Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Week Of Intense Digging Out

My goal this week is to finish digging out the house ,storing what I can't decide on and pitching stuff that's ripped and torn or moldy. I called the estate sale company and they are coming Tuesday morning to look over everything. Ugh.

So for the next few days that's what I'll be doing non stop except for two Drs. appts, a massage on Friday and a chiropractic appointment in between.  I think I have my work cut out for me don't you. I need to get back to painting. I'm feeling cranky.

Then in the middle of all the craziness we saw this out the front window of CiCI Blue.  A Delta IV Rocket carrying a AFSPC -4 satellite out of Cape Canaveral AF Station.  Pretty cool huh? Roger works there so he's on top of all this fun stuff.  (well until the end of the month)

Ok, time for Jeopardy...Got to keep my brain going here. (Teen tourney!!)


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Our TV Mod

So in between walking the kids to the dog park, sorting out things in the basement, Roger, with my little help, did our TV mod in the RV bedroom!!!

Roger took out the old TV that was installed in our motorhome. He purchased a piano hinge and had a slab of wood from an armoire that matched perfectly to the space.  He then attached the bracket to hang the tv only to find out there's not enough space (headroom) to insert the TV.  Being a McGiver of sorts he then super glued (Loc tight) the screws into the mounting panel and had me hold the tv. 

Making the back holes a slight bit larger so we could see the holes...He tightened the bolts and voila'!!!  

It opens to give us more storage space in back of the tv. I am impressed!! Now, he's installing a lock on it so it doesn't swing out and it will stay closed.  Next project is to figure how to keep it safe and secured during travel.

So a good day and no rain..yet!!

During all our labors, Queen Lola rested. It's tough being a dog with us!!!


Saturday's Adventures A Day Late

Let me start this one by telling you about our trip from Palm Bay to Mims /Scottsmoor.  Roger and I both took our cars to the house to "shovel" and take the kids to the vets for booster shots for Leptospirosis.  It's a bacterial infection that dogs can get from standing water, tropical and marshy wet areas.  Oh Lola. Her favorite spot at the park is the collected water from all the rain. I'm hoping since it pours everyday it's fresh.

A tornado advisory came on the television just about the time we were ready to leave for the RV so we waited for it to "pass" over our travel area. HA!  We drive up 95  and when we got to about Viera, Florida it started.  I have been watching the big rig truckers driving soaking up how they react on the road and noticed so many put on their hazard lights in bad weather to be seen. I called Roger quickly and told him to do the same so I could see him.  I don't think I've ever driven in rain quite like this. The wind shield wipers weren't keeping up clearing the windshield and I was now driving on this highway at 30 MPH. and slowing.  I noticed more cars were now stopping on the side of the road then on RT. 95 so Roger and I did the same.

Lightning, thunder, pelting rain.  Lola was nervous and her head was right next to mine.  Sammy seemed ok but a little worried.  After about 15 minutes we started out again. It amazes me how fast some people drive in conditions like this. Maybe that's why there are so many highway fatalities on this road.

It stayed crazy for about another 30 minutes or so til we got out from under that cloud. I wished I could have taken a photo but there was no way I was taking my hands off the wheel. I looked over at Sam to see if he was ok and Lola had her huge paw on his shoulders.  They stayed that way for a while.  Is there a human in there??

Back to early Saturday morning now. We found a mobile RV person to come give us an estimate on our awning arm. He said he could come by at 9 A.M.   American RV Repair .  Rick met the kids who needed to bark at him first then sniff and finally welcome him to our home.  We got an estimate of about $800 for two arms but he's going to see if he can buy just one.  Hmm, I'm feeling we will be traveling with an extra awning arm in the near future, but that's ok too. One never knows. He did tell us we do have a wind sensor but I'll be darned if we can find the switch to it.  They are usually under in one of the bays but after sticking our heads in everyone twice we have yet to find it.  Rick said that what usually happens is that the wind retracts the awning and the owner gets tired of getting up and down putting the awning back out so they switch it off. I'm feeling at this point the previous owner ripped it out and threw it..!  There is a fellow Country Coach Allure owner that I connected with through the IRV2 forum so I emailed him. He's on a trip through Alaska and Canada so I will hear back when he is in range.

