Monday, July 24, 2017

Guess What I Got To Wear

Yup, it's raining! It has been since about 7: 30 A.M. this morning and so thankful I pulled in the passenger side awning last night. Rain has a tendency, no mater how I attach ties, to stay in the awning and the weight stretches the fabric. I even tucked our chairs under the slide out so they wouldn't get soaked.  Anyway, I got to wear my rain boots! Very comfy and actually easy to walk in and after jumping in puddles with Lola a little while ago, I do know, they don't leak!

Roger and the boys! When Lola and I walk in the rain and she spots a puddle of a good size, she lunges towards it. She then puts two paws in and with her nose, snuffs and pushes the water up, then wags her tail. It is a continuous motion. She then looks at me and off we go to the next puddle. Looking down at her wet muddy paws I start to cringe then think, well, we have solid vinyl flooring that can be washed and our bedroom rug is beyond saving at this point so what the heck. What Lola wants..yes, Lola gets! (hopefully you know that song)

Another Lola song is by the Kinks. L-O-L-A Lola. The other day she was in the bedroom and the song came on and she appeared in the living room.  Was it a coincidence? Did she hear her name? Today it started once again to play on the radio and I told Roger to watch to see what she will do. "La-la-la-la Lola, La-la-la-la Lola...." "My Lola..." Out she came and laid down by the radio.  Our other favorite sang to sing to her is the one by Barry Manilow. don't sing to your pets??I know you do! 😍

Roger made macaroni and cheese with ham cubes last night and we have left overs tonight. Perfect for the rainy, chilly day. 58 degrees. Not complaining!!!!

My puddle splashing buddy!!! Always close! 💗

The macaroni and cheese is heating up and I'm getting ready to snug on the couch with a few kids so have a great night and see you tomorrow!!


Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Little Bit Of New Hampshire

This weekend more people arrived and parked in sites along Lola and my regular route. Hmm, I need a different way so we don't run into their pups. I'm sure they all have their vaccines but then why chance it.

Just to the left of our site there is a road back with other units and it leads out to our field! Now it has become our favorite way to walk.

Maybe I didn't appreciate it when we lived here but now it's magical or it's how I see my life now. Simple. Quiet. Walking, which I couldn't do in Florida but now Lola leads the way up the hills and then walks beside me on flat ground.

The wind this morning is cool and the only thing I hear is a falling seed from one of the trees into the brush below, (they are a bit large) and the rustle of the tall grasses beside me as I walk. The campground must be still asleep and I'm loving the peacefulness.

Near the top of the hill there are remains of an old stone wall that one sees throughout New England.

Even this has beauty. Probably trees cut right from our site at one time. Lola wanted to go sniff but we declined. I'm always thinking snakes but there are probably quite a few ticks from the pathway to the logs. We have found three so far, not on them but on us. All three kids are on Trifexis and it seems to be working. Ticks get a free ride in then try us out.

At the end of our walk back to our site we find this.  It's what happens when you forget to weed wack.
Not really, it just never made it into the campground.

So, lazy quiet day here. Lola is at my feet napping, Sammy on the couch and Ozzie is outside with Roger. After our walk Roger and I had our coffee outside and actually got a chill. 66 degrees this morning. Heaven.

Outside our dinning room window and just beyond the flag is the entrance to our "field". 

Well, time to paint or read maybe.  Since we have good Internet here I was able to buy a book on my paperwhite. Erik Larson's Isaac's Storm. I had read another book by this author about the Lusitania and really enjoyed his style of writing.  Isaac's Storm is about the deadliest hurricane in history in Galveston, TX in the 1900's.  If you are fascinated by weather you will love reading this book. Sometimes a bit technical but important to see how Isaac Cline, who worked for the Weather Bureau, foretold and tried to warn the people of Galveston of the impending storm.  A little eerie as I am reading that heat conditions in America at that time and throughout the world were similar to what they are today. Thankfully we have a great weather bureau to give us advanced notice. 

Ok, have a great day everyone and see you tomorrow!


