Monday, November 17, 2014

Here Comes The Cold Front

I am thinking I need to run out to the store tomorrow and buy a set of flannel sheets for our bed. We do have three dogs but we'd also like some sleeping space.

It gets dark earlier but today the cold front started coming through. You are probably laughing at our "cold" front but for people who live in Florida, 70 is cold. haha. Tonight it's going to 53 then during the week, lower.

I actually love rain days. Coffee or hot chocolate. Read a book or paint. So this will be our first winter in our CiCi Blue and it will be interesting. Digging out warmer clothes as we speak.

Cold rainy nights call for a special supper. Roger is making tomato soup from fresh tomatoes and then I'll make grilled cheese sandwiches. So looking forward to dinner time. (But not looking forward to our nightly walkies in the rain.) Oh well. Life with the kids!

You would think this would be a quick painting project. Ha! It has taken all afternoon and I'm not finished. I do like how's it's coming along but I will bet you when I show you tomorrow it will look different. This is acrylic and tomorrow I will be using oils to do the face and body. Maybe enhance the gifts too. (Never content) Then back to commission painting. I have one finished but the nose on the person is bothering me. I'll have to assume the pose and get it corrected. (looking in the mirror and using my own nose.)

Well that's it for tonight. I hear a grilled cheese sandwich calling my name!!!

Have a great night,

P.S. Thanks to all who have purchased the new fun comic book of Lola and The Boys.  8 have sold and I'm thrilled!! This coming Sunday I will be at a book fair and signing them if you are close by. Or, if you would like a signed copy you can EMAIL ME


  1. We got the storm this afternoon too up near Jax. Love the Labragourd - can't wait to see it finished!! It turns out that we won't make the book sale this weekend - the family is coming this way instead of us coming that way. Good luck with it! Nancy K

  2. Thanks Nancy..have fun with your family!!!