Saturday, October 31, 2015

It's The Little Things

Yes it is! I sold a painting last night and this morning I signed back up for a months worth of internet. Pure joy! The internet service is $30.00 a month. Roger is on his computers, yes, plural, most of the day if he's not working and I get frustrated waiting for a turn. So, I decided that when I sold work or got a commission, I would get my own service on my Chromebook.  Voila! (Plus I can now watch my netflix shows)

The other joy of a little thing is the temp going down last night so we could turn on our Fantastic Fan and have cool air streaming into the bedroom. Since our mobile repair guy cleaned out our A/C units we have had constant dripping. Yes, I called him yesterday.

My big joy, if one could call it that, (one does) is I finally have my rhythm back as I paint.  The brushes are flying and I now have a couple of projects going. Now, finding space to place all the projects as they dry!!

A few of my shells and the pendant I made from one of them.  I haven't wrapped anything in quite awhile,as you see, but it was this little thing that gave me joy that day.  I'll probably re wrap it at some point. 

The beginning stages of a 14" x 14" oil on canvas commission

Loved the eye but found it too large. Time to redo.

The redo. As I look at it it still seems too large so next I'll make the nose a bit smaller. His snout is long and skinny and I don't feel I've reached that spot as yet. No worries.

No, it's not the Blue Angels practicing overhead.  This was an actual cloud formation that we saw as we were driving down the road. I called it Stairway to Heaven for obvious reasons. This was a huge "little things" joy for me. I so expected to see my Heart dog Sophie at the top of the "stairs" wagging her tail at me.
Sometimes things like this just make you go, Hmm.  Affirmation of something else or just a cloud formation. I'll let you decide. 

This week has been the 16th anniversary of my parents passing. My Mum, the 26th and My Dad the 1st of November. Same year. Maybe they were peeking out from around that cloud the other day. I'm sure they were.

Have a great day!!


Friday, October 23, 2015

The Man In The Fishing Hat

Now there's a title for you. So Sheila, you met a man in a fishing hat? Nice! End of story. Oh no, it's a good one.!!

This morning the alarm went off at 6 A.M.. I hit the snooze button until 6:20. My lord, it was dark out there! Then I heard the "ding" of my incoming text message from Wendy asking if we were up.  The plan this morning was Roger, Wendy, Nicole (a younger person in the campground) and I were off to Cape Canaveral Seashore to collect shells. Nicole had made a beautiful small lamp from shells and we were intrigued. It may even be fun to have a class this winter for people so we were on a mission.

Roger collecting his shells. Gorgeous beach.

 Wendy collecting her shells. 

Thankfully I brought my walking stick with me. The two and a half miles we walked did a number on my hip and leg.  I was sitting here when I took this. So, what about the man with the fishing hat?

To get to this part of the beach we walked through Playalinda Beach. It's Brevard Countys nude beach and it was pretty crowded. Couples strolling and a lot of men standing and stretching.  When Roger and I traveled to St. Martin and went to the clothing optional beach there, that seemed to be something the men there like d to do. Stand and stretch, somewhat like we see the Sandhill Cranes do here when they are looking for a mate. 

So, as we stroll, what does one do in passing? My thought? The same as I would do if all were fully clothed.. say hello.  Enter the man with the fishing hat! He stood proud watching the ocean for that huge fish that would catch his line. Hi, I said, catch anything? "No", he replied, "Still waiting".  Then off I went.  I was able to get my share of shells, then found a spot and sat down, while Wendy, Nicole and Roger forged on up the beach.  I grabbed Roger's camera bag and found a soft spot to lay my head. Then for the next 30 minutes I found my new energy. The waves are larger than usual right now from storms going up or across the peninsula and the crashing started to put me to sleep. 

How could you not be renewed after laying here for awhile alone.

Now for our hike back to the car. I have to say that being the underdog of sorts, (clothed) , I felt like an outsider. Almost uncomfortable that I was dressed. There were a few moments that were comical, turning to look at scenery and seeing a quite large man bending over fighting his pants as he was putting them on. Not one of the Sandhill Cranes. 

The man with the fishing hat was standing higher on the rise of sand and I was going to pass him. The recognition. "So," I said staring solidly into his eyes, "Catch anything yet?". "It's small" he replied, then added the rain was going to hit the beach within a half hour and they'd all be clearing off the beach". "Well, have a great day", I said as I hobbled on.  

