Monday, April 3, 2017

Update On Our Refrigerator Safety

 Our friends, Mike and Jeanette, emailed us to let us know about something that we can use to keep our refrigerator safer. Well, us safer actually. It was their coach that burnt last week and as Mike said, he wished he had known about this product sooner.

                                                          Halon Fire Extinguisher
Please click on the link so you can read more in depth information on it. Basically, you place it in the back of your refrigerator, the outside of your RV behind the little door. I have read that it may be too large and you won't be able to lock the door back on but you could use a strong roofing tape as one man did or as Roger plans on doing, extra strength velcro. He wants to install it high enough so that the gas, if at some horrid chance a fore did start, will rise and extinguish the fire before anything happens. From what I have read it really protects, extinguishing the fire instantly.

We have found them on Amazon but at a higher price.

So we ordered ours today. A fire may never   happen but our CiCi Blue is now 12 years old and the frig dies then comes back to life every so often. In hotter weather the temp inside goes up and our ice cream is always soupy.  It's getting tired. I wish for it a peaceful death and I wish for us peace of mind and once it's installed I will breath easier.

So, please check it it out. $185.00 is not much when you consider the alternative. The one on Amazon is 255.00 I think and yes, I would have put that baby on a credit card without hesitation.

Our friends wanted us to be safe so I'm passing this on. Please pass it on to your RV-ing friends too or anyone. You can also use them in your cars...(I could get carried away with these...trying not to become

Have a great evening...


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