Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday And Working In The Rec Center

I've been getting together with the women in the park painting gourds. A lot of laughing involved and fun conversation.

From left to right, Cheryl, Wendy, the owner of the RV Park and Lois.  Cheryl lives here full time and Lois is here in her 5th wheel for the winter. She and her husband Bob have been full timing for 5 years. I will say today wasn't our most productive day painting on the gourds but we really had a blast. Sometimes that is more important. At some time we will all be away but I know these will be forever friends to meet again. Lois and I both love the park here. Trees and the beautiful small lake. Now the white egrets are flying in and settling in the trees across the water. What a sight.  Tomorrow night will be movie night and we will gather together again.

So our flannel sheets came.!!! A little rumbled looking right now due to Lola walking all over the bed but they are sooo comfy. Blackwatch Portuguese Cotton Flannel. Ahhhh. I didn't want to get out of bed this morning it was so cozy!

Pizza night here in CiCi Blue! Roger is busy making the dough and I'm excited and hungry! I'm looking forward to dinner time. Love love his pizza!!!

The insurance issue is still a nightmare and we will probably have to contact Roger's old employer to get to the bottom of it. So far the eyes center says we owe about $700.00 out of pocket even though before the surgery I was totally covered.???? Oh well. It will all work out eventually.

Have a great night and stay warm and stay safe.