Sunday, August 21, 2016

The RV Repair Guys Came...

And then they left! The company sent them the motor for a 2014 Monaco RV. Granted, our Country Coach and Monaco are similar and the motor is probably the correct one, but the years are off.  So, no stairs. The radio/rear view camera is in but we can't get Sirius so they need to get something else ordered for that. THEN, the springs they had for our awning won't fit so those need to be ordered.  They didn't bill us for any  of the work since it's been so long in the waiting, so now we are back again..waiting.  Roger was good. Said the Universe needs us to stay put right now.  I do have commissions to complete so I can do that but a bit disappointed that we aren't on the move.

So what do you do when you get disappointed? Go over to the little restaurant by the river and have dinner and drinks!! A slight breeze, greatly appreciated, kept us happy as we ate out on the deck. Perfect!!!

Sammy was slammed by Lola at the park and cried when I tried to boost him up on the bed. I was beside myself. After a trip to see Dr. Mike, and a prescription of Duramaxx, Sammy is on the mend. His blood work came back perfect, so he's healthy, just at 11 his muscle ache after slamming. We understand Sam!!


Then Ozzie turned 5!


And finally....

Taken as Lola and I walked down the road on our nightly jaunt. Full moon and amazing clouds over the park. What more could one want!! (springs for our awning, ah...) No, I'm grateful!! We have exactly what we need right now!! 
So on that..have a great night and I'll chat again and tell on a few commission pieces and a few for the fun of it art pieces.



  1. Hope you get things up and running on your RV.
    Give Sammy a hug from me and hope he is feeling a bit better by now.

  2. Thanks Ann, will do. Sammy says thank you too. I hope we get it up and running soon too. lol