Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Terri's Paper Mache Class

On February 12, my friend Terri Malloy, is going to teach a paper mache class.  In preparation we need to take a side photo of our dogs. When you go to her Face Book page you will see her beautiful work.

I met Terri on Facebook then she came here to the RV Park and we get to do artsy stuff together and she's helping with my over exuberant Lola ,who feels she needs to protect us from everything that passes by the dog park.

So tonight I brought my camera to the park and started, or tried, to take pics of sammy seating looking in one direction.

Lola says, "What about this pose Mum?"

Sammy has always done a nice come right up to me, but then had to watch what Roger was doing. 

Of course Ozzie had to leap into the mix. Woohoo, what about this pose Mum?

Finally, I got Sammy hoisted up onto the picnic table.  I pointed to my eyes and told him, "watch". He's so good. 

"Ya, I'm cool!!", says Sammy. "I'm going to be a paper mache dog!" 

He then jumped off and was so very happy to do so! 

Another chilly night here in Florida then it will start to warm back up. Hopefully not too warm!! 

Hope everyone in the Blizzard area is safe and warm. Glad it's over.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bobbing Like A Cork

Friday we went on a group Casino Cruise out of Port Canaveral. There were about 21 of us and by the end of the day, we were bobbing around like a cork on the seas! Thankfully we all took a tab of Dramamine the night before and that morning so we were all fine as we rocked and rolled.

Did I win? Hahaha, not a cent but had a blast anyway!

Terri Malloy. I met her on FaceBook. Terri is an artist traveling with 4 Greyhounds and goes to rescue events to spread the word on these wonderful dogs. Meeting on FB we were already friends but by the end of our cruise we had more in common then we knew. There are no coincidences.

Me. Didn't get a chance before we left to do my hair so...eeek. Oh well, it's me.

Traveling out of the Port we pass by Getty Park. I have no idea why I took pictures of rigs but there was a comic thought in there some where.

The owners and some campers.

The Air Force base and rocket launch site. There is a flat building out there that Roger worked for for 15 years!

And finally, a wave Bon Voyage from the local Pelicans!

We weren't allowed to take photos inside the ship..big secrets I guess. 

I didn't win on the Casino boat, but today we ordered a new mattress anyway. Roger is having trouble sleeping all night on our old mattress and foam pad and he is also tired of me telling him how bad my hips and back hurt after a nights "rest". At first he said, It's because of the dogs, but it's not. I'm sleeping on a board!  When we did tent camping we had a foam layer then our sleeping bags. After two days I was literally in pain from morning to night. And I was in my 50's then. Now at 67 I need a little more.  It's a 13 " Memory foam Gel mattress with a bamboo cover and oodles of layers in between. Hahaha. In 3-4 days I will give you a report but so far all the reviews have been good. 

Then to close, this is the painting I was doing as a Christmas gift.

I am just about finished on the second one of this for the client. They are the combined horses of her and a friend! Loved painting this!!!

So, have a great day!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Getting Excited About Little Things

So much to be excited about today.! First, I found a mobile dog groomer for Lola. Zooming Groomin.
Don't you love the name? They have a 10' van and can fit her in. Her mats have got away from me and trying to wash and get them out while sitting on the ground outside is crazy. She gets ansty and wants to move. So, February 7, they will be zooming here to the park and she will be sweet smelling once again. Then I'm renting one of those industrial carpet cleaners to do the rug area. Ugh.!

While we walk, Lola sometimes lunges and the muscle in my upper left arm has been injured. So, Roger made me a woven handle type lead that connects to her collar and I use that along with holding the long lead as we walk. It gives me more control. The other exciting thing is I have really started to work with her as we walk. I have her sit and stay every so often. I do the walk around and come back beside her. Other times it's a sit stay then a down.  Near the end of our walk I let her have a long lead so she can sniff a bit but other than that it's a controlled walk.

