Saturday, December 31, 2016

Looking Forward To 2017

Well I did it.! Gave my notice to the park and handed over the keys. Work camping really helped us out but the one thing that was missing was my happiness. I have to paint. I kept seeing 11:11 on the clock, on tv, everywhere and my muscles were just aching non stop and I took it as a definite indication that I needed a change before it became more serious. I am now officially painting full time!

Tired but happy me!

Right now for the month of January I am offering 12" x 12" or 11" x 14" stretched canvas oils of your pets for $250.00. Half of what I normally charge so it's a great deal. Good for you and good for me. My goal for 2017 is to paint wonderful, fun pieces that you can't resist smiling at and loving. Also to keep the flow of funds coming in so we can stay here, get repairs caught up then travel come Spring. I can do this!!! 

The images below are the pieces I did for people as their gifts to friends. 

Watercolor of donkeys that were then made into cards.

Oil painting of my daughters two babies that were commissioned for her by my granddaughter. 

Finished watercolor that I did for friends in Scotland.

Watercolor that was finished and turned into note cards

12' x 12" oil on Copper. Heading out to California!

On nice days I set up my new easel and paint outside under the awning. So peaceful. 

Then at the end of the week I get to kick back with Sammy and watch PBS painting shows. That was yesterday and today is back to painting and preparing for the New Year! Tonight we will gather with friends at the rec hall and see the old year out and the new year in. We ( I ) will give thanks that I only have minor aches and pains, that Roger is healthy, the dogs are good and our children and grandchildren are happy and healthy.  I'm grateful! We have great friends, old and new and for that I am also grateful. 

Watching the news lately and seeing the celebrities that have passed this year, around our ages, it reminds me that nothing is promised and each day is our gift. With that in mind my New Years goal is to live and work each day with gratitude and joy and hopefully that energy will extend out to each and everyone of you!

So Happy New Year, thank you for following along on our journey and I wish you Health, Abundance and Happiness for 2017!!

Sheila, Roger, Sammy, Ozzie and Lola

Monday, December 19, 2016

My Gifts For Christmas

I have to say we have everything we need and if we don't, oh well, and where would we put it now in the RV. There is one thing though that I really wanted, well two things, and I got it.

The stress from dealing with the RV park and cleaning the bathrooms took it's toll. I had great help but I realized it's not what I should be doing for my happiness and making a living while on the road.

I bought my plein air easel and gave my notice at the park that I'm not going to be doing the cleaning any more. Shooting myself in the foot Sheila? It has covered our rent. I'm thankful, but now it's time to get back to my passion and hopefully my clients old and new will love what I create and keep us going. I'm finding my happiness again and I'm loving it.

A new venue for our lights. Friday night street fairs and sales. It was a late night getting home, we forgot how much work it is lugging our stuff to our car after breaking down, but sales!! We plan on doing it again monthly until we head out on the road.

I paint on copper but sometimes Roger may need a square for a sail for the wind chimes. Great sound and people loved them. Hmm, maybe you will see paintings on the sails! Note to self...good idea!!

Our friend Dan was kind enough to get on our roof and give it a good scrubbing. I think he took 2 hours to do the whole area and it looks fantastic. We will need to reseal around the vents up there eventually but for now he said it looks great. Now my job is to do the sides. I have a wet and dry unit that washes with one side then flip it over and dry with the other. Love it. No water needed, just the spray cleaner. I'll do a show and tell the day I use it. You can see the shine on the slide out in the photo above. It cleans and polishes!!

Our next repair is the battery cage. Our friend Bob is going to help us fix that. So thankful for good friends!

Our Ozzie chillin'. That's what I plan on doing now. Christmas is a few days away and I was able to order something fun for Roger and I today and get it shipped in time for the day. I'll do the show and tell on that one too when it comes in.

What am I working on? Commissions...another show and tell after they go to their respective homes. Really late this year due to working here but it's all good. Lesson what you love. I was finally able to go to the chiropractor again today and get adjusted. The stress settled into my shoulders, and no manipulation helped, so my Doctor recommended trigger point shots. One in each muscle of my shoulders and one each side a little lower on my back.  All natural to help the muscle to relax.  Tuesday I have an appointment for another adjustment and a deep tissue massage. Another Merry Christmas to me!!!

There you have life is finally getting back to normal, laundry, dogs, Roger, friends. Oh, and my blog!!

Have a great night!!! See you tomorrow!


Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Sams Come Rolling In

Roger gets up before me and someone sneaks up and lays next to me. She's so quiet. I open one eye and I swear she hears it and then she leans over and licks my closed eye socket. I am always wiping her eyes so she must think it's the thing to do as a love gesture but I am always thinking my eyes lids are going to glue themselves together with Newfie spit. How do you not love her though.

We get up, get dressed, put on her pink collar and out we go to the dog park. Today I knew would be busy.
With a cup of coffee in hand, off I went to the office.  December 1st is rent day so people started to come. One, two sips of coffee, more people, three..oh's getting big gulp, more people. Then the group called Rolling Sam's started to come in. Greetings and placements, more people, checking bathrooms and the guys painting. One man's unit was too large for the site we chose so back to the office to find him a larger site. 1 P.M..  Wow the coffee was now really cold and no breakfast and past lunch.  I get to use the golf cart at the park so I drove up to the small store and got a sandwich, eating as I drove.  Waving here and stopping there because someone has a question, then hoping I make it to my rig to hook the cart up because I will be pushing it soon unless it gets recharged.  2:15 P.M.  Time to hide in my coach for an hour.  Nope. Back to the office for someone else.

The tables were decorated for the group but a few of my crew. Love them!!

Decorations for Christmas by the office. Shirley did a fantastic job.

The day came to a close with friends around the campfire and a glass of wine. Thank you's to the friends that were sitting with me and text the guys that spent the day covered in paint chips and paint. Another thing I've learned. Don't take the people that help you out for granted. 

Now I'm home with my furkids that haven't seen me all day, along with Roger who got quick glimpses as I drove by waving. I noticed last night that the movie The Jungle Book just came out on Netflix. That's my plan for tonight if my can keep my eyes open and hoping tomorrow will be calmer. Ha!

Have a great night and thank you for being with me!!


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What's It Like Running An RV Park.

Well, I'm still smiling!! I have worked in office positions before but it was computerized and the people were on the other end of a phone. I am a visual person, with ADHD and when the list of to do things get over 3, I get a bit lost. Enter my friend Betty.

The owners mother had a massive stroke and they needed to go. I managed fine during the summer but now the snow birds are flying back. Two large groups were coming in and needed spots. Betty plotted sites and together we got everyone in a site and settled , high fives all around!! (actually it was wine!) Getting deposits done and telling the crew what we needed to do for Thanksgiving was a piece of cake. It was always "we". The people in the park pulled together and we had a great celebration of thanks with great food. My sons girlfriend actually came up to clean the bathrooms for me, my regular job.  I have been blown away daily by the generosity of people to help. In 11 days the owners will be returning and I can say "WE" have done a fantastic job keeping the park happy and growing. I'm proud of us!!!

We put our bottle lights on the tables for decorations. People loved them. 

What else did we do? Bob brought his fire pit over to Arnie's and we watched football on his tv outside. Cheese and crackers and of course, popcorn and wine!!

The dog park on Thanksgiving. Our son Jamie, Pamela and Roger. Our pups were running amok around the dog area.

So Sheila, what have you learned from this experience? Kindness to others, a smile and a wave makes people want to give back when you need help along with many thank you's.  That it's ok to have a huge melt down in the dog park cause your husband gives you hugs and the furkids come right over and give kisses and bump up against you so you know they are there for you.  I also learned that the person I least expected came and handed me a book about manifesting what I wanted in my life. Turning to the third page, in big bold letters, I read that I had 2 choices. I could be a victim or I could use this as an adventure.  The final thing I learned was that I had to stop being afraid to paint in public and that I needed to just get my new easel and get out there. Plein air painting is hard. The light is different than studio light and you need to paint faster. It's what I want to do crossing America...remember, Living the Artists Dream. So...This is what I'm buying!!!!

So, the experience took me out of my comfort zone and I grew. And yes I'll be thrilled to hand the control back to the owners!!! hahaha. WE did it!!!!!

Have a great night!!


Saturday, November 19, 2016

One Busy Month

I'm not sure where to even begin on this one.  It all started with an MRI for my hip. For years I have been standing as I paint and using my right leg as the principal weight bearing unit. Then we can go back years to carrying the kids on the left hip while again using the right leg more.  The MRI was to see what was happening. Wear and tear, but the 5 cm lesion on the left adnexa was what caught my eye. And, what was an adnexa?

Discussing things with Sammy over coffee. 

