Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Woohoo I Painted!!!

The Long Day  
5" x 7" oil on copper panel

I'm feeling really proud of myself tonight as I actually finished a painting that I am satisfied with. I showed you the image I was using for the painting and I wanted to convey how I felt when I took that photo. For the past two years I taught acrylic painting and wanted to get the importance of color across to my students. (also a learning opportunity for me)

I bought everyone a color wheel. Just your regular color wheel. It was ok but there had to be something else. I read art books constantly and found one by Margaret Kessler, "Color Harmony In Your Paintings." She spoke about Albert Munsell and his approach to a color system. About Albert and developed a color wheel. If you paint I highly recommend it. You will find a link to it on the front of my blog. 

The colors I chose were being shown in the "triangle" of the chart along with a list of paints that you would mix along with black and white to get gradations of the colors. At the bottom of the triangle there is a small box showing the complementary color, which in my painting is the yellow of the pillow behind him.  Along with this you have two discord colors. Colors that will clash with the others. For me it is the bright green of the pillow that his head in laying on and the orange/red of the couch.

The Long Day  You can find this painting on my Etsy store. 

Well have a great night. Two new rigs pulled in today so it will be fun to meet the new people. We waved and chatted briefly. Love this life.



  1. I'm going to go look at your color wheel chart. I know nothing of painting, but the knowledge garnered from the wheel might do well in photography, doncha' think?

    Virtual hugs,


    1. Judie I would think it would help in photography. It would make you look at color a little differently noticing the discord colors.
      Virtual hugs back atcha!