Today my friend Terri came over to the dog park fence. Lola ran to the fence barking. Knowing what your breed does helps and Lola wants to protect us. Terri told me to come between Lola and the fence and tell her to go back. I repeated this exercise a few times then Lola shook herself and went on to play with Sammy. Terri explained that Lola's shake was her releasing the tension that she needed to protect us. She would look over at us by the fence then go play again. So exciting to know what your dog's body language is telling you.!!

The two Labs would wave at us if someone was coming over to the fence. The Newfoundland's loyalty to their family is strong and she will protect. I feel so good knowing I can take that burden off of her but so honored that we have bonded so tightly that she wants to protect. 

The next exciting thing I found today....a UK business but the products bought with USD ships form the U.S. So, what is it?? Friendly Dog leads and collars

Do you have a pet that is afraid of other dogs? Or in training? This company has leads that say "Caution" ,"No Dogs" or "In Training". I'm doing the happy dance here. We have met a few people with the retractable leads that just let their dogs come right over to us. Sammy is afraid and will react. He will get the No Dogs or Caution lead. Ozzie can have the "friendly" lead and Lola, "In Training" or the "if you want your tiny dog squished under Lola's paw come on over" lead! Having something that will alert people to my kids will take the stress off of me thus taking the stress from the lead that leads down to them. 

Then, tomorrow we are going on the Casino cruise out of Port Canaveral. Roger is staying home with the kids. About 21 people will be going from the park so pray for calm waters. Stocked up on dramamine! 

I'll let you know how it all goes if I'm still standing tomorrow night!!


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Chili Cook Off Day

Today is Chili cook off day at the RV Park. Roger is busy cooking and as I biked around the park earlier I could get the smells coming from the coaches.

This is Glen. Glen was the young man who saved the puppy. Our neighbor in the coach behind us gave me a few small things for the pup and I brought them down for him.

And this is Ruby! What a difference in this little girl. She's about 8 weeks old here and doing so well. Glen got her a small collar and lead so I could bring her outside and not run my legs off as she explores the world.  I asked Glen if she would be a hunter and he responded, "as long as she's not spoiled"  Oh-oh. So now I go dowe, take her out and then give her a quick kiss so I get puppy breath then put her back in her snuggy bed.

A few minutes ago a large class A came into the park. We were having lunch and I looked out and saw the rear mud flap. Country Coach . I dropped everything as it started to move, jumped on my bike and off I went to see. Mark, the man down by the dog park was driving it in so I went right over. "OMG,'s a Country Coach..what year?" "1987", he said. "and in great condition, I think it may be a good one." That started my spiel of looking and researching for over a year and yes indeed, he did get a great one. Yes, I got a tour inside. The wood was gorgeous, the rug? magenta, but that could go. Huge bathroom, huge bedroom with windows on each side. So much light. Country Coach built solid rigs. Can you tell I'm excited. hahaha. He said it drove like a dream and has low miles. I didn't ask about the generator miles but I'm sure he'll figure it all out. It looks like it had been in a covered area since the outside was in good condition.  I laugh because who ever thought I'd ever get excited over a vehicle!!! 

Roger's painting from our class. I love his detail and color. 

Mine. I think I like Roger's better!  It's fun to see how we both approach the same subject!

So, today is Chili cook off day. Tomorrow I'll do a show and tell of that, but for now I'm going to try and get rid of an oncoming headache. ugh. Must be because it's a sunny day.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Patriots Won And Class Started

It's been a busy week.  After we got the chassis battery put in and discovered the overcharging of the house batteries, we thought we were set. Ahhh, mais NO. Roger looked the other day and there was the acid laying on top of the two house batteries. They are over charging.  So back into the Bible and Inverter handbook. I also emailed a friend from IRV2 who also owns an 04 Country Coach Allure and asked him what we should be doing.  As I was doing that, Roger emailed Mr. Battery (seriously) , and he told us that we had our numbers? too high and that we need to lower the float charge voltage.  It had been running the default from the factory so hopefully it works!

