Monday, March 6, 2017

We Are SO Getting Ready

We still haven't decided where we will roam to this summer to make sure CiCiBlue is up to the big travel. I know she's excited as we are!!  Diesel Pushers are meant to go.

So where are we now on stuff.

My art stuff. Ok, I need a home for everything, But where? Yesterday I emptied out a closet space and put in my watercolor stuff. Bag on bottom left. Put all the unfinished boxes in a box since they will be painted and shipped soon.

On my side of the closet at the back of the coach, I have the safe, then a small shelf to place something on. I put velcro on the bottom of that box, it holds various scarves, and you never know when one needs to flow with grace across an RV park. (deer in headlights face here). Then I stacked my canvas on top.

And yes, it will move while we roll, so a snug strip of velcro around said canvas hopefully will do the trick.

The bathroom project is moving along. Today was placing the foam insulation and sealing everything to get ready for the board over. I ordered stick on tile and that should be coming in today. I'll do a show and tell tomorrow on it. I liked it in the photo, hoping I like it when it's in my hands.

And..In Progress!!! 20" x 20" oil on canvas. A real Texas boy sitting happily in flowers. I have lines around for correction and direction. Thought I'd be getting to this today but after my great arrangement of my canvas, I closed the mirrored doors and something was stopping the doors from ever opening again.  After trying to dislodge whatever it was with an umbrella I grabbed a screw driver and started to unscrew the bottom strip of wood holding the door on the rail. Three screws were considerate, 5 were not. I was finally able to open one side large enough to get my hand and arm inside and that's when I felt the 20" x 20" canvas leaning against the door. "Oh for crying out loud" was what I did not say...then got back on the floor to rescrew the three screws back into their place. This was an hour and then I had to re hang all the clothes I took out of the closet in hopes that maybe a sleeve became jammed. Ok, the positive out of this, I threw out a lot of things I no longer wear, need or even remember that I had and oh, found that 20" x 20" canvas that hasn't been finished. So that's where I put it.!!

It's been really gusty here lately and allergies have been kicking up for everyone. Itchy eyes, sneezing, runny noses. We are quite a group.

Ok, have a great rest of the day, I think I'll go take a little snuggle with dogs!! See you tomorrow.


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Just Stuff

 The day we were going to finish off the bathroom, it poured. There is outside work that needs to be done and it needs to be dry. Bob wants to push out the screws that attach the awning arm, silicone the heck out of them since they are also the offending parts allowing rain to enter, and attach them to a two by four inside. Hopefully next week everything will be dry enough to do it.

 Who knew we lived near a Buddhist Sanctuary. White Sands Buddhist Center  Six of us decided one day to take a lunch and go to visit. I have to say I felt like I was in another world, a peaceful one. Around the center pond there were stone benches and each one had a word etched on it. Wisdom, Forgiveness were two that I sat on. Since then I have been actively conscious of what I say and think and have been working on my forgiveness of past "stuff" and it feels great. It is so easy to be pulled under into negatives, people talking, politics, etc.  Our goal is to travel, artists living the dream and painting and photographing America in our CiCiBlue and three fur kids and we are working towards that goal, bringing in positive energy.  Who knew that a couple of hours sitting in peace and serenity could have this effect. (Probably quite a few people actually and that's why they meditate). Ok, joining in!!

Finished but needs to be signed. I am pleased!

This is my son Jamie and this is our annual birthday selfie. His birthday! I'm so proud of the man he has become and I'm always amazed how tall he is. Wasn't it yesterday that I brought him home from the hospital?

His big sister, Erin, and Jamie at 4 weeks old. Yes, time does fly by.

Finally, one more commission that I finished and pleased with. 20" x 20" oil on canvas. "Sweetie"

If you would like a beautiful portrait of your best friend please let me know. EMAIL ME

That's it for tonight. I'll keep you posted on our preparations for traveling. I'm getting so fidgety!! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great night.


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Oh CiCiBlue

Ok,what's happening now. Well she is about 13 years old but with a good wash she looks sparkly and beautiful. The only way to tell her age is out split front windows. 2005 I believe started the whole picture window on coaches.

The previous owners scraped something along the plumbing bay door and it unsettled the top of the door where it attaches. Two years ago we resealed it but age, heat and a hurricane got the gap to widen.

Unfortunately we do have to open that bay door every so often to empty our tanks so that has made it worse. Tanks emptied so we are set for a bit. The plan? Bob and Roger plan on taking that piece off, and replacing same onto the coach. It looks like the screws holding in onto the coach rusted and broke as it pulled away. I'll record the process and post it as it happens.  (Munch The Scream face here).

