Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Is Football Day and OH Yes, Laundry.

There is always something to do when you live in an RV. I would never have guessed but, alas, it';s true.  We got up and took the kids out with our coffee. Ozzie needs to express himself and barks at Roger for some unknown reason. I stress.  Then we decided to take them to the park to run off some energy and they love that. The dog park is next to w watershed of some type, holding area, for "extra Water" from Stuckeys. I don't want to know what it really is because Lola loves playing it it. It's so full it's leaking and she's thrilled. Did I tell you tomorrow is Lola gets a bath day? She smells like an elephant that has rolled in mud and it's dried.  I still love her muddy face. We did wash her with a hose down by the park but it's still on her. She needs soap!!!

Our neighbor Larry stopped by after and we had a fun chat. Later in the day I saw him and he gave us 4 chicken pieces that were slowly barbecued in his slow cooker. Can I say, OMG!!! Roger and I devoured them!

So my gourds arrived. Gourds?? Yes, I ordered so many they are everywhere. I was planning on teaching a class here on painting gourds for Christmas. As Roger and I were talking today he mentioned I should paint a "Labragourd". Through the years we have named pretty much everything a "Labra" something. We have Labra friends and go on Labraventures with our friend Ray.  Alaska and Scotland have been the most rememberable and wildly fun.  Anyway, moving on, here is my start.

My Labragourd! #1 (who knows)

Tomorrow I will paint the decorations in acrylic then probably do the Lab in oils. I love the way they moosh around.  That's in between washing the Lola Bear!!

Time for Patriot's Football. Gp Pat's!!! 

See you tomorrow!!


PS, oh did I mention I think our washer drier is on it's ;last legs here. sigh. BUT, we have a warranty on anything inside our coach so maybe we can get it repaired or get a new one. It is 10 years old. 

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