The following week was a Dr.s app't, then an ultrasound scan and CA125 blood work ASAP.  Of course, once you Google, you see the worse case scenario then steal yourself for the results. But we haven't really gone anywhere children, grandchildren...I want to paint the desert.... . Then I prayed to my Dad. 

In the middle of all this, at the beginning of my crazy week, the mother of the owners had a massive stroke and needed to go home to Ohio. I was asked to step in and run the office again, but this time in the busy season.  Yes, I called in my resources to help since my head was already spinning and thankfully it's been working very well. My main person, Betty, has been tremendous. Together we are filling spots in the park and she gets to hear me moan after a complaint. 

She was in the office that Friday when I glanced by her and saw a beautiful Red Cardinal land on top of the golf cart I use. My Dad loved birds and when he passed a red Cardinal flew into my back yard. Ever since that time I know it's a sign from him. This time I was hoping it was not a "see you soon" sign but a "you're ok" one. My Dr. left a message that afternoon saying not to worry too much, then on Saturday, on her day off, she called to say the ultrasound looked good, then I heard the blood test was negative. Checking again in 3 months. We are adding to the celebration this weekend because my granddaughter and daughter both had business in Florida and are here with me!!

My daughter Erin, Son, Jamie and granddaughter Morgan.

Back to the park news! Things scheduled, we carried on.  We got hot dogs and buns, people brought sides and a great time was had by all. About 15-20 people showed up for the football/hot dog bash and it was a success.

Now we are planning our annual Thanksgiving celebration. Turkey's to buy, sides to make. (Did I mention I also have a lot of art work to do in the middle of all this..sooo behind)

So that's it for today. I have a few more things to do at the park, then I'm going into hiding again!!! 

Talk with you tomorrow...really!!! 

Friday, November 4, 2016

RV Repairs

The RV repair guys came today!! I know, you have heard it all before but they got our awnings all fixed.

The RV repair guys came!! They cut the lengths of pole to fit the size of our awnings, placed them on the arm extensions and voila'..fixed.

Our stairs have been a constant problem as you have heard. They stopped working then a new motor was placed in. Then they wouldn't go in and out so a new hole was made in the doorway for a device that would have the stairs go in or out, then stay out while we were parked. The device broke as he was installing it so a new one had to be ordered. Today was the day!!! The hole was drilled a bit larger, the wires attached, the switched on the console switched to on then the moment of truth. The stairs went out then they came in.  Then I saw every one's face.  The stairs go out but will not stay there. They will however, stay shut.  Wires changed, tried again, nothing changed. So our stairs are now once again out permanently until they call Kwikee to find out what they need to do. At least we aren't going any where right now.

"So Sam, what do you think will happen?"  "You think I should have another cup of coffee?..I'm with you bud!!"

This is Izzy! A beautiful 2 year old Golden Retriever that lives next door to us. She has a sister ,same age, and the other evening their Mum invited Lola and I to go play in the dog park together.  I was nervous, since I didn't know what Lola would be like but as we approached she was so excited, we went in. They played great together and I was thrilled. Lola made friends. She did run over to me and sit by me every so often, probably overwhelmed at her new playmates.  They leave tomorrow but I'm sure we will meet up again at some time.

And finally, a watercolor piece I am currently working on. Two wee beauties who live in Scotland. Their Mum takes oodles of photos and I "steal" them to capture in paint.  Almost finished, I need to put in some darks and lights and hopefully it will all work! I'll show you the finished piece tomorrow..

So have a great night and stay safe. 


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Happy Hour

We have a happy hour here at the park from 4:00 P.M. to about 6:00.  Right now it's a small group but will grow as more people come in. It's a time to chat about our day, plan for things to do or just sit quietly and have a glass of wine. Tonight we were joined by Glen and Mike. Glen is our resident fisherman and he bought Mike's motor home.

I had to take a photo because the night was wonderful stories of fishing 250 miles out and earning a living being a professional fisherman. If you ever watched the Deadliest Catch then you know what we were hearing. Glen is the Captain and the goal is to make money. The crew has to work hard 24/7 but on land Glen is hysterical. Nice guy and funny, the stories were great. He told us his life changes as he heads out first light with a cup of coffee in hand heading out to open waters. His passion. That's when Mike said that was how he felt riding Bulls!!!  I think we all screamed, "Riding Bulls??" His first time on a bull he climbed right off, smart man, but then climbed right back on. His longest time was 8 seconds. Sounds short but I bet it was the longest 8 seconds of his life.