After looking at the awning Rick then looked at our projection screen set up and did a search for the possible fuse culprit. The projector and screen is an option to our rig so it's not in the "Bible". Not even in the "Chassis Bible".  He's said he'd call us Monday with news about the Weather Pro awning and he said he'd be back to try and find the fuse for the screen. We also had a fuse blown in the inverter bay.  Yikes, all these things.  Funny, from going through cancers with two of our beloved dogs my vet gave me an "Honorary Vet's Degree", haha, now I'm on my way to earn an "Honorary Mechanics Degree"!!!

So, today is put the flat screen TV in the bedroom day.  I'll take photos of either the tv flying out the front door or the final completed event!!!

Have a great Sunday!!


Friday, July 25, 2014

Seeing Every Little Detail

Today is Friday. Tuesday I had my last cataract surgery! The Doctor told me I wouldn't have the same "wow" factor this time and it would be different since I had already been through the surgery for the first eye.  It was!! I'll spare you , it's not painful at all but I think I could " see" more.  Got through that and I tell you orange juice and peanut butter crackers after have never tasted so good!

That day was a lot of sleeping and the next day I had planned on going to a friends birthday lunch. Donning my large black surgical sunglasses, off I went.  I was now driving, as I thought later, with 20/20 eyes!! About 5 minutes into my adventure I was coming to a stop. A black truck was in front and he started up to go or so I thought. I drove right into the backside of him. He was fine, I was fine and unbelievably my car was fine. I was so shaken I drove right home and slept. Last night I drove up to the RV, where I am today with the "Kids", and I realized I have never driven with 20/20 vision or even have had it since I was probably 8 years old.  

I did start a painting on copper and the first attempt had every detail I could see. I'm an impressionist painter so now I have to re train my new eyes to see negative and positive spaces once again.

I decided to spend the day with the dogs at the RV. I needed to weed out my clothes bins so it was more organized. (My mother just rolled) I have to be here.

I may have to get boxes to put them in before we roll.

Then this morning after I had breakfast I decided to take the dogs to the park. (The second attempt proved much better, I'm sure I'm the comic relief of the RV park)

There's a boggy area from all our rain over at one end of the park and needless to say that's where Lola goes first.  She never went into the pool at the house so this is heaven for her. It's also the puddle Sammy sits in. 

Happiness is....! 

Yes she was wet and stinky when we got back to CiCi Blue, but it's easy to vacuum and wipe up. I had one happy girl!!!

So my first day with the kids in the RV was pretty good. Looking forward to more!! 

Have a great night!!


Monday, July 21, 2014

Sunday Sunday Not So Much a Rest Day

Saturday and today I decided I needed to really look at my priorities as far as my art supplies and what I need to take. My whole dream is to see America and paint it while traveling with Roger and the dogs.   That means other than doing commissions or working on my comic of Lola and The Boys, I'll be painting outdoors.  That consists of my outdoor setup and oils box, brushes and my copper panels. One large comic tablet to draw my cartoons, watercolors and brushes in my large box.  I'm thinking that can go in the car.
I also plan on chatting with my framer to see if I can get some of my frames to go in the car too.  I think CiCi Blue can tow up to 10k lbs.  Everything else?  Sigh, distancing myself so I can put it all in the estate sale.

This morning the big purchases were a Smart wi-fi router, an HD Home Run plus 2 turner Network TV signal. to broadcast to all our devices on our network and finally a Blue Ray disc player that is also wi-fi.   That will set us up completely in that department.

