Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Had So Much Planned

Yes I did. Did I accomplish it? ah...No. Not everything. I did get a burst of energy and straightened out the basement area so I do feel good about that. (The weather went to a warmer day today..up/down,up/down.)

Maybe because sleep last night was intermittent. Lola seems to feel the chill. Who knew? About 1:00 P.M. she gave the "hey., wake up I need you" woof.  I went to see if she had enough water first and she did. Back to bed only to find that Ozzie took my spot and all the covers and Sammy had stretched out. So instead of rearranging everyone and waking Roger I went to the "Couch".  I opened it and made it comfy and guess what? Lola climbed right in! I then gave my best WOOF and she got off for enough time as to let me in and get snuggled.  Then she climbed back up and snuggled up really close and fell asleep. Ahhh. Then Ozzie came. Really? Am I the dog magnet here?  Tonight we are closing the bedroom door til we both are ready, climbing in then letting them come in. LOL..let's see how this one works.

Roger said he'd take the kids to the park so I could clean up the kitchen for him to cook.  Since we first started our RV journey the Kids have really calmed down. They are getting the rhythm of RV living and meeting new people and seeing other dogs.  It had been a huge worry of mine so I'm thankful they are adjusting.

So sent the final draft and cover to Createspace for Lola And The Boys. Now to wait for them to go over it and get back to me. They do it within 24 hours but as usual I am running out of time.  I'm hopeful that all is well with it.

Ozzie's favorite place to keep his eye on Dad!

Our view out the front window. You may not be able to tell from this but the color of the sky near the horizon is darker. It's getting darker earlier and there's a small rain area off the coast. We are close to the Canaveral seashore by the space center. At times we see amazing lightning storms off shore that light up the sky. Just amazing.

Well the gang is home now so dinners for the kids and get them to settle for the night.  We will do two more outings before bed so fingers crossed for a long good snooze tonight. 

Have a great night!!


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