Thursday, October 9, 2014

Before And After

Today was cleaning day. After sleeping on the couch last night, (I was tossing and turning in our bed) ,I looked at the window sill and saw a lot of dust. Oh-oh.  I dusted everywhere and washed light colored sills while Roger washed the air filters in our A/C.  Dishes done and put away, and some "stuff", still in the corner, went down in the basement.  Biked to the dumpster then rode around the park for abit.

I needed to do some work and tried drawing outside but Lola and Sammy wanted to come in to nap. These kids. I came in and worked on my continuing saga of Lola and The Boys. Now that we have internet, sometimes, I will be putting the first series together in book form for everyone.

One of the pages from book 2.  I love the "comic book" style and soon will start to add the color.

So this afternoon we were sitting here and a new resident pulled in. They are in the site that our new friends Ken and Angie were in for the past few days. The funny part about this is that they came in with a TrailManor. A travel trailer that lays flat with an ease for travel and then you raise the walls, click them together then raise the walls inside. Quite roomy actually and cozy. How do I know this? The TrailManor was the first vehicle we ever looked at to go rv-ing! We did a lot of research on it and really thought it would be good for us and the dogs, even though one had to literally climb into the bed.

We found one for sale and went to check it out. The owner showed us how to open it up and put up the walls. All I could think of is what would happen if we were in a rain storm, the insides are exposed during this process, or if a wind came and would it blow our walls and break them.

It's compact and easy to tow.

Roomy inside but not enough room for three kids, meaning Lola and the boys!!

We really did the gamat. Next was looking at every 5th wheel we could find then finally deciding on a class A Desiel! And getting our sweet CiCi Blue.

And finally, what is Roger making?? Dough for pizza!!! OMG! YUM! He always baked it before but just started making pizza on the grill. Fresh bread, sauce, cheese and pepperoni! It's unbelievably good!!! That's what we're having tonight after we take the kids to the park!!!

Have a fantastic night!! See you tomorrow!!