This afternoon when we got here Roger started to construct the bedroom re mod. for the tv.   We took the old one out and he purchased a piano hinge to hold the wood panel for the flat tv. It will be on a swivel so it can come out for viewing then be put back in place.  It will also serve as a storage area since the old tv is gone.  Pictures when it's a success.  (needs a wee bit more work)

It's good to start the engine every so often so today was the day. I was trying to make the bed in back with Sammy sprawled out on it, then he ran up front to see what Roger was doing in the drivers seat. Lola then took his position on the bed.

Since we are a rear driven diesel ,Lola was sitting in the correct spot.  Her head did the big whip!!!

I told her it was ok and laughed and she calmed down. We left it running for a bit then turned it off.  Oh wait til we actually start traveling.  She's really good in the car and usually sleeps. She has discovered the rear cargo area and goes back there to lay down. Ozzie is very happy about that. Lola takes up all the seat room. 

Well, It's Monday now since the internet wasn't very cooperative with me last night at the RV Park. Maybe with all the rain everyone was on their laptops.

There was a small problem with the water at the park yesterday. I guess the pump broke and we had no clean water.  Thankfully we bring our own bottled water since Florida is on swamp land. Last week we could smell a clorox smell and not realizing it poor Lola wasn't drinking or eating.  Duh on me. As soon as I switched to our water she was fine.  Note to self, rely on bottled water unless you are taking a shower or doing dishes. 

Tomorrow is my surgery for my left eye. Cataract.  Excited that I will be seeing forever in both eyes. I have been using my glasses for my left eye and my right eye isn't very happy about that.  Meanwhile I'm waiting for the call from our insurance adjuster to see the awning arm damage. I tried to open the awning yesterday and only one side started so I closed it up tight so as not to cause any other damage to the canvas. 

And this is how our days here right now usually end.  So have a great few days, I'll be back on Wednesday when I can see with both eyes! :-)


Friday, July 18, 2014

Yeah Blue Sky Is Coming

I bet you think the rains have stopped by that title.  They actually have today which is very nice. We took the kids down to the dog park after Roger got home and there were puddles everywhere. Oh happy happy babies.  Lola ran her zoomies through the puddles splashing everywhere. Sammy, he scratched at it to make the puddle deeper then he sat right down in it to cool off.  Of course I left my camera back at CiCi so missed that priceless shot.

I called our insurance company today, Blue Sky. They represent motor homes and boats. After the woman took my information she told me an insurance adjuster would call me and come out to assess the damage,

It's bent just enough to make me feel like as were heading down the highway we will hear a tearing and see our awning across the road.  Better to get it repaired before we head out.

The next thing I'm wondering is how do I "winterize"  our home and make it cozy. We will be heading west for the winter months as far as I know now. Just in time for all the snow birds to come back to Florida.  My winterizing is  making curtains for our large windows. 

We have dual pane windows but I thought maybe curtains with backings using some of the colors of my pillows. Maybe purples and reds. Give it a gypsy feel. ;-)

So the weekend is here. Cleaning out the house. Serious pitching is going to go on!!! Hopefully.Ok, have a great night!! Chat again soon and thanks for stopping by. 


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday Already

Sammy at the sticks and brick tonight. Where did the week go? I had a Doctors appointment to day half way to the rv park and the kids were at the house so we decided to stay down here tonight. Plus, Ozzie and Roger have agility practice on Wednesday nights. For the past couple of days we have had the rain storms to beat all rain storms. (probably normal but being in the RV they seem even more powerful)

We are parked on a grassy area which is lovely but after a few days of heavy rain it has no where to drain. Last night we took the kids out at 9 P.M. before we went to bed and stepped in water up to our ankles. Ok Sheila, you specifically bought rain boots just for this. Where were they??  Well I did wear them to the dog park earlier and stomped through some puddles with Lola...but then figured flip flops would be ok . Silly me.

Stopped at Staples to pick up some boxes for shipping art work and saw the new 2015 Road Atlas. BIG TYPE version.  I may be able to see an eagle in the trees but close up, no way.  Still need readers.  Now we can plot and plan our adventure. Roger found more Corps of Engineers camping places today in Alabama. I'm thinking the plan may be going to Georgia then over to Alabama on towards the west. 

