Saturday, April 11, 2020

Yeah It's Friday

And you wonder, what difference does Friday make since we don't go anywhere right now during the pandemic.  Well, and this may be sad, lol, in our area it means we will have some fun things to watch on TV tonight.  On "off nights" we watch a show called Decades that takes the date of the day and goes back through time to say what the news was on that day.  Then past Dick Cavett shows. Actually it's all interesting.

So the Friday family meeting.. With Florida's stay at home order the business Roger was working at went to just essential hours so he was back home. We're missing Jamie but found out later he and Pam were making fish tacos...we'll catch him next meeting.

Reading on social media with the friends I am connected with that other artists are having a difficult time right now being creative. As artists, we are so accustomed to being isolated so why is this one any different? Could it be the non stop news and Press coverage ?  People on social media still raging their political agendas?  

So I step away and come to my small space and work.  Sometime ago I told a friend that I'd paint her beloved Harley Dog for her. She was responsible for us getting Ozzie. I started a small painting and then we started traveling. I found the unfinished painting not to long ago and right then she and I spoke. This is on a 12" x 12" stretched canvas and for me a perfect time to immerse myself back into my painting.

It's coming along nicely!!

This is an 11" x 14" stretched canvas. I donated a gift certificate to a Newfoundland groups event and my friend actually won the prize and this is her Newfie, Layla.  I was also honored to have painted her other two Newfies also.

Quickly blocking in color that makes sense to me before I dive in. 

I bought fun fabric to make us masks. Our plan, even though we take one day at a time right now, is to go to New Hampshire and be at our favorite campground where we also work camp. (and did I mention my little studio is there also)

Right now we are doing "to go" preparations. We had two of our tire sensors go wonky on us on our way south this past October so we sent for new "innards" for those.  Here in Florida the weather is getting unusually hot and the forecast for the hurricane season is that there will be more storms.  So that in itself is a incentive to get things ready for rolling.  Florida still has the stay in place order and we may have been the only seasonal people in the park to actually follow that, lol, but to be fair, we don't have a house up north and from living there for so many years, we so know it will snow on Easter! lol (And the Park doesn't open til mid May)

So to end I'd like to introduce you to our resident Gray Squirrel...(my children know right now I'm singing THE song..) Roger has a plastic container with corn inside that he can throw out for the birds,  Our little friend decided to chew his way through the container , crawl in, an help himself. Duct tape, hot sauce, and cases of water bottles did not deter him. We put the corn into smaller buckets and keep them in the car now.  He crawls in and out still to get the leftovers. 

Friday actually turned into

Stay safe everyone and I'll see you again soon.


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