Monday, October 6, 2014

The Best Laid Plans...

Last night the weather was perfect for sleeping and I actually slept sound. It was great. Roger tried to be quiet taking the kids out to do their business but Ozzie gets excited and needs to tell me where they are going. That's leaping and wiggling and a zillion kisses. Lola joins in by barking a soft woof, and Sammy comes and snuggles under my chin.  So I get up. Coffee was made and we hitched the dogs outside and we joined them for coffee. After awhile I decided to unhitch Roger's bike so we could take it off CiCi Blue.  That's when I heard a voice say, "I'll get it for you!." It was our neighbor to the back of us, Larry.  About our age, a Vietnam vet with 100% disability now, he travels alone.  He wanted to meet the kids so they wouldn't bark at him every time they saw him.  Silly Larry, of course Lola will.

Larry chatted for quite awhile and it was a flashback to the 60's. He is straight out of Easy Rider and I loved it.  Ya know man, for a short time man, I was like 21 again.  He enjoys feeding bread crumbs to the fish in the lake and sometimes at night he says he goes out into the woods with night goggles and hunts for wild boar. (Note to self, remember to keep shades down at night).  Larry fell in love with Lola and petted her the whole time. (She demands it you know) Larry may stay the winter, undecided as he really wants to go to Quartzite in Arizona. Huge snowbird RV landing place. Way too crowded for me.

Then, notice I haven't painted as yet, Roger made breakfast and we ate that outside. A beautiful breeze and after we hit our anti-gravity chaises and just vegged.

"OMG" I said, "I have so much work to accomplish, I need to start." That's when the 37' Pace Arrow Class A pulled in on the other side behind us.  Lola and the boys started to yell over to him right away. Over he came. Craig!. He just got a great deal on it at Lazy Days, where we bought ours and he told us all about every detail. Craig may stay for 4 days or a month. He's not quite sure. He also travels alone.  (Pics on the rigs tomorrow)

 First, I needed to figure out what our September Budget was traveling and repairs. Knowing how am I with that ol' Reality thing I dove in.  All in all we didn't do too bad. We had to get some cleaning supplies, a one time purchase so that added up and the unexpected repairs. Without those we would have kept in our budget frame. So staying put with a fixed expensive for a few months and saving will help as we start out traveling again.  Then, I grabbed my copper panel and did a quick sketch of Sammy laying out on the sofa.  I'll attack that first thing tomorrow morning when my energy level is at it's best for painting. My list of "to do's" for commissions and "just do them paintings" are close by.  It's time!!!

Ok, that's it for today..Sammy said he'd share the couch with me if I'd like and I think I just may do that! Have a great night..

Warmly, Sheila

P.S. Chatted with the woman who did the estate sale, we actually made some money!! Going to get the check on Wednesday..woohoo.

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