Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas And The Upcoming 30 Day Challenge

Christmas was a little different this year inside our CiCi Blue. With our Norcold fridge dying then resurrecting, then dying again, only to resurrect, we bought a small floor fridge. It was perfect for our tiny tree.  Last season we carefully put away our inside decorations. Note to self, write down where you put things in the basement!! You would think we could have found everything but they chose to hide from us this year,so it became a simple Christmas holiday! We do have a string of lights on the front of the coach that change colors, so that it quite festive!

We had our Christmas dinner at the rec hall with our park friends, and our good friend Lou who came up for the occasion. Diane and Paul, our French Canadian friends actually at another campground further south now, came back for dinner with us.  Lots of conversation and laughter.  A perfect day!

On the art scene things are getting serious inside CiCi... I am finishing commissions and starting more, plus I have signed up for a 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. Yes, literally chaining myself to the chair! So, here's what I plan!!

                                              The Plan For The 30 Day Challenge

A few years ago I did two series. The eyes,(Soul) of the dog and the infamous nose!  I asked people to send their dogs nose,or eyes to me and I painted them.  If they wanted to purchase they could but there was no pressure to do so, I just needed models.

This time, I ask again. The face, the body, whatever someone fancies to see their pet become immortalized in oil.

I will be working on 8" x 10" stretched canvas and they will be selling for $100.00 and free shipping. (All proceeds go to the "Get CiCI Blue up and Running Again" campaign. ) If you are interested please email me HERE. I will start posting the paintings daily here and there will be a link to my etsy shop for purchase.

I CAN do this!!! :-)

The Studio (inside) Small but remember, no excuses! Just do it. 

Just look at this face, He's one of 4 Labs on the canvas. I sectioned him off in photoshop and since Santa brought us a new printer, yes, (the old one died. Must be something going around in the coach! ), I print the image larger so I can get good detail.

Working more on this precious face today along with the other three!

Another finished piece. Sassie was here at the campground last year. She's with my Muse Sophie now so of course I had to paint her.

And here is Lola's "love" interest for afar! Mr. Gus has that low, low woof like hers and when she hears it you can see hearts flying all around her head! 

"Lolaaaaa....I love you tooooo" Wooooof.

Where else but with RV'ers.  Love, fleeting but lasting friendships and tons of drama!!!

Have a great day, my brushes are beckoning!!


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