Friday, July 21, 2017

Look In The Laundry Basket

Isn't that where everyone keeps their Chromebook cord? On one of our traveling days I must have put in there for safe keeping thinking of course I'd find it...but then, one must do the laundry!

Oh well, found and now on to other things. Yesterday we actually did quite a bit. Look what CiCiBlue has on!! Her wheel covers! We are in more shade here then in Florida but still we need to protect the tires. Roger started her up then raised the coach so we could fit them over the tire. Lord, they are large tires. You can also see I have put my states onto our travel map on the slide out by our front door. Maine ,Vermont and Delaware are the only states we didn't get to.

The other accomplishment was this!

Getting my bike off the back ladder. Today Roger is taking it to his old stomping grounds and the bike shop he would frequent to get it into ship shape condition for me. It's a 12 speed or was a 12 speed until the gear shift decided to break. I'm also hoping they can clean off some of the rust and make her a bit prettier. I've had her for 15 years and I'd hate to part with her.

So for the first couple of days that we arrived, it rained! Buckets. The roads became flooded with water and mud and my sneakers became slogged down with said muck. I did have a pair of rubber boots but the slice on the toe area just didn't cut it and Duct Tape just wasn't in the fashion statement. So hello Amazon my friend, and voila', new boots! They will look great with tights and my jeans. Shorter and comfy. The one thing I need now is rain and no rain in sight! (Not complaining, just want to try out my new boots!)

Yesterday was one of those days that everything seemed to go south for me. I was dropping tubes of paint, brushes and just felt that the talent was out the window. I had paint left over on my palette from one of my commissions that I was working on so I grabbed an 8" x 8" linen panel and started splashing paint around. "It doesn't look like the reference photo" I was thinking. Then heard, "Sheila, how did you feel about that area". This was the result. "Queen Anne Maybe" Today is a new day and I'm feeling hopeful.

This is what's behind me. We haven't bought wood for the fire pit as yet but the chairs are ready. For $10.00 you get a really large pile. Maybe this weekend! It's Friday and we are hearing the weekenders coming in. They will be noisy and party into the night until it's "quiet time" but one does hear a hoot every so often after that time. All and all, not bad.

Roger, Sammy and Ozzie coming in from their morning walk. Lola and I do a different route up to the field then back down and around, passing the boys, then back up a hill as I tell Lola, "Time for Mumma's coffee". She starts to pull me up the hill, bless her, and we get home. Florida was flat and my hip/leg seemed to hurt more. I also saw that I was loosing muscle mass on my right leg. Excited to report I'm rebuilding!

We are close to The Lee Speedway and tonight, since it's so clear out, we will be hearing the race.  It should be fun.

And..breakfast is served yet once again. A Frittata! Spinach, egg and potato, oh and my favorite, cheese!! Fresh coffee and, sorry guys, no dogs. I did save a small morsel for Lola and Sammy.

Off to finish my second cup of coffee then inside to paint. I can feel it heating up out here now, nothing like Florida but it's getting warm. So, have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow!!!


P.S. Just got a message that one of my books sold and I'm getting a royalty. $4.27 but ,hey, I'm thrilled!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

It's Been One Week

It has been!! One week today that we arrived at the campground and settled it.  We needed to celebrate so this morning after walking the dogs we took our coffee and breakfast and sat outside and enjoyed!

No dogs asking for a handout but we did have Ozzie's nose poke through the bathroom window screen. Ugh. Roger repaired it in no time and all is well again. How dare we eat something without their help.

After breakfast I took my paints outside and worked a bit on commissions until it got too sunny Nothing like Florida but with no shade at my table it was a bit much. Hmm, umbrella?
Tonight we are going over to our daughters for dinner. What a treat to be able to say that. It's been a long time since we were close enough to do that so I'm really looking forward to it.

Last night on Lola and my walk I took some photos of my favorite "weed" for future reference.

Please no stealing the photos are copyrighted.  

Another fun thing happened too, 3 of my new ACEO's sold and today are off to their new home. Thank you!! I'll be doing more!

Well that's it for today. Time to snug with dogs for a bit and go over stuff for tomorrow!
Have a great night!!