Tonight Glen, his girlfriend and Mike are heading out to a Halloween party at a restaurant/pub on the St. John River. So Glen, what are you going as I asked. A pirate, he responded. Mike? A Cowboy!

I have to say the time flew by and my face hurts from laughing. Thinking now that if we were still living in our sticks and bricks house we never would have met these guys or heard their stories. Hmm, so maybe during the season, if people don't mind, I'll introduce you to others that are here. I love hearing the stories. We are all so connected and there are no coincidences. It will be fun to discover why this group of people are in our lives.

So it's time to slow down and watch our Saturday night shows and kick back with the furkids. Have a great night and see you tomorrow!


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Fun Surprise

One of the new full time people here in the park is Glen. A tall willowy guy that looks like he just walked out of the 60's. Soft spoken, kind and a commercial fisherman. Oh, and he loves Lola and she likes him but still sits on my feet and presses her back against me. After a few weeks of his not being able to go out and fish due to the hurricane then the weather out in the ocean, he was finally able to go out today. The weather out there is still 8' seas so he fished more towards land and caught Spanish Mackerel.

The other day Roger helped him move his refrigerator into his rig so I guess we have bonded.

Glen brought them over to the porch we sit on for Happy Hour and just said divide them up. He did laugh when he saw my face when I saw the whole fish and said, "If I fillet the fish, I eat it".  Got it Glen, we are filleting!! Jack, our other neighbor stopped over and sat on the cooler to chat for a bit.  The conversation finally got around to Glen's catch of the day and the fish that were too small to sell, or the ones damaged from the dolphin eating part of them, and how he was sitting on said booty! Jack was last seen over on his picnic table filleting away.

Now guess what we are having for dinner!! Roger is preparing our feast as we speak. I'll let you know how it is tomorrow! I will say it's good to have a commercial fisherman in the park!

So a good end to the day with good friends, wine and laughs, and thankful Glen didn't catch an undersized tuna!!

See you all tomorrow and have a great night!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Playing Catch Up

The hurricane totally threw me off balance. We had stuff everywhere trying to get things into the coach to leave without getting some outside dirt off. As you know, this means getting the things plus dirt out.  When did CiCiBlue get so small?? (Silent Scream face here!!) Our stash of wine bottles stuffed in the slide out, my art stuff, stuffed everywhere...Blog?? I couldn't think. Nor paint. I did however, Crochet.

Still a long way to go but it's been therapeutic. 

Our friends, Betty and Bob, returned and so did our daily happy hour. You can see this is from the Rec Hall porch and CiCiBlue is the 4th from the left peeking out. I know Ozzie is in the front window watching our every move!!

Around 2:45 P.M. I try and stretch out and do my leg exercises. Stop laughing, I did them just before Sammy and I curled up together. Honest!

Roger and I went to the Flea Market yesterday to reserve a table for November. Sunday is said to be the busiest so we signed for that day. My daughter will be here on the 20th so we did skip that one. Testing the market for our glass recycled wine planters and things so keep your fingers crossed.  We are hoping that it turns out to be something we can do to bring in an income as we travel. We WILL travel at some point..honest!!  Other friends that were here last year and needed work done on their rig gave me the number of another mobile engine repair man. Just called him but he's not taking new customers until November 1st. I know he's north of us so I bet he's dealing with hurricane repairs there. We had an issue with our oil pressure gauge last year and hopefully he can find out the cause. The consensuses is that it's wiring under our rig.

I'm thankful for new commission work that is coming in! I have my eye set on a new easel that will make life so much easier.

Time to throw in laundry..the washer/dryer only takes a bit at a time then takes 6 days to do it. Not really, a few hours but not as fast as your house washer /dryer. Thanks for hanging in there with me and I'll be back tomorrow for more tantalizing news. (ok, I saw you all roll your eyes....;-) )


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Busy Working Day

Monday is a work day at the park. Bathrooms plus getting stuff we put into the rec hall for the hurricane needed to come back out. Their are 5 rigs here from a club and they will be using the rec hall for their functions. It seemed like a long day but we did meet up with our friends for happy hour at 4:00 P.M. Home now at 6:30 for dinner, Jeopardy and take the dogs out for their nightly jaunt and cookie from our neighbor Bob.

