Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend and a lot of people came into the park to spend it here. At the end of the road outside the park there is a wide expanse of land that ATV riders go,so we have a few parked here. Thankfully the rain has held off so the bathrooms aren't that bad. (as the bathroom cleaner I am appreciative of that fact.)

The one thing that I have had a small buggaboo about is the fact that weekend visitors are campers for the weekend. Our Country Coach is our permanent home. A few people with dogs have let them walk right under our front window and our kids go nuts. Then a couple of other people took a short cut and walked directly under our window. Again, kids go crazy. And, I join them.  Silly me for respecting other people's space and thinking they may respect ours.  I have read about people cutting through others camp sites on RV forums and now I have experienced it.  Granted, in the whole scheme of things it's really no big deal but it does get to me.  I will say the winter people who come for the season do respect spaces. It's our home. So,to block my front window somewhat, I parked my bicycle out a bit so dogs will have to stay on the road and people will have to actually walk around it rather than under my front window.

On a pleasant note, I played with watercolor and colored pencil yesterday. I called it my relaxing my brain day! The image is on 140lb watercolor paper and 7" x 10" and when matted will be 11" x 14".

$75.00 Free shipping


So I'm off to take the kids to the dog park. We are having a Taco party at 5 0'clock so they need to play before hand.

Have a safe weekend.

A special thankyou to all the Service men and women who have made our Country safe!


  1. That sounds like the people who visit down here (south west uk) on their holidays. They seem to 'take over' and wander all over, particularly straight across the road down by the beach as we are driving through...really bugs me! Glad you took time out to paint, the sure cure for anything stressful and I love your painting.

    1. Thank you Ann ! People sometimes just don't think!
      Yes the painting and drawing ,as you know, truly helps. Another world. :)

  2. I have to tell you about my neighbor. We are both full timers and know the etiquette for campgrounds. He had a mom and her four kids walk right through his site, past his open front door. He went outside and reminded her that it's a park rule that people not walk through other people's sites. She asked him, "What's a site?" She really had no idea. I think when people are checked in, there are a couple of the rules that should be gone over with them. Everyone gets a three page rule guide - not many of us actually read it. When I've spoken to kids in the past about this, I've found they always stick to the road instead of running past my door. They just need to learn the rules. (And you're right, it is such a pain when they walk through - we're used to peace and quiet in our own little sites.) :)