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

One Magical Moment

When we were in Florida, Jeopardy came on at 7:00 P.M. and when the kids heard the theme song for Wheel, they knew it was time to go out for their nightly walk.  In N.H. Wheel comes on first and we go out then.

Lola and I walk up the hill sniffing every stick and every tuft of grass until we get to this field.  There's a small rise and we go up and start our walk. It's peaceful with some birds over head and you may see a car away in the distance but it's not heard.

We walked out further than usual then I looked down into the left hand corner of the field. Past the log pile line of trees to the very edge of that tree line in the distance. Since I have had cataract surgery Roger calls me eagle eyes because I see clearer and further than ever, but the brown image I saw I wasn't sure what I was truly looking at. Was it a box in the trees with some kind of tree branch on top? I think I told myself that so I wouldn't be disappointed but I knew right away what we were looking at and what was looking back at us. A deer. My "tree branch" was indeed a head with ears and my "box" was the body. With the amount of distance she had to be a good size.

Lola and I walked out a bit more to see if she would move but she stayed firm. Unfortunately I didn't bring my phone to take a photo, of all times. We had a staring match for about 5 minutes then Lola and I started to return to the place we first came up onto the filed and that's when she shook her head, turned and gracefully lept into the woods.  The tell tale white tail bouncing along with her. Call me crazy but I just said, "Thank you Dad".  My Dad loved driving up through N.H. and Vermont looking at the scenery and trying to find deer so I took it as a loving gift from him. (I also thanked all the saints and Heavens just to cover all!)

Across from the field are the Queen Anne Lace I took pictures of the other day. 

We still haven't finished set up for the coach. Wheel covers need to be put on and our tire monitors taken off. We are finishing up our eggs so we can use the carton to place them in and keep track of which one goes on which wheel.

Getting back into the ACEO. 3.5" x 2'5" 
watercolor and gouache on 300 lb paper
"I Think He's Got It"

Eventually I will be doing this in oils. I love Lab backs especially with their dangling tails!

Humid today with a bit of rain but oh so much cooler than Florida. I'm happy.

Have a great night everyone and see you tomorrow!


Monday, July 17, 2017

New Hampshire And Internet

Ahh, the little things in life that make one happy. Internet! Though I'm sure there are some who say boo to that, but not us. So here we are!! Finally settled into our space at Wellington Camping Park in Lee, NH.

When my children were 7 and 5 we moved north from Boston to Dover, N.H. It was a new life awaiting for us and eventually take us in different directions. Coming "home" was exciting and CiCiBlue did fantastic getting us here. 

On Saturday nights we would pile into the car with a huge shopping bag of popcorn and go to Lee Raceway. The person I was with then had a race car and would be in the stock car division. As we passed it the other day it brought back memories. The races have been cancelled so far due to weather but we were told we will be able to hear them on Friday nights if they go on. Who knows, maybe we will go over to one.

And there is the sign. We made it.

A long drive down into the actual camp and at 5 miles an hour it seemed like eternity. 

Our site. A camp host came down and gave us a hand in backing in. When Roger and I first started to go places I used crazy hand gestures to tell him to turn left or right. He would go insane. We finally saw great hand signals at our stay at Cummins in Orlando so I'm using those but the camp host used my old ones. 😨 Quick correction..I stood behind the flailing armed host and did the correct signals that made the difference. We got into our spot and started to set up our home.

It even looks more homey now with a few more chairs and my plant. Dog ties are out by the fire pit and close to the shade and the picnic table is ready for all and anything.

First morning coffee. From here we are looking up to where the camp hosts park their rigs and the office. Tiger Lilies line all areas and it just makes everything so pretty.

Granddaughters Kelsey and Morgan and her friend Mike.

Friday evening our family came for dinner. We had steak tips, veggies, wraps and sangria. The decision was to eat outside so we wouldn't have to wrestle three large dogs for our food and thankfully it was perfect weather. Yummy desert was had inside when the mosquitoes decided to appear.

