Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Long "To Do" Wednesday

Woof....time to get up!! I had an eye appointment at 9:30 A.M. and had to get a move on and I had a list for the day!

My eye is doing ok and the drops have been reduced to two a day. The Dr. is hoping the infection is completely gone and it will be fine. Interesting, the drops I take, a steroid, gives you a Glaucoma. They call it a secondary Glaucoma. Hopefully that goes too.

I left then went to pick up my check from the estate sale. I was pleased and actually more than I thought we would ever get for our "stuff". Who knew? Then I visited friends at my old studio and caught up on art news and gossip around town. THEN, I went shopping for supplies.

Let's see...Micron pens for my drawings of Lola and The Boys. A 9" x 12" grey paper palette for my oils. It should fit right in the painting box. Grey is good as it's a neutral color and I will see true color as I mix.  The white bottle is maskit. I have a watercolor commission and I use that too block areas I want to keep white or a lighter color that I may put on the paper first.

An assortment of brushes. Simply Simon. They are about $3.25 each and have soft hair that works well on my copper panels. Two of them I will set aside for watercolor paintings when I sit on my comfy chaise outside. And finally, a large black marker. 

Sorry it's a fuzzy photo but this is why I bought the black marker. These shoes are so comfortable I hate getting rid of them but the fabric wore on the toe. It's a grey color. I use the marker to color my shoe until I start making the "big bucks" and can splurge for a new pair! Ha haha. (sad)

At night I hop my bicycle and ride down to the dumpster with the rubbish. On my way back the man who owns this rig was sitting outside and gave me a huge wave. I went over and introduced myself and he said, "Come on over with your husband if you like and we'll have a drink and look at the lake. It's beautiful outside." So, we did.  Ken and Angie are vendors and travel the circuit most of the year selling expensive cookware. She quizzed me about why I wanted to go full time, as she is on the fence, and we had a great conversation about coaches and estate sales and campgrounds.o   


  1. Ahhhh...brushes...artist dream equipment. Great!!!

  2. yep brushes are like candy for me too,xx Rachel

  3. I always wanted to be able to paint! I just love the artist supplies.

  4. Rachel, I know...there are never enough.!!!xx

    Cathie, you should try!! It's so much fun..(and frustrating at times) but fun!!!