Saturday, November 15, 2014

Wow, The Week Flew By

The week flew! Was I that busy? What was I doing? Honestly, I haven't a clue. That's what life is like full timing in an RV. Days are flying past and there are times I have no idea what day it is. I need it to slow down.

Well, one day my box of 30 books arrived and I was so excited and nervous. Some people had ordered it and I had yet to see them. What would they be like, would I like them?  I did. So today of Facebook I asked if I should continue my project. After looking at the drawings and seeing the process I was unsure and a bit insecure about my idea of Lola and The Boys. I was so excited to get the response I did from everyone saying yes and that they loved it. So, Lola and Sammy and Ozzie will now go around the park meeting everyone and telling you about them. We will be here at Crystal Lake RV Park until April so it should be fun.

I had my final appointment with my eye Doctor and he set me free. The eye finally decided to accept the new lense from the cataract surgery. Whew. Now to get my insurance company to realize that I was really covered for it all. Ugh.

Roger has been busy. He got plywood the other day and made sections and stained it to put behind our front TV.

First he stained the back wall and I have to say matched the color of the coach really good. Then cutting the two plywood sections, staining and placing them under and above the TV connector arm.  It's finished by placing the original TV cover on top of all of it.

All and all I think he did a great mod for our home! Next project is my making new curtains for the front window and some for a few of the windows around the living area. Making it ours!!!

Art wise, I started this portrait awhile ago before I moved from my studio. It's been calling to me so it's in the to-do area.

Tonight is Saturday night movie night at the rec hall here. Pizza's have been ordered and we will be seeing the movie that we didn't finish last week. And finally please meet....

Mr. Peepers

He's the little guy who keeps flying at us. He also brings a friend over early in the morning to chirp alternate chirps and wake me . We think he is guarding a nest nearby or so nearby it's on our roof. Persistent little guy I must say! Roger hung two different bird feeders out for him. (different type seeds) I knock on the window and he's getting braver and just sits and swings on a loop. So maybe the book should be Lola,The Boys and Mr. Peepers!!!

Have a great weekend!!



  1. I envy you being so footloose and fancy free You can adapt to any situation. Why aren't you on the road instead of homesteading here?

    1. Kaye, saving some money and we need to get rid of our cars. We plan on getting a newer jeep to tow. Plus it's cold above the florida line! lol lol