Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Game Day And I Needed To Work

Roger went to our favorite Patriots "Bah". It's all people from New England and they all sound like me!

I stayed at home here in CiCi Blue. The kids haven't really adjusted to being alone quite yet. They are good but something is pulled down from anxiety looking out the window in front. We have the brake covered and safe but there's always that lingering thought that what if. Or, what if the a/c goes out, or what if something else goes wrong. (I sound like a mum don't I!!!)

Plus, I have commissions to work on!

This is a quick outline so I can get angles and shapes to start the painting. I'm also getting accustomed to my new space here. I have come from a large studio to my RV so it takes a bit to get going. I'll get it. Maybe even paint outside. Lots of room out there...on the other side so the dogs don't see me. lol

Worked a bit more on my plein air piece of the Lake here. Told myself I needed to just do it and started mixing my greens darker. Greens are my bugaboo.

In art school we were told never to use black but come to find, the Munsell method, black is our friend. I mixed some Chroma Black with yellow and then adjusted with blues and a bit of white to get what I liked. I'm looking forward to working on it outside tomorrow!

I am also going to get out my other two plein air boxes. Thankfully I brought them with me. This one you see is good for my copper panels and I think my other would better suit stretched canvas.

If all goes well we plan on doing an outing with the kids tomorrow to a "dog park" near Smyrna Beach. At first I said a no to the dog park idea until Roger told me it was actually half an island. Trails and a beach access with places to stop and picnic.  The dogs stay on lead as we investigate, plus Roger is itching to do some photography!

Awhile ago I figured out our mileage for our first adventure! 1,226.1 miles.! We survived!! Right now in Florida it's still hot and I see Georgia is low 80's high 70's. Soo tempting. The weatherman on tv last night assured me however colder air is coming.

Time to do the Sunday housework. Have a great rest of your day!!



  1. The island sounds like fun... Looking forward to photos.