Friday, September 15, 2017

Getting Ready To Roll

This is our last weekend in NH. For this season! Monday we leave for South Carolina. We will stay there a week then start our journey to California on the Colorado river just down from Lake Havasu.

We are much better prepared this time as far as buttoning up the coach, thankfully, so we are just moseying along here. Today is overcast and I'd like to get some artwork done then tomorrow and Sunday we will stow our gear.

In my outdoor studio! The canvas is 18" x 24" and it's a Newfie in the ocean on a misty morn. I was able to get the basics on now that it's drying I'll start to do glazes. It brings out the color actually while adding the misty effect.

Two 8" x 6" RayMar canvas panels. I can work on these today inside.

My latest "Lola in the Field" piece. Not sure how much I like it. I did add an orange glaze to Lola's head and a deeper purple to the shadow. I call it my "Where's Lola" painting.  Last evening I took a great photo of Lola out on the field with a pink striped sky behind her. That may be my later today piece!

Even though we are in New Hampshire, I went through the pangs of Hurricane Irma with family and friends in Florida. This is what I could do during that time. 9.5" x 9.5" on 300lb paper.

So last Saturday, Roger and I went to Wakefiled, Ma to join in the Walk for ALS. Our daughter Erin's best friend has been living with ALS now for about 4 years. With two young children, Amy has fought hard everyday. I couldn't walk the 3.5 miles but Roger, Erin and our two grandchildren did.

Erin and Kelsey


Praying a cure is found.

Recently my Amazon account was hacked. My email was changed. I am having a bit of an issue with Amazon and contact them every two days. Today, after yet one more complaint from me, my email was restored. However, as I started to change my password and have them send the info to my email, I realized that it was going to the faux email. I then went on to my account page to remove the incorrect email, don't you think they would have done that?, and then realized that the offending person changed my password as well. I am now back to "12 to 24 hours someone will contact you" or two business days".  I asked if this has been an ongoing issue of people being hacked and was told no. Then why can't one of your IT guys go into my account and remove the old email and restore my password or at least let me do it?  So, no ordering anything for a bit, at least 12 to 24 hours hours anyway. 

Ok, going to paint so I'll relax. Have a great day and I'll let you know how our prep is going as the day arrives for traveling.


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  1. Hi Sheila - Just spent some time catching up on your entries! Glad to see you had departed Florida before the storm. My family is there (Miami), but relatively unscathed.

    Virtual hugs,