing today and not feel guilty!! Around 1:00 I'll take Lola for her walk along the lake edge. I'll try and take a video of her bravery!! Shhh, don't let her know I laugh!! She thinks she's really adventurous!!! I just love her to bits!!

Have a great day..more updates soon. Friday it's expected to rain so good day to make new curtains for the front window. 


Monday, April 22, 2019

Update From Lake Harmony, Georgia

We rolled out of Crystal Lake RV Park this past Saturday one day later than planned due to a crazy storm coming across. Onto 95 North for a 3 1/2 drive which ended up being about 4 1/2, 5 hour drive.  Easter weekend and everyone was out driving. Jacksonville, Florida was a sheer nightmare with multiple accidents and just insane traffic.

But, before we left....

The first art show I've participated in in years. Wasn't sure if the long flowy thing looked like a robe but it covered those "sins".

The work in the show was amazing and I never thought I'd get a prize of any sort.  

The names were called starting from Honorable Mention towards Second place and I clapped excitedly for the winners. When the First Place winner in Oils and Acrylics was announced  I wasn't sure I heard the name correctly.  My artists friends were there, Roger and my son Jamie and wife Pam had just arrived.  Jamie was texting my daughter, who was texting me..I was teary.. and understood the Universe was sending me on my new journey in art.

Still in shock, my name was called once again for a special award.  And yes, Roger heard the story over and over for days. Ok, a week and a half!!! 

Back to reality! A friend emailed and asked if I could do a quick portrait for her daughters birthday. The fur became a challenge being so many variations of brown.  My friend sent me a video of her 11 year old daughter opening the gift and it was better than any monetary payment I could receive. She actually hugged the painting!!

Ok, back to travels! Well, almost. Our toilet died. It's an electric toilet and for the past month "we" had to ratchet it open and closed to flush.  Friends had one stored after switching theirs out for a pedal flush so sold the electric model to us. Voila'!! And just how many people do you know that show you photos of their hopper!!

One of the casualties of having dogs is one of them has long fingernails. (Note to self, buy clipper)
Ozzie loves to sit and lay up on the front dashboard and in his crazed oh my god there's dogs and people walking by moments, he has torn the plastic. I bought a cheap rug and cut it, as you see, first on the wrong side, to fit somewhat. Velcroed it down and again, voila'. Yes, he also broke our vent cover which I found a replacement on ebay.

Traveling positions. Lola by me.  She only gets up if we slow down or stop. God forbid she misses a chance to speak!!

Then our boys. Ozzie to the left and Sammy sound asleep on Lola's bed. Brought out for travel. 
Sammy, almost 14, always surprises us. He can be slow and "old" but when we start to travel he becomes pretty quick and young again. He just loves traveling!!

We made it. I unhooked the car at the entrance then Roger followed the greeter to our site and she aided him in backing into the site. It's just off the road but our door faces the lake so we don't see anyone. Oh you know I'm loving this!!

 We sat outside last night with a glass of wine to watch the sunset. I'm taking reference photos!!!

CiCiBlue in all her glory. 

Just a few more from this mornings coffee hour. They call them "Snake Birds". Anhenga. 

Roger placed our rockers out by the water. 

In spite of her missing awnings, her scratches, (Beware of flying debris when the lawn guy comes around) her little bulge from water damage, CiCiBlue still looks regal.  I'm making new front  curtains for her this week. and I tell her when I sell more artwork we'll get her a new couch and comfy chairs for Me! People like trading in and up to newer models. Our thought? We have actually put our life savings into getting her running along with friends help, Bless you, and there's no way we'd part with her. (There's a reason people part and trade up ).  CiCi is strong and true and this year learned the correct way to reseal seams so that's on my summer to-do list.  

Ok, a small headache from high pollen count today so I'll close and write more another day. There's an art class here in the park tomorrow. I just may find out more and join up.

Thanks for following along on our journey. Hope you are enjoying yours too.