Yes, I'm tired. Tomorrow is massage therapy, badly needed, so I'm looking forward to it.  Also a day to buy a small tarp for our A/C until our rv guys come up. Roger "volunteered" to climb up onto the roof to cover it.

I don't know about you but this sounds really yummy. Amazing what one finds on line while looking for glasses for a class!!!

Well dinner came then walked the kids, then fell into bed to watch a bit of TV and fall asleep.  It's Tuesday now and I'm getting ready to go buy a tarp and have my massage. Depending on how I'm feeling after I may stop by Goodwill and look for sweaters. Just in case!!!

This is Lola giving me the "woof" to get their breakfast! You can see Sammy looking very alert because he speaks fluent Woof and he knows better than to be forward in the morning!

Have a great day and see you later on, maybe with pics of Roger securing the tarp and not sliding off the roof. :-)


Sunday, October 16, 2016

It's Taking A Week

Yes, a whole week since Matthew came by to shake off the "shock".  I did finish a painting so that's being mailed tomorrow but other than that the energy level has been low.  I have been crocheting a blanket for us and for our oldest Granddaughter Morgan.  So relaxing and mindless. I am needing that during our election campaigns. Egads!!

I had an appointment with my primary doctor this past week and she ordered a MRI for my hip. I was telling her that it was my psoas muscle and if I lay on the bed and hang my leg down, the pain stops and I actually can walk without a limp. No,No,No...I needed an MRI.  This past Friday was MRI day for me and even though it was an open machine I needed Xanax to stop me from running down the street screaming. The tech was lovely and calming and even told me to just keep my eyes closed til it was over.  It took about 50 minutes with great music playing and her asking me if I was ok after every session. Finally it ended and she said "ok, look". The machine stopped at the bridge to my nose and a higher piece further up went out over my head. Smart lady telling me to keep my eyes shut. ;-).

During the week I did leave a message on our RV repair guys...and so it begins. Haven't heard from them as yet but last night it poured and it rained inside our bedroom. I'm thinking our roof area is getting wet and will start to sag. Roger did say he would bravely climb up on top of CiCi Blue tomorrow and wrap the air conditioner unit in a trash bag. All and all I think we are doing ok. The woman who is behind us has a Class C, new to her, and had two blow outs on the road as she left for the hurricane. She was disheartened but said she was able to get two "new" used tired for $25.00 each. (My look right now is that deer in headlights look) . One afternoon I'll go visit and chat about how spending for new and good tires will save her a a lot of heartache. We have two years to go before we need to replace any tire on our rig. The 6 year rule no matter how good they look.

I received a package the other day from a woman I did a painting for. She had won a gift certificate and asked if I would paint her dog being greeted by Jesus as he went to the Bridge. I did and she loves it. This towel and a gift certificate for Petco came nicely wrapped with a card in thanks. Needless to say I was blown away.

Our friends, Betty and Bob returned the other day and we have started our 4 o'clock happy hour routine. What we didn't realize is that we are out of "shape" for said activity, so we decided today we would rest!! Sammy is showing you how we do that here, especially when Mum left her pillow out here from last night after she slept on the couch. The a/c is over the foot of our bed and it was coming in pretty good. We got up t grab towels and a bucket and Ozzie and Sam saw their opportunity to move to the higher ground. Roger was able to scootch Sam over to my side and there I was..bedless. Roger did offer to take the couch from his curled up cozy spot in bed...but I decided I could really stretch out on the couch. Ozzie followed and Lola took her position on the floor next to me. I slept well!!!

So, a new ideas and a new outlook. We put our mat outside so it's looking like home once again.

Have a great night and I will be back tomorrow!!


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Our Story Of Matthew

We can say God, we can say the Collective Consciousness or my spirit Mum and Dad watching over us, but somehow that storm wobbled and turned, staying at a Cat 3-4 instead of turning into a Category 5. Last Wednesday we were packing a few things I couldn't part with. Sophie and Fergus's remains, our passports and insurance papers and of course dog papers along with 3 paintings.

The rest would stay with CiCiBlue. Here's a picture of of our stairs. You need to imagine Ben Hur now in that Chariot race bumping up against the other contenders...

They stick out pretty far and we had no idea how to "unlock" them to even push them back in manually and no time to google it. She was staying. I asked friends on FB to put the white light of protection around her, packed the car with water, dog food, a few clothes, the dogs and us and off we drove late Wednesday to Lake Mary and Roger's cousins home.  Thank you Vitas!!! We hugged our friends at the park and left.

