Commission A Pet Portrait

Are you interested in a pet portrait?

What are my qualifications?

I have been a Professional Artist for many years and a caretaker of 4 Labrador retrievers and a Newfoundland for over 14 years. 

I believe you will receive the very best
quality painting of your pet. Many talented artists can capture your pet but I capture their souls. I know how they move and know their secret language with each other, uh know!!

I know the look of love from their eyes and I can paint it on stretched canvas or copper panel for you to keep forever.

8" x 8"      $195.00

8" x 10"    $280.00

12" x 12"   $ 435.00

16" x 20"   $960.00

What I will need to start is photos showing their face and eyes.  Also a description of their personalities.  We can also discuss backgrounds at this point.

A 50% deposit is required before start and I accept Paypal and Visa, Master Card.

Since I will be traveling in our RV I'm not sure yet how to accept checks but we can discuss that.

Please contact me at MY EMAIL

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