Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Morning Rush

Last week I painted an 18" x 18" oil of my granddaughter Kelsey for the Boston Community Dance Project of which she is an apprentice for the summer. Their big dance event is coming up and since it's called "Spiritualize", Kelsey asked for something along that line.

Umbrellas have always been a symbol to me of protection. Our parents. When I lost my parents 6 days apart, I remember thinking that I no longer had the umbrella over me and I was now the umbrella for my children.  Then after I found out that my DNA test was a different heritage than I had grown up to believe and the deja vu experience I had in Scotland, I started reading about DNA memory.  What do we carry with us from generation to generation, good and bad.  My art, Kelsey's dancing.  She has never been just an ok dancer. She has been an extraordinary dancer, feeling every note of the music and conveying it in her body and facial expression.  (Yes I know, I'm her grandmother..but the room full of trophies and awards back my story).

So, there she is flying through the air and I wonder, where did this come from? How many generations before us have passed this talent, one by one, until it comes out in this amazing burst of talent that she displays.  The painting is called "Generations" and you know what the umbrellas represent. 

My daughter needed business cards for this event and that was the morning rush today. 

 Whew, now for another cup of coffee, some lunch and start my painting day!!!

Oh and call my rv repair guy!!!


Sunday, August 21, 2016

The RV Repair Guys Came...

And then they left! The company sent them the motor for a 2014 Monaco RV. Granted, our Country Coach and Monaco are similar and the motor is probably the correct one, but the years are off.  So, no stairs. The radio/rear view camera is in but we can't get Sirius so they need to get something else ordered for that. THEN, the springs they had for our awning won't fit so those need to be ordered.  They didn't bill us for any  of the work since it's been so long in the waiting, so now we are back again..waiting.  Roger was good. Said the Universe needs us to stay put right now.  I do have commissions to complete so I can do that but a bit disappointed that we aren't on the move.

So what do you do when you get disappointed? Go over to the little restaurant by the river and have dinner and drinks!! A slight breeze, greatly appreciated, kept us happy as we ate out on the deck. Perfect!!!

Sammy was slammed by Lola at the park and cried when I tried to boost him up on the bed. I was beside myself. After a trip to see Dr. Mike, and a prescription of Duramaxx, Sammy is on the mend. His blood work came back perfect, so he's healthy, just at 11 his muscle ache after slamming. We understand Sam!!


Then Ozzie turned 5!


And finally....

Taken as Lola and I walked down the road on our nightly jaunt. Full moon and amazing clouds over the park. What more could one want!! (springs for our awning, ah...) No, I'm grateful!! We have exactly what we need right now!! 
So on that..have a great night and I'll chat again soon....show and tell on a few commission pieces and a few for the fun of it art pieces.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

It Arrived

                                                                         our dolly!!

Gary arrived about 7:00 P.M. last night in the middle of a rain storm.  Roger and I went out and he took it off the trailer and showed us everything we need to know about it.  If you want the technical skinny on it just click the link above and it will take you right to the web site. He makes them in Colorado then delivers each and everyone personally. We then found out our rig has two sets of receivers on the back. One is actually set up to have a motorcycle carrier installed. Darn...we should have kept our bikes but who knew?  We can now use the higher receiver or the lower one on top...as soon as we have some things rewired. Our friend Bob comes back in October and he said he would do it for us easily.  Seeing it's going on mid August and our rv repair person has yet to appear it's going to be a quick trip if we get to go somewhere.

Other news. Our jobs here at the park have changed a bit so I need to step up my game.  My goal is to do daily paintings plus my commission work so please get the word out for me. I will be doing the 8" x 10" oil special of your pet until the end of August for the great price of $100.00 but then I will need to go back to my original prices. Think Holiday gifts. ;-)

 Sketching a daily watercolor piece while watching the Olympics. Yes, we are glued to it making me somewhat behind in my work. Sorry guys, but I know you are too, so you understand!! Michael Phelps!! Katie Ledeki!!! WOW!!!

My collection of new brushes getting ready to make them fly!!!

$75.00 plus free shipping 
8" x 8" watercolor on 300lb paper.

Please contact me if you would like a portrait like this.

Ok, dinner is ready and the Olympics are soon to start up for the evening so go USA and have a great night!!


Thank you for supporting an American Artist!!! (Me) :-)

Friday, August 5, 2016

Guess What's Coming?!

                                                               OUR TOW DOLLY

The American Tow Dolly company makes their product then delivers each one to their owners and actually shows you how to use it.  We are also purchasing an extra tire from them and possibly a ball hitch. Since we can't drive anywhere as yet due to an awning that needs springs, we aren't able to measure what we need.  They are due in Florida the beginning of next week then will call and set up a time for delivery!! EXCITED!!!

Still massively hot here in Florida and finally it rained after a whole month dry. We are surrounded by dry woods here so the rain is so welcome.

Not much to tell you about but I have been busy painting. As you know I got back into watercolors and have been successful with selling so that's been a huge bonus for our income in our CiCi Blue. My personal goal is to save 5K a year for repairs. A LOOONG way off from that but I'll keep on working.

I recently finished and sold this beauty. 8" x 10" oil on canvas.  


                                 8" x 8" watercolor on 300lb paper just waiting for a new home!

The dog days of summer!!! Sammy conked out the other afternoon..actually I just looked over and he's doing the same thing now.  Smart boy!

So, one other thing is I actually got a call from our repair guy. He's waiting for our rear view camera/radio to arrive. (One small man rowing it from china) He did say that our warranty company approved all our repairs so that's a good thing.  Wait....waiting....and yet again....wait.

Chat again soon hopefully with great news of repairs and us actually moving.  


PS...Interested in a portrait of your beloved pet???