Yesterday I was trying to take a quick nap after our SuperBowl party on Sunday. Yes, still recovering.  Sammy jumped up and laid down beside me then ,whap, his paw was on my head. A blessing? More of a "could you move a little bit more Mum".  He kept it there for about 15 minutes and I do feel blessed by it.

In progress...and today started yet another 20" x 20". This particular one will be fun. He's sitting in a field of wonderful flowers. Years ago I did a large painting of our Chocolate Boy, Fergus, sitting by vases of flowers. SEE IT HERE.

Well, that's it for today. Storms came through last night but thankfully we are all safe. So, see you tomorrow with updates. Roger is picking up Styrofoam for our bathroom wall and Bob is cutting out a board to cover that. Then I get to order sticky tiles to do a fun mod.

Have a great night.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Decisions Made

Well we did it. Made an actual decision to be travelling and be somewhere else next season. (Picture fireworks and confetti flying here please.) We even put down a deposit! Black Meadow Landing, Parker Dam, Ca. And it's in the middle of no where on the Colorado River surrounded by mountains and hills and wild burros in the park.  Oh Lord...Lola will be going insane. (We are in serious training mode now though)

I spent part of the morning looking at internet reception and phone reception out there. 😮 More research. We have AT&T right now so heading to The Gurus to find out how to upgrade so I can connect with the outside world when I blog or connect with our kids. (The two legged kind)

So this past week Roger went with our friend Bob to Pa. on business. I was on the home front with 3 fur kids. You can see from the photo that everyone was running amok. That ball of yarn eventually landed outside in the dirt, but was a great play toy for the boys while indoors. I gave up trying to hide it after about 4 times taking it. Labs are great search and rescue dogs and great at finding lost items. I gave up.

My announcement was usually started with a big sigh, then, "OK, I'm going to hide". Lola would come in, climb up on the bed and then rest her huge head on me and stay for awhile. It's tough to be crazed with a big furry girl trying to comfort you.

We had a day and night of threatening storms roll through bringing in colder weather. Strong winds, heavy rain and tornado warnings. New people not accustomed to our Florida storms spent the night in the park bathrooms but we stayed in the coach but still prepared.

The boys with their slip leads on. Ready to run, just in case, and as usual, the storms went just below us and above us. Thankfully.

Oh no Sheila..what happened.? Well, there had at one time been a leak because we found that the bolts holding the awning arm were never sealed with caulking so there was water damage to the wall inside. Our hurricane and all it's rain did the tell tale showing of water somewhere but I never guessed it was because of something I did. I read on an rv blog that someone covered his weep holes with electric tape. I didn't have a cover then so out I went with our electric tape and covered our bathroom weep hole. Those are the holes on your window that drain rain water, and covered, well, it comes inside. We have thick insulation though don't we? sigh.

So, Bob and Roger will get new insulation and board to repair my mistake. The positive side? It could have been worse and now we are going to get fun sticky tile and do the side wall rather than beige wall paper.  It dose offset our dark wood but, oh lord, it puts me to sleep.

So now that I'm not work camping here I have my nose to the grindstone working to cover expenses. (Which will be more as soon as we start to move) Positive thinking here. Thank you to everyone who have been asking for commissions. I have been offering crazy low prices so I have been busy.

My "studio" is a wee bit cramped but it's all good. My new easel is fantastic so I'm happy. This next painting is in progress and I'm in love. As soon as I put his eyes on the canvas he came alive and I could feel his energy. A lot of times when I'm working on a pet that's at the Bridge, I'm in tears. Not sad tears but loving tears. Their energy comes through very strongly and I have to say that those paintings always turn out to show that energy the best.

I purchased a great head light for walking Lola at night. I look like I'm heading into the mines but wow, I can see all the way down the road. At night a snake may come out to warm himself on the road. I'd like to see him before he is right in front of us. Into the mines I go! Inexpensive and incredibly bright.

Well that's it for today..another cup of coffee, laundry and working on my paintings. Have a great day and see you soon.



Saturday, January 21, 2017

Yes, It's Been Awhile

Let's see, where have I been and what's happening. I finally got an appointment with an orthapedic Doctor for my hip. I brought my MRI and entered his patient room. He's a nice man,late 40's, but his first sentence was "SURGERY" . He said my MRI showed bone on bone and what pain meds did I take and how often.  Tylenol for some burning at night? I'm a very curious person so I googled MRI's and how to read them and found one similar to mine. I saw that I still have some cartilage. I said I have a tough time straightening my leg and he explained that the hip's muscles tighten around it. OK, may I have muscle relaxers then? OK and pain meds, which I don't need. Yet.