At this time our Governor Rick Scott was warning people that the storm was going to be a Category 5, possibly coming onto land and travel up RT 95. (Our camp ground is right next to 95.) "If you stay you will die" was his message. Years ago as my Dad was preparing to have surgery for colon Cancer he told me he couldn't pray, that it just wasn't coming out. Wednesday as we were driving away, I understood. We were going to loose everything, as well as our son loosing his and our friends. I tried the Our Father but it was way too many words for me to think at that point. Hail Mary Full of, I'd pray that if we were going down in a ship... Needless to say my brain was fried by this point and my prayer was simply "help" from that point on and just relied on years of Faith.

Vitas opened his home to all 5 of us saying the kids could sleep anywhere and get up on any furniture as long as they felt safe and secure.  I crocheted!

It was relaxing and I didn't have to think.  About 9:00 P.M. I had to go to bed and was followed by my trusty group.

Lola the Comforter! Or, the Comfortee, not sure which. Sweet girl. I couldn't sleep well at all and found myself wandering to the couch then to the other bedroom trying to relax. Still going to be a Cat 5.

Cape Canaveral and the Space Coast. There has always been a rumor of sorts that people say that NASA would never build anything so expensive and so needed if they thought it could be totally demolished.  The thought is that the point of land has the ocean and the winds going in different directions? That would keep storms away from that area. I feel asleep around 5:00 A.M. and woke at 8:30 to hear Roger say..."The storm wobbled, it slowed and moved out a bit and it's in Titusville right now", faster than we had heard. It was to be a two day event where we lived and now it's on it's way to where we live. If you look at the path, it follows the coast and followed the coast out onto and around the point of Cape Canaveral bringing it further away from land and our park.  All I could say was Thank you God! The news said the winds at the point of land was 100 MPH which meant for CiCiBlue, less. For all of us, less. No one will ever convince me this wasn't a miracle pure and simple. So many people along the coast praying for the same result. 

Vitas's backyard. The same yard in the pouring rain and crazed wind that Lola heard a barking dog and pulled me flying half way across. I'm still sore but ok. The grass is about 4 inches high, St Augustine grass?, so I slid on a wet cushion.

Coming home. Our friend Jack gave me updates and I also got them from Wendy, one of the owners. 

This is how lucky we were. We have palm fronds down but this the only tree that the park lost. Of course power and water but that's everyone. Yes, that's our coach in the distance standing proudly. The winds must have come in from the rear since we lost our rear A/C Cover. Nothing tipped over inside. 

Our battery was dead. We do know now that we should have turned off the entire coach by hitting the "display" button at the front entrance. We also found that buying a good set of jumper cables and battery charger would help too. Our neighbor Arnie came over and gave us a hand. It was few hours before we could get the generator going smoothly and enough to get the slides open and the a/c on. Lord the kids were happy!!

Saturday night..hail, hail the gangs all here and thank God we all are. Other things we learned, not to forget to silicon spray the slides. Lord they were creaky. 

I haven't been able to get back to my art as yet..we just got back power and water to the park, I excuses..I think I'm just drained from all the emotion, but so grateful, so thankful for everyone for their prayers, concerns and good wishes. So thankful and grateful no one in the park had damage to the trailers of rvs. (I am waiting for one friend, Paul to come back. We saw him before we all left and he said he was taking his paperwork, but leaving his clothes. He was however, are you ready??, taking his 32 pairs of shoes!!!!! I have a friend Diane who lives full time in a 40' Pheaton and has that many shoes, bless her, but Paul?? I want to SEE these shoes!! They actually made me laugh during some stressful times though. Are they dancing shoes? Gold shoes?? Steppin on down the road shoes?? Actually I see a painting in this!!!)

Thanks Mum and Dad for watching over certainly were busy that night..

The power of prayer, of your thoughts, even if it can only come out as "help".  Matthew came back in and hit above us and did a lot of damage to the coastline ,went up the coast and back out to sea and for a bit threatened to come back to us.  I made my call into the RV repair guys about our stairs. The awnings, the a/c cover all can wait. I need to feel secure that we can bring those babies in and leave. Hurricane season doesn't end until November.

Ok..that's our story..I'm feeling better just getting it out..thanks for listening...for my friends close by, so happy you are safe, for my friends far and wide, thank you for your positive energy!! It worked!!

See you tomorrow...did I tell you I love this Coach!!!