Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Day After Black Friday

We stay home . I'm sure the Malls are like mad houses and thankfully I'm not there. Today Roger decided to decorate our tree outside our coach.

Ozzie is peeking out watching Roger wrap the lights around it. I can hardly wait til tonight to see it in the dark.  I stayed in today and made brownies after I made waffles with blueberrys for brunch. I've never cooked or baked so much in my life. Yesterday I made turkey soup. Yikes. (my two children cringe when they hear "Turkey soup"..when they were young and we didn't have enough money I would stretch a turkey soup for days. Now we have great laughs about it.)

After the light wrapping, since Roger is officially retired, he went fishing! 

This is Roger coming back after fighting those huge babies in the lake! (yes, you are correct, he didn't catch a thing.) It was the thought and desire of the fisherman who is retired!

Karaoke night is tonight at the rec hall here. Are we going??? Ah, I don't think so. Saturday night my British shows are on the PBS station from Daytona. If you get a chance watch a show called Miranda. I laugh from start to finish and unfortunately it's only about 30 minutes long.

Ok, brownies are done so getting a glass of milk and enjoying!!

Have a great night,