Yesterday I started teaching acrylic painting in the rec hall. 

It was a fun crowd and we laughed a lot, and we are continuing to finish today. There is no A/C in the hall and I perspire anyway in the heat so I was drenched and tired. Thankfully today is a bit cooler. 

We finished and everyone was pleased. I'll post photos tomorrow. Some asked for a drawing class so I'm planning that for next week and they would like to do weekly classes after that.  

Finishing up on a commission tomorrow so show and tell then!!

Have a great night..


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Cold Night Is Upon Us.

I have been watching some of the campers walking around with binoculars. One is out on the dock now waiting. At dusk the Great Egrets come flying in, legs perfectly straight out behind them, then landing in one of the chosen trees. Then the "Snake Bird", the Anhinga, comes in. Snake Bird? When he's in the water looking for food his neck comes up and actually looks like a snake. (We do have water moccasins in the lake and they do something similar when they are mating.) Then he dives down and surfaces again about 15 feet from where we last saw him.

Tonight the great cold front is coming down but not freezing in our county. Lola will be thrilled with the weather in the morning. (I better find my cuddly clothes to take her out.)

So, fun news. My bugaboo is people not picking up their dogs "doo" in the dog park or around the campground. Maybe they weren't watching and missed it but .In the dog park area Lola and I do a walk around the entire area scooping up "others" and there are times I have three of my kids bags and 4 of someone elses. I have also been helping bring flyers out to the campers and have planned a painting class for the 13th.  Also when I go around the park I pick trash up. (Today a banana peel by the trash can..almost made it in.)  The owners offered me a stipend if I wanted the job of the dog doo, the banana peels and the activity Crier!! Roger was excited too since it will take the edge off the expense of some of the things we need to have done before we leave. Thankfully I brought the long handled picker upper thingy I had at the house. Not sure why but the Universe must have known I'd need it. When I'm out riding around the park there is a sandwich carrier that blew done from Stuckeys that's been floating at the edge of the Lake. It's been driving me crazy and now I have a reason and long picker upper to grab it. (Snakes and Gator in that lake. hahaha)

Ok, that's it for today..Have a warm night...



Monday, January 5, 2015

When Life Was Frivolous

I was thinking today how my life at the stiks and bricks was so..frivolous! I got up in the morning and fed the dogs. Had coffee and then drove to my studio where I got to paint and create all day.  The reason I say frivolous is because we got our chassis battery!

Here are our battery storage area. The two on the right are our house batteries. The one on the left, our Chassis battery. Now, if you know anything about batteries, you may already see it. But I will tell you .

The installation of the chassis battery. 

And this is what I was talking about in the first photo. That "dust" is acid corrosion. I noticed it a few weeks ago for the first time and thought, hmm, need to clean that off. What I should have been thinking is, Holy cow, we may have a leak in the right side battery! The man tested the house batteries while the rig was running and we weren't getting good power from that far right one.  He said maybe a leak from a cracked cap from turning it too tight or the battery trying to compensate and boiled up and thus the leak. I heard him say "dangerous" and that's all I needed to hear. 

7 UP poured on the corrosion will take it off so off I rode to Stuckeys to get 4 bottles. I wanted to see the guy do it so we would know in the future, if.  He poured three bottles over the edge where you see the white "powder" and along the back and side. Finally pouring all over the top of the batteries themselves. We saw the bubbles and he told us when it stopped the acid would be neutralized and we could wipe it all off.  He did. 

We thought they were deep cycle batteries but they aren't, so saving to get those when these need to be replaced. I'll tell you, I'm all for replacing that leaky one if it continues. We'll watch it over the next few days. The other thing we learned during this, is to shut off the Chassis battery while we are just parked for awhile. I just had Roger show me where that shut off was. 

Just one more wake up of what we don't know about our rig. We have three books on the workings of the electric systems in a Motorhome, which is different than your house, so I'm about to dive in to those. 

