Monday, November 3, 2014

Brrrr and Loving It!

The temperature dropped and I'm thrilled! Yes, we live in a somewhat insulated tin can on wheels but it hasn't been bad.  Our floors are heated when we want them to be. Lola dictates they be cooler than our toes may like but that's ok.  We were so excited for the change in weather we let our bedroom window open. We have two Fantastic Fans in our coach and when we turn one on it draws air from outside in. At first it was wonderful then around 2:00 A.M. it got COLD!  I blocked the window with my pillow for awhile and put my sweater over my head, then went to the living room couch when Roger told me not to block the window so the air could circulate. Ha...I heard him get up about 45 minutes later to turn off our Fantastic Fan.

Last night we had the fan on and the window open and once more I started to get cold. Off to the couch. Sweet Lola climbed up next to me and spread her body along mine. It was wonderful. My personal fur blanket! Though a regular blanket though doesn't ask you to pet it every so often.  I wouldn't trade it.

Roger installed a new flat screen TV up front. It's over the space our original one was and on a swivel so it moves so we can get to the cabinets behind it. Not that they are of any use but I do stash my Cheese doodles bag in one of them.

We have a piece of plywood that will be stained the color of our wood grain and somehow we will be putting that on to hide the wires.  It's an ongoing work in progress.

Today, actually this morning, was cleaning day. Roger and the kids went outside and I started the process. Sirius radio, 80's music, and I was off and running. Thankfully it goes quickly. Vacuum, spot cleaning of the rug, polishing the wood in bathroom and kitchen. It's like having a boat, always paying attention to what the humidity does to our wood. Two loads of laundry, dusting and clearing the counters. The final thing is taking the rubbish on my bike to the dumpster with a quick tour of the campground to get in 2 miles.  Then....I get to paint!!

Reworking a commission piece and getting one on copper finished. Ordering the frame tomorrow and I'm excited to be back in the swing of things.  I even got my comics into the book form on Createspace.  In the AM Roger will create my book cover. Again!. I had it on a thumb drive. The thumb drive Lola got and chewed! Sigh.

Lola And The Boys  
coming soon!!!!

Ok, off to watch my Monday night shows...oh I love The Blacklist!!! Hopefully I can get Lola to cuddle with me!!!

Have a great night!