Tomorrow I call our insurance company to find out about our awning and check with my framer to see if I can get a discount on 10 or more frames. I've had a lot of feedback from people wanting to see me continue painting on copper as we head out to paint America.  I may have to give up a couple of pairs of shoes..not my cowboy boots though..they are coming. ;-)

More cleaning out the house this weekend and maybe a trip to Ikea in Orlando to buy Roger his computer table for CiCi Blue! This is getting serious!! hahaha.

Have a great night, 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

What Do You Do On Sunday Morning

We were able to sleep after the 5 AM piddle til almost 9 AM.  What a shock, but a delightful one!! Had our coffee then took the kids to the dog park so they could get some energy out.  Lola gets clumps of tangled hair  everywhere, so this day we thought, why not give her a shower and get the snarls out. 

There's a large tree next to us on the access to the outdoor shower hose. We tied Sammy and Ozzie to the picnic table and surprisingly and happily they laid down in the shade.  Then the "job" began. First we had to get rid of the zillion ants looking for water. I remembered I read somewhere of making a cardboard circle then cutting a smaller circle to place around your water hose . Then spray it with ant spray and it should keep them away from your rig.  Put "any spray" and "cut circle" on my to do list for tomorrow. 

Thankfully Lola loves her showers. I sat on the ground picking away at her snarled and matted hair for over an hour. We bought Cowboy Magic for just that purpose. It's for horses manes but works wonders on matted dogs fur. We learned that from a Newfoundland Breeder who taught us how to groom Lola.  Needless to say Roger and I were both soaked! But it felt great! A refreshing walk to the park after spraying the boys then home.

Our Florida storms came in soon after as Roger went to the store. 

Ozzie watching for Dad to return. He gets so worried if Dad goes anywhere. 

And, I put off this morning what I could do later.  Oh well, It's Sunday. I'll get the kitchen cleaned up in time for dinner dishes!! lol.

Off to watch the soccer match!! Have a great rest of the weekend!

Warmly, Sheila

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Back To Work

After a great sleep last night here in our Country Coach, Lola made herself known about a little after 5 am.  Roger and I wander silently ,get our shoes, throw on something suitable in case we run into someone out there.  Then out we go. Everyone has his or her spot, then I give them breakfast. Roger goes back to the bed and I grab my pillow and crawl onto the fold out couch.  Lola likes that I do that as she lays down right beside me. 7:30 AM we start our day.

Today we both drove down to the house to empty out one room. Roger wanted to do the guest/art room but I voted for our bedroom. Clothes to Goodwill in a few bags then the dump bag. Sorry, bags!!! So much stuff. Roger found it to be emotionally draining but since I emptied my studio and got rid of so much stuff, I am ok. Now it's just heave ho.

This afternoon we came back and worked here at the RV.

Our TV from the sticks and bricks. Not hooked into tv as yet but we have many dvd's. One all set for tonight's snuggling. (Snuggling is Roger, Sammy, Ozzie and Myself,unless Lola invites herself up on the bed!)

After we , (Roger) finished doing that it was take the kids to the park time! When we lived at the hopsue we would get in the pool and play keep away with the dogs. Roger and I would throw the ball back and forth and they would swim. Well we continue the game now on land. Lola let's us know she's hot. She just stops playing and goes over to the fence. Sammy and Ozzie just keep on going. Sammy is 9 so getting up there even though he's active. Plus it was really hot. When we got back to CiCi Blue he was beat.

I soaked a towel and laid it over him. Going to do a search for the cool jackets for dogs in hot weather.  He's doing fine now and beside me looking for his dinner.  I guess I can let the guilt go. 

For dinner we are using our Advantium microwave/cooker. Chicken!!  First time for a meal. I did bagels in it this morning but tonight will be the real test.  Will let you know!!

