Friday, March 24, 2017

My Birthday Week And Beyond

We have been busy getting more things done. I'm excited and nervous. Friends needed work done as they were leaving sooner than we are so our bathroom was put on hold for a week. Not a problem. Their bedroom had a huge spot on the floor from water damage . The tire was kicking up the water and hitting the floor boards. Bob put a piece of linoleum between so the water wouldn't come back up and hit their flooring again, and then they were off on their adventure.

So here is our tile. Cocotik Peal and Stick.  Super thin and super light. Perfect for an RV. We used 3 M adhesive spray along with it, which they advise, to make sure it really stays on the wall. I do keep the spray can close because I have had a few start to peal away from the wall. One side was sprayed but when I use the adhesive spray in my art work I spray two areas, The surface it's going on and the piece itself. Roger said, "why didn't you say anything while we were working?"  I'll just say it was men at work! It's all good. The tiles seem to be separating from the wall so I'll be using heavy duty glue soon.

So on March 18, our 22nd Anniversary, we decided to take the valance off the bathroom window and recover it. Have I mentioned I dislike beige?

Roger cut the fabric off then took out the zillion staples. Oh sure we will remember how to put it back together. Thankfully Roger marked everything with arrows and circles. ;-)

Lola telling me that I just glued that fabric in the wrong place..and..I even ironed the fabric!

The gluing was fine. I did touch the bottom of the hot iron..why? ..I have no clue.  The most important lesson? Don't use long staples working with a thin piece of board. That's when I said ok, lets wrap this up for today! I still need to finish a small area but as Roger said, "who ever uses our bathroom?" I will finish it off. As of know I sit there and press the tiles back on then look up to see "beige" looking at me. Roger mentioned that now we could redo the rest of the valances.....I'm thinking fabric paint or just curtains. 

In an RV one needs to live by those words!!

Later that same day, with swollen stapled finger, we went out with friends for a farewell dinner for Dan and Jonelle. (Third couple from the left) They are off to Michigan to help friends then to the Grand Tetons to work for the summer as workcampers. They worked there this past summer and were asked back for another season.  We will keep in touch and I'm sure we will meet up again somewhere! Love you guys!!

From left to right the motley crew consists of; Roger, Moi, Paul and Diane, Dan and Jonelle and Betty and Bob.

This is Bob. He worked a few days trying to get the wiring correct for our tow dolly. The previous owners rewired it for something else, possible a motorcycle ramp. Then we have one more project and as Roger says, we will be outsourcing the work. (Still a computer geek!)

We have been planning our trip west. Our plan is to go to Roger's Sub Reunion in Myrtle Beach at the end of September, meet Betty and Bob, then catch Rt.40. I'm pretty excited since Rt 40 is also part of Rt 66.  I am thinking a series of paintings of the old highway and of course, a Lab in there somewhere. 

The hurricane did small damages that need to be repaired. My job the other day, caulking with the silicone. Tiny water leaks here and there along the seams. CiCiBlue is an old girl. I ask Roger if people with new coaches have this much work to do, getting a bit discouraged. He assured me that yes they did but probably larger issues since CiCi has her bugs worked out already. We're just doing up keep stuff. It has rained since and no leaks so I'm doing my job well.

The allergies, the pollen this year has been intense. Poor girl. Every afternoon she climbs up on the couch to sit on me. All 110 lbs of her but how could you say no and today I found the Zyrtec and she's happy.

On the easel, so to speak. I'm doing memory boxes for a few people that have had their beloved pals go to the Bridge. I'm thinking I need to clone myself to get everything done, but I am so grateful to be getting the work.

Yes, it's my 16 year old self. She had no idea what was in store for her, two beautiful children, life bumps, changes, more bumps and adventures. She survived and became stronger than ever. I'm proud of you girl...and you kept doing your art all through it!! We may be 70 now but I think we both made Rockstar Status!!!!

Have a great day all....keep rocking it!!


Monday, March 6, 2017

We Are SO Getting Ready

We still haven't decided where we will roam to this summer to make sure CiCiBlue is up to the big travel. I know she's excited as we are!!  Diesel Pushers are meant to go.

So where are we now on stuff.

My art stuff. Ok, I need a home for everything, But where? Yesterday I emptied out a closet space and put in my watercolor stuff. Bag on bottom left. Put all the unfinished boxes in a box since they will be painted and shipped soon.

On my side of the closet at the back of the coach, I have the safe, then a small shelf to place something on. I put velcro on the bottom of that box, it holds various scarves, and you never know when one needs to flow with grace across an RV park. (deer in headlights face here). Then I stacked my canvas on top.

And yes, it will move while we roll, so a snug strip of velcro around said canvas hopefully will do the trick.

The bathroom project is moving along. Today was placing the foam insulation and sealing everything to get ready for the board over. I ordered stick on tile and that should be coming in today. I'll do a show and tell tomorrow on it. I liked it in the photo, hoping I like it when it's in my hands.

And..In Progress!!! 20" x 20" oil on canvas. A real Texas boy sitting happily in flowers. I have lines around for correction and direction. Thought I'd be getting to this today but after my great arrangement of my canvas, I closed the mirrored doors and something was stopping the doors from ever opening again.  After trying to dislodge whatever it was with an umbrella I grabbed a screw driver and started to unscrew the bottom strip of wood holding the door on the rail. Three screws were considerate, 5 were not. I was finally able to open one side large enough to get my hand and arm inside and that's when I felt the 20" x 20" canvas leaning against the door. "Oh for crying out loud" was what I did not say...then got back on the floor to rescrew the three screws back into their place. This was an hour and then I had to re hang all the clothes I took out of the closet in hopes that maybe a sleeve became jammed. Ok, the positive out of this, I threw out a lot of things I no longer wear, need or even remember that I had and oh, found that 20" x 20" canvas that hasn't been finished. So that's where I put it.!!

It's been really gusty here lately and allergies have been kicking up for everyone. Itchy eyes, sneezing, runny noses. We are quite a group.

Ok, have a great rest of the day, I think I'll go take a little snuggle with dogs!! See you tomorrow.