Definitely the great equalizer don't you think? A nice man and I have no idea what he does for a living, if his clothes say "well off" or poor man. Was he a lawyer, a doctor? He may have been a robber or even a murderer. (a little extreme) . He spoke well so I got the sense he was educated his hat, liked to fish. 
An interesting day. I then got home, crawled onto our bed with ice and fell asleep for two hours.! 

Have a great night!!!


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Why Commissions And The Blog Are Behind

Huge sigh! No, not complaining, because without workamping we would be living under a bridge in a box.  Didn't you hear that huge groan the other day when the government said that Social Security people wouldn't be getting the annual cost of living raise? Something to do with the lower cost of gas this past summer. I heard one commentator say that he wasn't sure how that could be, since most of the senior citizens don't drive. We wondered too.

Like others who full time, we live on our Social Security. Out of that comes our RV payment, insurance for car and RV, health insurance, car payment, food, medical for dogs and their food and our electric here at the campground. Then repairs for the rig. Can you say "tight?" Would I go back? Not a chance!!!

The snowbirds will be flying back in in full force come November 1st. Roger and I are hard at work painting the bathroom shower stalls, window sills and door frames.  I try and work mornings so I can paint my work in the afternoon.

I've been calling it prison gray but I have to say it looks clean.  You can see over the windows the frame is a salmon color. That will go.

So, on another note, my favorite pj's! Fleece. Ozzie hates fleece. Last winter I bought a fuzzy purple blanket for the bed and he started biting holes in it. By the end of the season to keep warm I'd put my arm through the holes to keep the blanket around me.  I had been really careful of these pj's. The other day I took them out of the washer dryer, folded them and laid them on the bed. Put them on that night and felt a breeze! Can you say SAD!!!

Our little spot of heaven. I went inside for a moment and when I returned Sammy had my chair. He stresses when the other two kids bark so he will either climb up on me or if I'm not there, my chair. Such a goof.

Ok, now to paint. I'm grateful for our job here at the campground and grateful for my gift of art. Come November, the preparations for the winter months will be done.  People will love it!!

So my Etsy store is now open.  Sheila Wedegis Art  I'll be putting more and more up, hopefully daily, but soon it will be!!  If you have suggestions or would like to see your pet in paint please let me know. No purchase will be required. Just fun! Have a great night!!


Monday, October 12, 2015

The Perfect Shower

Nice shower!!

Since we have returned from vacation we have been trimming bushes and doing all kinds of work around the park. In the bathrooms there were two shower stalls that had major leaks. Today the plumbers came to knock out cement blocks to access the valves. They replaced those and were to put covers over the holes for easy availability if it's ever needed. (I dread going in the bathroom tomorrow. The last I saw it was a disaster and I'm the person who cleans the bathrooms.)

The water in the park was shut off from 9:00 A.M. til about 3:00 P.M. this afternoon and when it came on our water flow, in CiCi Blue, was just a trickle. On no. Roger had changed the house filter not too long ago and the outside water filter just before we left for Georgia.  Between the house filter and the outside filter, attached to our house, we have great water at all times.  It was just barely coming out the water. Could dirt and debris come through the line and plug it? Roger went out and took off the filter. I could see him doing his "hmm" face.  He came in and went back out with a new filter. (always good to buy more than one at a time.) 

I asked his if debris had plugged up the filter that was on and he replied, "It was red Georgia clay!" Holy cow. I know while camping it was everywhere. On our shoes, our clothes, our dogs and on our bodies.

A shower photo?? When we get a new filter on the water line it's a race to take the first shower and I got it!! The pressure is perfect and the spray beats down on your back. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh" Heaven!! Clean and happy, what more could one ask for.!!!

When we lived in a sticks and bricks, and also having an art studio, I worked every day. I swore I would get back into that and build up a new inventory for my store on Etsy.  (Not opened as yet) So yesterday I drew and painted the beginnings of the sheep. A friend in Scotland took the photo and has given me permission to use it. When it's finished I'll tell you the story behind her. (The sheep) Dianne is taking a photo for me of the sheeps older brother. Loppy Lugs.  I so know you want to hear the whole story!! ;-)

I took this out our front slide window. Just a beautiful cloud and such a peaceful sight. 