So have a great Saturday night. 


Friday, July 11, 2014


First, thank you to all my well wishers!! The right eye cataract surgery wasn't bad.  I think the worst part was having eye drops put in ,series of 4, I think every so often then the goopy numbing gel.  Thank goodness for numbing gel!! After I was given orange juice and crackers, the printed instructions for the eye drops at home then wheeled out to the car to go home.  I spent the rest of the day on the couch sleeping and Roger watching over me with occasional kisses from the kids.  Yesterday, other than going to my next day checkup, I stayed on the couch.  Then today was my first day out without the heavy blackout glasses and driving.

Around 5 I loaded the kids in the car and started the drive up to the RV! I have been wearing my glasses because the left eye still needs to see. Half way up I took them off. Up until then my right eye had been a bit blurry and I have been waiting for the lens to "kick" in so to speak.

WOW,WOW,WOW!!!! That's all I could say! For years I have been painting and seeing middle values thinking I was right on. I wasn't.  Now  I could see leaves on the trees as I drove. I covered my right eye and saw everything clouded in grays. Looking out my right eye, it was glorious!! Yellows, greens and wow the clouds!! Powder blue with bright yellow white mixture for highlights. Oh the highlights everywhere.  I could see so far down the road..crystal clear. It must be like going to the other side or regaining your site after loosing it. A fresh new world.  I can hardly wait to get the other eye done but grateful that one was done before the other so I could experience this glory.

The picture above. Way in back, middle, is a tree that looks like a y. On that tree is sitting an EAGLE. It is!!! I saw him clear as could be. White head and his white leggings. Probably my special gift. Roger couldn't see him. He just saw a bird. So I'll call my eye DR. on Monday and see if I can get him a glare test as I had to start me on this journey.

If you are seeing everything in middle values, please see a Dr and schedule a glare test to see if your cataracts have clouded your life.

Well off to watch our old movies on tv. Have a great night all!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Might Not Be On Here

Oh brother, tomorrow I have my first surgery for cataracts.  I'm excited but scared. But, it's all part of the adventure plan. Now I'll be able to see at night,or in dim light. Roger held up a coffee cup the other night and said, "oh look, it's caked inside". I couldn't see a thing. That's why when I thought I had washed it, it was clean.   Sad.

I remember going to my Mum's house when she was a lot older seeing glasses that were pretty dingy. My mother was always immaculate in house keeping so this made no sense. Now I know, she couldn't see it. 

Hopefully even with a patch on tomorrow night I'll be able to see out of the other eye. Years ago, my daughter when she was 2 , hit my left eye with a plastic card. They put a patch on but my other eye closed in sympathy. Egads. We're staying St our sticks and bricks house tip the weekend so I can do the the day after dr visit and ,oh, get my hair done. Priorities. :-)

So today I'm at the studio in my friend Lou's room. She's letting me share the space so I can get some work finished. We are both in a show at the 5th Avenue Gallery , the end of July, called Homes.  The challenge is to paint, make, construct what you would call home!

I glued together two 12" x 12" x 3" canvas and painting my RV. Working to make it somewhat realistic. I will also be adding wheels.

then to really add to the realism, I'm making Lola out of clay. We'll see how it turns out. I may end up just painting her in a window.  The show will benefit the South Brevard Sharing Center.
RV travel news.  Roger made a two week reservation at Big Hart Campground for September. We will be finally on the move. We need to find a place for two nights just before that as we don't want to drive for long periods during the day. We are heading to Myrtle Beach for Roger's submarine reunion.  It will be different having the kids with us this time. We can take them for long walks on the beach, yeah..dog friendly, then at night they can hang with me if Roger wants to go and tell the same stories yet one more time. Oh..did I just say that out loud????
Anyway, wish me we'll and if I. can see I'll pop in tomorrow night. If not, see you Thursday.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Quiet Sunday Afternoon

