Monday, October 20, 2014

Where Did The Weekend Go

Holy cow that went by quickly, but not quietly! As you know I have this thing about having dogs on lead when they are outside. Ours are, so I'm thinking everyone should have their dog on one too. A 6 foot one.

Friday morning, after our coffee outside, we decided to take the kids to the park.  All hooked up on their leads we proceed. I walk Lola and Sammy and Roger has Ozzie. Two sites away from us lives a large dog and two small teeny dogs. As we started by their trailer, the owners were there, the two teeny babies jumped off the chair and started barking and running towards us, unleashed. Ok, I so need the kids to do a "leave it" and keep on walking but it took us by surprise and soon I was surrounded by leads and big dogs.  The next thing I remember was falling and heading to the ground, thankfully grass, but unhappily it was a fire ant hill! Now you know what my weekend was like. The dogs were kissing my face and Roger fell on top of me with his knee going in the hill of ants.  Not one lead was dropped during this fiasco.  Then I started laughing like a silly because I was still alive and the dogs were still with me.  My goal this week is training Lola to walk beside me and the big "leave it".  Knowing her she just wanted to play but one wack of her paw and we have a splatted teeny dog.  The owner came over later to see if I was ok and to apologize.  It's all good. We did find out later he was told the day before to keep his dogs on lead so I'm sure there was a bit of panic that I'd say something. I didn't. As I see it, lesson learned.

This weekend was the reunion of our High School Class of 64. Yes, 50 years. Let's hear another holy cow. I went to Mount Saint Joseph Academy in Brighton, Massachusetts, an all girl school of learning. At the time I really disliked it. No one knew I had ADHD back then and reading about the symptoms of course I had a difficult time. Everyday was fear and not understanding but thankfully the things we did learn stuck and I had a fantastic education.  I, however, did not go to the reunion but my high school friend posted pictures of the reunion so I could see everyone.  50 years...yikes!!

November news..a little early. My friend Lou Belcher just finished a great children/adult book of her sketches of cats intertwined with the alphabet. It's humorous and fun and can also be used as a coloring book. She signed up ages ago to be in the November Book Fair in Eau Gallie, Florida. We were in it together last year as I had just published the second book of the Frog And The Dog, Ozzie Learns Responsibility.  The Dog And The Frog  (On Amazon) As usual I procrastinated.Then I thought, how fun it would be if I finished the comic book of Lola and The Boys  The Adventure Begins and went to the book Fair again this year with it!!

I'm just finishing up the inking process then I'll scan it into photoshop.  Roger takes over then, resizes and tweeks it for the book.  Today is the finish day.

Ok, back to work...Have a great day!! 



  1. Hope your fire ant bites are all better! When is the November Book Fair in Eau Gallie? I can't find it online. I'd love to go and maybe take our grandsons! Nancy K

  2. November 22 and 23 at the eau gallie auditorium I'll be there on that Sunday . One day only. :) hope to see you !!!

  3. Loose dogs are our biggest fear. I just do not understand people who let their dogs off leash in populated areas. We have a fear aggressive rescue who sees a dog running up to her as aggression. We do our part in keeping her away from other dogs, but can only do so much when people let their dogs come running up. We also never use the retractable leashes, as there is just too much leeway for all kinds of accidents. Sure am glad you two were okay. Have heard of some serious damage done when entangled in leashes. Let us know if your neighbor has learned his lesson. Sorry for the rant, just get so tired of people not being responsible with their dogs.

    1. We are too Cathie. I'm like the leash police here!! lol I actually think I may get a yellow ribbon for Sammy's lead as he's the one who has the fear of dogs running at him.
      Rant it.

  4. That's a topic I'm happy to rant about. I hate people who let their dogs off leash. We've had a few episodes, too, and now I report it. It's a rule in most places. Katie would LOVE to be off leash and be able to run around, but she doens't because she's on a leash, per the rules. It's not fair to jeopardize other people and their pets because of selfishness. And the people always say, "He won't hurt you, he's friendly. He just wants to play." I used to be nice, then I just gave them the stink eye and kept walking, now I say, "Put your dog on a leash! That's the rule here!" in a stern voice. I have no more patience with these people. Geez, you could have broken a leg, or an arm, or a hip. That would have been a disaster, and the fact that unleashed dog was "friendly" wouldn't have mattered a bit. I'm so glad you are okay. And I LOVE your drawings!!! :)

  5. Thanks Barbara. x I keep thinking what if it had been on the cement. egads. That's what I'll be saying from now on. Plus, you know, when one dog is on lead and the other not, issues can arise and the one on lead gets hurt.

    Thanks about my drawings..I have fun with them!!