Have a great evening and we will chat again soon!


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Little Bit Of This And A Bit Of That..

Thought I would just do a show and tell of our journey! We spent two nights at a truck stop and I have to say it was actually fun. Our CiCi Blue was transformed into a "sub" and we were just fine.  The trucks came and went. We did meet one trucker who felt bad we were broke down. I asked him how long truckers needed to stay at the stop and he said they can drive around 12 to 15 hours (if I remember correctly) but had to rest for 10. Some did and of course, some didn't. As they came in not an inch of space was wasted.  The rigs would back into their spaces and leave, seriously, inches of space between other trucks and us.  I could have reached out and touched the rig next to us. (Almost).

What we look like inside with our slides pulled in. Now, picture 3 large dogs and two large humans maneuvering about the coach! No humans or animals were injured during this time.

Every bit of space is used when on the move. The shower worked perfectly for laundry, art supplies and other odds and ends. I even see a garbage bag in there!!

I was excited about my time to drive but Roger fell in love with driving and I never got a chance on this trip.

Lola was a wreck every time we started to roll. The only place she was content was at my feet. Sammy, however, just snugged up on the blanket and slept. A boy after my own heart. Ozzie was asleep on the couch.

View from my seat. I had to get accustomed to seeing that white line. Looking out at the rear view mirror I could see were still inside the line but from where I was it looked like we were on top or over it.  I would wave my hand every so often to let Roger know to get to the left a bit. He was fine. (Loss of control on my part.) 

CiCi Blue drove beautifully coming home. We were holding our breath though. Even Sammy.

When the stress got to be too much...Lola is a great pillow.

And we made it back safe and sound. 

Our plan? We need to get the coach worked on that's for sure. We are making a list of "needed" things. This week we have been concentrating on getting the RV Park looking good for the returning people and I have been rearranging my art supplies getting ready to get back to working my art full time once again.  Once we are in the dry season I can set up a little area outside as a "studio". I'll keep you posted on that. 

Ok, have a great night. Roger put a new water filter in the coach and our water pressure is amazing.!!! Yes happiness is a great shower spray!!!


Monday, October 5, 2015

Our First Week Back

The week was setting our outside area back up and getting laundry done.  (Still working on that one).  We jumped right back in to working around the park and that felt good. I needed art supplies to be delivered so getting things accomplished before they arrived was a good thing. Trees trimmed and bushes cut, and of course, more needs to be done.

Yesterday we all went to the Mims, Mullet Festival. Honestly, the only mullet I ever heard of was the crazy hair cut in the 80's.  So, it's a fish! They even crowned a "Miss Mullet, 2015" . Roses, a banner and crown. The young girl was thrilled.  We didn't stay til 2P.M. so we never got to see the Mullet Toss.

Yes, they are porcelain containers. I guess that each contestant gets 3 mullet then tosses them into the...thrones. The winner gets a basket of goodies and a trophy. Runners up also get a trophy and maybe get to keep the fish.  During the display of many things Mims, the volunteer fire truck had to leave due to a call. Off it went only to return and to go the opposite direction.  Everyone waved. 

I did get to meet a lovely young woman in a wheel chair who just got her service dog. We spoke and I asked if I could pet him. Usually they are on their job so the answer would be no, but this day the woman said it would be fine.  To show me him working she dropped the lead and told the dog to get it. He turned and picked it up with his mouth and gave it to her. Three years old, he went through a rigorous training. 6 months with a puppy care person then off to prison for another 6 months. After that he went to serious training to learn over 100 commands. Then he went back to prison to work there with the convicts. Finally he does training with his new human!  The next dog I met, yes they are the ones I like to meet when I'm out and about, was a bomb sniffing black Lab. (And his handsome bomb owner). I went to see the Lab, honest!!! His name was Peanut and was 12 years old. He has discovered 2 active bombs in this area over his service. In training he got everyone. Amazing. Mine, however, can detect red licorice hidden in my shirt while I'm hiding under the covers in bed!!!  Pretty good if I do say!

I worked in watercolors today. While we were at Big Hart Campground I did a pencil sketch of what I saw out our window every day. Today I painted the scene and I'm pleased! 7" x 10" and soon to be on my Etsy shop. 

Dinner is just about ready so I'll close for today. Have a great evening and we will chat..hopefully, tomorrow!!