I first thought this morning that today I would paint. We took the dogs to the dog park early to avoid the heat but the humidity was already high and I was melting.  When we got back to CiCi Blue we still needed to get the awnings out to dry before the new storm began. I directed Roger through the bathroom window as he tried to straighten the arm of the awning. It finally came out fine.  We also extended the awning over the entry door as that got soaked too. Then the rubbish needed to go down to the dumpster at the entrance to the park so kids and all, off we went. Oh no, wait, in between the entrance awning and the dumpster walk, Sammy escaped yet one more time.  There was a young boy at the site next to us and Sammy wanted to see him.  Roger grabbed our lead that we leave tied to the handle by the steps outside for these little romps. 

Then the storm came!!

There's something incredible about being in an RV in a storm. It was thunder and lightning everywhere around us, but we were snugged and happy having lunch inside.  At one point I did think of how we were smack dab in the middle of trees....hmmm. However, we have great surge protection so we felt good. 

Lunch was hot dogs on hamburg buns with mustard and potato chips sqwished inside.  Simple yet elegant.

Sammy is the one with the gleaming green eyes. hahaha.  Trying to get a photo of all on the couch. As you see only Roger was being cooperative!

So, it's still pouring out. Our shore power went out for a bit from the storm . We waited for the generator to kick on but it didn't. Hmm. We think maybe we haven't set a switch for it to do automatically. To the "Bible".
The inverter kept the lights on but the a/c went off.  Roger is reading our electricity in the coach book now.

Well, I spent the day reading so I guess it's ok to snooze on a rainy day.  

Have a great night...

Warmly, Sheila

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Yes, The Roof Is Sealed...

This morning Roger climbed up onto the roof to change the tv antenna. 

Once he climbed up he seemed confident so I relaxed and took photos.

He said the view was incredible.

When we went to Lazy Days
 to pick up our Country Coach, the mechanic said he would seal the roof for us.
Roger laughed and said, " well he did what he said, it's sealed everywhere!"  My thought? As long as we have no leaks I'm not concerned about the roofs beauty.

Right after, we had some breakfast then decided to go to Merritt Island Reserve and get our " over 65" Park passes. First I needed to clean out my Grand Cherokee. UGH. I have been lugging all my art stuff in the back and stuffed that all under the coach in the slide out trays.  Then off we all went. Fun ride?? NO! Sammy wanted to sit in front, then Ozzie wanted to be the hood ornament. As we went along we both decided to get a gate for the car so the boys would be better behaved while we travel on adventures. I know Sammy just wanted to sniff new sniffs but egads, it really helps to see the road while driving.  What about Lola?? For her size and age, a year, she is fantastic. She just lays down and looks out the window just happy to be included. Treats for Lola!!!

An afternoon storm came up while we were on our way home sooner than we thought. The awning was out and when we got home it was filled with water. Between the heaviness of the water and the wind a side arm has been bent.  We do have one more day to call in any issues on our 30 days warranty but we weren't sure this would be covered until Roger remembered we have a wind sensor for the awning. It should have gone back up. Our outside rug had blown up and across a table so we knew the wind was strong. It's Florida. Afternoon storms are sometimes like a tropical storm or worse.  I called Lazy Days and it's on the list of "To-do's" .

Something really cool though was a beautiful white Egret just flew into the lake, caught a fish and walked up in front us chomping away. He swallowed it . Then gracefully walked away with the shape of the fish in his neck. Lola was thrilled, calling out to him as he walked.  Pulling down the shades of the coach makes Egrets and everyone else disappear!!!! Love it!

Ok..have a great night. It's stopped raining here for a bit so we may go and try repairs on the awning to see if we can get it to retract.  The adventure begins!!! 

Warmly, Sheila 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Life In The Rv So Far

To sum it up in three words, I love it!!! The simplicity of life is exactly what I have been searching for.  The closeness is comforting and the rain on the roof during a storm reminds me of summers spent on Cape Cod in our cottage growing up. The happiest of days.  I'll find room for my art supplies and I will have the whole world as my studio. ;-)

The dogs are with us all the time and we love walking with them. Or is that them running us right now. Sigh . It will get better.