I think in Scotland these are called Hog Weed but to me they are Queen Anne's Lace or I thought they were. There is the huge field on the entry road and Lola helps me up the hill to get there. So not accustomed to walking up hills but it's good. Anyway, I have been taking photos up there as reference. I'm in love!

Lola doing her good sit stay. She is so in need of a good grooming and a bath so please forgive her appearance. She's had a stressful few weeks between a tiny room and riding in CiciBlue. Next week we will go in search of and she'll be looking smart! When we all go out Lola and I go a different way then Roger and the boys.  The boys will stop and sniff then Lola wants to rush right in and pulls me with her to the sacred spot. Adventuring with just me we can sniff to our hearts content and I can stay standing.

It did take a few days to figure we weren't it Florida anymore. We went down to the river and Lola went right in as I started to panic that there were gators in there or snakes and her favorite spot to do her business is somewhat wooded and I searched for poisonous snakes there too. I am ok now. LOL.  The other thing that made me laugh was at dinner the other evening the man in the site behind us came over to tell us they would probably be noisy and to apologize beforehand. He said he came up here on weekends and lived in Dover. My first thought was, wow...he came a long way. My mindset was still Florida. Thankfully I have overcome that. Saturday I drove to my daughter's house. 18 years since I drove around here and had to use a gps, but it came back quickly. Just trying to get used to hills and curves. Ahh Florida, home to straight flat roads. (Not missing it..but miss my friends)

So here we are. I really like this campground. Large roomy sites and nice tree coverage. A lot of updates are happening with more to come. A lot of the people are seasonal and keep their trailers here year round so they seem to be making spots for monthly or weekly drop ins. Quiet during the week as people go off to work or back home to their homes until the weekend. Nights are quiet and their are no street lamps so it's really dark. I love it. Sleeping with the windows open and the Fantastic fan on keeps the house nice and cool.

Tomorrow back to painting. Really!!! Updates on that soon! Off to finish laundry and get a P&J sammie so I'll see you tomorrow. Nice to be back!

Have a great night,

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Passed Columbus Ohio

Ok Sheila, that's a little off your route isn't it?  There's a story to it! Back in the late 70's I was going through a separation and divorce. A friend needed to go across country and asked if my two children and I would like to go and loving an adventure, I said sure. What I didn't realize was that the strain of leaving all that I knew took it's toll and I cried all the way to Ohio. When we got to Columbus my friend asked me if I wanted to go back and I said, no. From that point on I was elated to what I was seeing and experiencing. Mountains, fields of corn, lots of fields of corn, valleys, well you know, all the way to California and back.

Today I reached Columbus!!
The hills were exhilarating and the scenery breathtaking.  

Even Lola was relaxed today.

At one point though we got off of the highway to find the Pilot gas station for fuel. We took a right instead of a left and the GPS brought us into a high residential area. High meaning it was up a steep hill and went around a private cul de sac. Coming back down I had my two feet up on the dash so I wouldn't slide off..that steep. Conquered that fear!! We finally found our way back on to the highway and proceeded to go yet more miles, more hills and valleys to finally our last stop for the night.

Took this pic for Lola!!

And finally, our spot for the evening with hundreds of our trucker friends. 

We only stopped about three times today in our journey. The rest stops were far and few so every so often I'd ask Roger if we still had a car. Not sure if everyone has the issue of the straps but ours keep getting loose. The man who delivered it and made it did say we would be doing this since they do loosen and it does give the kids a chance to pee and walk around.

We stayed at Western Village RV Park in Carlisle,Pa last night. Really nice park. The man who parked beside us left this morning but then came back. After about an hour he finally left for good. The man next to him came over to tell us the story. As the rig that was next to us was traveling, his inside back tire blew and took out the fuel line to his rig. I guess he was on the side of the road for hours. Thankful we have a tire monitor! 

Ok, Roger wants to use the truck stop internet now so I'll end. Hopefully tomorrow...NH!!!!

Cici Blue did fantastic. We think her stairs went out once while we were rolling then retracted. That's on the check it out list! Probably a loose connection from our 295N trip. (Bounce)

Have a great night! 

(who is feeling victorious this evening!!)