Calling my Doctor on Monday to see if I can go to PT and learn to stretch properly to straighten the muscles. I don't have time for hip surgery at this time. No pain getting up and down the coach steps so I'm good to go. I'm also waiting for Stem Cell Therapy to be mainstream and be covered by insurance.

Oh Oh, what's this? When we bought CiCiBlue we had a bubble that went across the area that the awning arm was attached too. Then I noticed it moving a bit.

Our friend Bob who helped us with our floors last winter season.  We found the water has been leaking slowly in through the weep hole. I covered it with electric tape last year, bought the covers but never put them on. Duh. Water in a coach..DANGER! 

Bob brought up a fan that we have in the bathroom now drying the damp and wet. We also need to get behind the steel beam to get that part dried too. Another thing we noticed is when we had our awning arm plan is in a few days to replace the insulation and cover the entire wall rather than try and get a perfect form. I'm fine with that and then I'll paint the bathroom with color! Goodbye beige wall paper. I'm actually excited and more excited we found out about the leak. I'll keep you posted on the repair. 

Last night was Friday Fest in Cocoa Beach, and we were there with our lights and planters.  Night venues are perfect for us. We turn them all on and people love them and we actually had returning customers!

Not sure If I showed you this one. Watercolor and Gouache on 300LB paper.  It sold and I was thrilled! Going to a new home! 

Well tomorrow a storm is predicted to come in with threats of tornadoes. I'll be putting things away in the am then painting the rest of the day to catch up with my commissions. So, with that, I'll end and wish you all a great evening.


P.S., see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

They Are Coming

Who?? Why the RV Repair guys!! Oh sure they are, really, they said so. The wait is on. The last of the house repairs will be finished. The tv antenna will get a new mechanism so that it will actually turn and come down when we take off.  The antenna for Sirius radio will be installed without breaking the wire, it will, fingers crossed.  After that we tackle battery cage, wiring for the tow dolly, the ABS light and a couple of other items.

So I'm keeping to my painting schedule. I could use a few more hours in the day but I make due. Let's see what I finished today.

The initial sketch. Some things were "off" to me so I redid some of the lines to lengthen or in some places straighten. The next step was to block in some color.

A quick wash then I left it til this morning when I had fresh eyes.

The final piece. At first both ears were prominent but they fought for attention so I decided to fade the ear on the eye side into the background. Then the background. I started out with a pale red then went into blues and purples. Since purple is the compliment of yellow I felt it would bring more attention to that famous ball of his!  Voila'.  "Mine"


It's 1:35 P.M. now. I had a quick lunch joined by Sammy and Lola, so now off to work in oils, and oh, take down our Christmas lights in the coach and finish laundry! The look on my face is "deer in headlights".

Have a great rest of your day and see you tomorrow!


Monday, January 2, 2017

The Year Has Started

What do you do on January 1st of a new year? I took a few aspirin, yes we were partying til after 1:00 P.M. and thought..I have this new freedom back again so I better just start. I painted!

This is how it started. My girl Lola, a brown and white Newfoundland and the apple of my eye.  I did the sketch on a 300 lb watercolor block then got ready to paint.

My first wash. The Patriots football game was on at 1:00 P.M. and we were all going over to our friend Arnie's coach to watch it outside. My plan was to come back at half time and continue the piece.

I had been drinking my coffee earlier and totally forgot to remove the cup and totally forgot to cover up my painting. What could happen? Well, Ozzie gets crazed if he can't see where Roger has gone and looks out every window. He actually can push up the blinds with his nose making it look like everyone in the coach had been drinking way too much. Then I saw the painting covered with coffee spots. UGH. And who knew coffee really stains the paper and nothing on this earth, as far as I know, will remove them.

I just cant redo it. Most would but I loved the energy that it already had so I kept going. Hopefully I may come up with a solution.  One person mentioned snowflakes. I have long loved bubbles so I thought, hmmm, maybe.

A wash of orange, of all colors, all over her fur. In the light some days I can see a bit and she sparkles.

The finished painting. "Make Life Magic"  My lesson was just to keep going when you have a "wall" in front of you and make magic happen. In this case in the magic was in the bubbles. This piece is much freer then a lot of my other paintings, maybe a new adventure for 2017, and I had fun adding pinks, blues and violets. Why not?

Day 2. Roger and I go with our bottle lights and self watering planters to the local Farmers Market on Mondays. I did start a sketch so tomorrow I can paint that and get back to my commission work. Busy, busy bee me. Show and tell tomorrow!

Cuddling with the kids and sipping on an Apple Pie Martini. Celebrating another great day!!

Wishing you all a prosperous and happy New Year!