(I bought a few bottles of  " Pet Corrector" . It sounds like a snake... Ok, a very loud snake. And it's supposed to scare them. Lola jumped and looked at me. Ozzie was concerned and Sammy laughed out loud.  No respect I tell you from that boy!! Lol  I have used it outside when Lola starts to "chat" at   People.  Then add "quiet Lola" .  There are water  moccasins in the lake, hopefully they don't think of this as a mating call. Egads.)

Having green plants in the RV makes it "Home" and always having a buddy to listen.

I don't need the tv on, I listen to music or the just the silence.  Well right now the hum of the AC, but even that has a calming feel to it.  I love looking out and just seeing the lake and I also know now that dry camping in the middle of no where will be my hearts desire.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July. We will be staying tonight and tomorrow night so I'm hoping I will be able to paint.  Read on...

The other side of RV-ing. LOL...

This is our ceiling up front just over the driver and passenger seats. Our projector screen decided to blow a fuse and not retract.  So the other evening we took the entire unit down thinking we would find the fuse. Oh no. We did, however, see the incredible insulation and a thousand wires that even after looking at all the  schematics in our Country Coach "Bible" ,still could not find out where the fuse was. So, this weekend we need to re-install  the panel.  That's why I may not be painting. The other job is to watch Roger walk on the roof to install our new HD antenna.  Then, install "Lou'sGate".  An RV warming gift from our friend. A retract a gate to keep our babies back when we need to run in and out.  Sammy has escaped twice.  He thinks it;s fun to run and sniff while you chase after then he comes in behind you wagging his tail and being silly.

But it's all part of the adventure!! At my house I would look out the back door, or the front door and knew that it would all be there tomorrow, every day the same.  For us now it will be something new when ever we feel like it.!! It's perfect!!

Well time for the kids dinner. A new family just moved into the park and are driving around the park on their ATV's. Lola calls out to them each time as they drive by. Soon the man in the 5th Wheel in the corner lot will ride his bicycle around the park 4 times.  I'm sure when they see me I;m the "woman whose 3 dogs pull her to the park and her arms are as long as her rig" . Shhh, my friend Lou is already working on the outline for the book!!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday!!!!

Warmly, Sheila

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Oh The Learning Curve

So there I was last night taking a shower and as I looked down saw my feet were suddenly covered with water. In a RV that means something is full, blocked or worse.  Roger went and checked our levels and they said everything was fine yet with the new aroma rising we knew it wasn't.  So out he went and pulled the levels and swoosh.  Water in shower..gone. Now we know we have faulty level sensors.  After reading forums found a lot of RV's have the similar issues with their sensors. It's on the 30 warranty list for Lazy Days.

Guess what we figured out? So to put on the wheel covers we needed to raise the coach. Our levelers are airbags that fill and lift the rig so the tires are exposed and ready for travel.  As soon as we elevated a bit Roger went out and put all the covers on. They look fantastic!! Heavy two toned vinyl beige/brown "designer" wheel covers.  (They were on sale at Camping World on the internet).  I will get a good photo of them!!!

So today was the last day I'd be in my studio. The new artist taking it over bought my easel so it's still there.

So many mixed emotions. The easel on which so many of my paintings were made and went to loving homes.  This is where I was everyday for 2 1/2 years. But now on to my adventure and painting America. 

One of my prized paintings just sold the other day. I was thrilled that it;s going to a wonderful home! 20" x 20" oil on copper then framed with one of my "go-to" frames.  Painted on that wonderful easel. Oh well, there's so much to look forward to isn't there!

Just discovered and online group. RVillage  People traveling everywhere in their RV's and connecting through the internet.  There is even a group, I found and joined this evening, of artists.  Very exciting.

More on that later.

Warmly, Sheila