Each one of us needs to know how every aspect of our Rig works because as you know, two heads are better than one!!!

So, when I know everything maybe I can take a few days to be frivolous...even if it's wearing my heel sandals while wielding a wrench!!!

Have a great night!!


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happiness Is A Good Beef Bone

When my Sophie was here we could only do beef bones on special occasions  She had an allergy to beef.  But on that occasion she devoured it. It would be hidden for days then found.  Our Chocolate boy , Fergus, would dig a hole and bury one then find it years later! The look on his face was priceless!! Now, Sammy and Ozzie know exactly what to do. Lola looks at it for awhile and studies it. I give her the large one because, well, she's large. Funny though, she waited and stole Ozzie's which was smaller and now is enjoying that.  After the marrow is gone I will take them and they will be filled with peanut butter and frozen for special times!

Ozzie enjoying his prize!

Roger enjoying some peace and quiet while Sammy and Lola have their bones!

So, yesterday we were at the park and a man close by was ranting quite loudly about losing his keys. He saw us as we were about to leave and came rushing over to apologize for his cursing and loudness.  The point was, he was rushing fast at us. I was just opening the gate and Lola saw him. The Labs just sort of brushed it off but she stepped in front of me, planted her feet and leaned forward with forceful barking. The man stopped and since he does train dogs, slowly closed the gate in front of Lola and I. 

Laying in bed last night I said to Roger, "She was protecting us wasn't she" . He answered yes. I think if it came down to it the Labs would do something but from everything I have read about Newfoundlands, when they feel secure as family, they will defend us. He woof alone stopped him in his tracks,  Some Newfie owners say their dog would lick the intruder but I think they may be surprised. Since the incident I notice she follows me around the dog park as I walk . (looking for others droppings) My Girl!!!

The park is full. 

We are lucky, we have really nice neighbors.  

When Roger retired, friends gave him a gift certificate for $100.00. Today we bought Comfy Chairs
Check them out. We have a lounge chair in the coach that is 10 years old and a lot of sitting in it. It does recline but it's the most uncomfortable chair in the world. The Park will be having a "yard sale" some time in January so guess what's for sale! We will bring one of the comfy chairs inside. Or two. They are a smaller version of a Papasan chair. I'm excited!

Busy week ahead. Hopefully our new Chassis battery arrives. Today there was a huge sale at Michaels so I got the supplies for my upcoming class here on the 13th and tomorrow Wendy and I will do the monthly activities chart. I still have commissions to finish, that's exciting, plus I really want to do some fun for sale paintings. Thursday it's supposed to be chilly so we plan on taking the kids to Smyrna Dunes again. 

One of my friends at the park. I plan on rearranging a few things and sit her off center and get more light on her. 12" x 12" canvas. What do you think?

Seeing a lot of Rv's moving on RT 95. Heading North, heading South. I'm getting itchy feet. We have decided to keep the Jeep Grand Cherokee and use that as our toad. It needs some work, the differential in the front and just an all over going over then get the tow bar. It's paid for and with the insurance and payments on CiCiBlue,  we don't need any more payments. It has a Mercedes engine and though I have no clue about that, it sounds good so why switch!  So in the coming weeks and months, they go by quickly, we will be getting ready to go adventuring.  The basement needs to be rearranged. Things we have collected or bought need homes. I tell Roger that we need to be "drop everything and go" ready. Hopefully everything secured!

I just met a couple from New Hampshire a few sites done. They are leaving in the morning for the Keys. One story they told me was when they were traveling across country the first time, their bathroom door came loose and came sliding down the center aisle, breaking as it came towards them. When the slides are in it's like a submarine. It took them days to clean all the glass up and out. 

Really? Sheila? You want to do this? Oh yes!!! (Note to self, keep reading the Bible. The Country Coach one!

Off to watch more football! We play the Ravens next Saturday and there is another couple from Boston in the Park. Go Patriots!!

Til tomorrow,