Thursday, October 30, 2014

It's A Long Story

To start, I did finish the painting you saw me working on. Between the internet not being cooperative and the other issue, I didn't get here until today.

Here it is still in progress.

And the final Portrait. It is going to a home in California. The person won a portrait by bidding on my donation of a 12" x 12" oil for Lab rescue. Thru the years I have helped many organizations throughout the States and then in Scotland. The Rescues do so much work to rehome, or get medical help for these beauties!

Making our spot home! We live in CiCiBlue full time now so we are nesting and making our spot ours! Roger went to Lowes and got plants, flowers and up lights. He also got some ;lights for me to put along the edge of our lot. All are solar energy! 

I can hardly wait to see if they light up tonight! Ahhh, the little things in life!

Then, the long story. I had cataract surgery in July while Roger was still working. The insurance covered it or so we thought. Yesterday at my appt I was told our insurance company dropped me on June 30. Huh?? Roger worked until August 30. The insurance company wants their money back. EEK. 

I have been on the phone with my doctors billing department for hours trying to figure out what is happening. Of course, with Mercury in Retrograde, the woman's computer wasn't working. She called the insurance company and was told two different things leaving her as confused as I am. My first response is of course frustration and I want to be angry, but the woman helping me is so nice I calm. Thankfully. (The anger is actually panic thinking we have to pay for two surgeries.) So, she asked me to give her two weeks to receive some paperwork the insurance company is sending her. Then we will dive back in the MESS!

Tonight was a small "Happy Hour" at one man's RV.  A Monaco Knight, (RV) pulled in beside us today and hooked up to just electric. (you know to me that means he's leaving tomorrow) It turns out he is a big rep for the Moose organization and invited everyone here to the Moose tonight for wings. Roger and I declined. If everyone knew what a great cook Roger was they'd be over here. hahaha. 

Getting accustomed to RV park life. Right now it's a small group but they say come November the park will fill up and happy hour will be in the community building. I'm not much of a happy hour person, (drinking) but it will be fun getting to know everyone. It may even make an interesting painting. Hmm, now that has my interest! A glass of wine and sketch as they chit chat!! Shhhh.! ;-)

Roger put in a new TV. I'll do show and tell tomorrow. It's in front and makes us feel like we have a new RV. Not to mention we can actually see things better. The other was a "little tv".

It's been a good day so on to a great night! You have one too.\



  1. Oh Crikey fancy being told all that after the fact,not cool,xx Rachel

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