Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Repairs And A Spot Of Sun

Well yesterday the repair man came for the leak in our coolant pump. He called and got it delivered so early Monday morning, before we head out to the next stop, we will stop by the Cummins Repair shop and have them replace it. I think Roger said it would be about $1700.00 and not covered by insurance.  Thankfully, I have two good commissions to do which just came in and will help a lot.  The Universe does give you what you need.

This morning we had the slide guy come to see if he could find out why our slide doesn't want to work. It seems no one can figure this out. Well, Don did!!! The only person who could get to us before Saturday was Coast RV here in Myrtle Beach. He told us that it was a simple system of a volt going in, one going out. Sounds simple.  He also searched for the illusive "control" box but it wasn't found. Then he tested the switch that controls the slide and started getting intermittent readings. He turned and said.."Found it". It's the switch. The "simple" switch from Country Coach, that they probably don't make any more. Oh-oh. Don is going to try and find us one, hopefully before we leave.  This visit was only 175.00. Much better.  I'm hopeful that this will be it for awhile and we can start driving about without an issue, well, at least for awhile that is.

We had family come visit us today. I vacuumed and polished a bit and made Ci Ci Blue look good. We use Old English on the wood and it just soaks it in happily. I was also thrilled after the first hello's that Sammy curled up and slept as well as Lola and Ozzie. They even resisted the crackers and cheese. (I'll take their temps

During our visit I saw it! One small speck of sun. I did, honest. Now it's raining again.  Oh well, the slide is out and our family brought our dinner!! What more could we ask for.

This was at Big Hart Campground. Near the end of the second week I did some laundry. Roger got me a small rectangular covered box at the store and I filled it with water, added clothes and detergent, then you shake it up and down. I called it my laundry aerobics! One thought was to hold it over my head and get the backs of my arms but water did spill out as you do this.  Thankfully, or not so depending, today I am using our washer/dryer in the coach. It does take forever but it's ok.  Clean sheets for the bed tonight.!!

The temp at night is about high 50's. We could hear the wind whipping outside as we had the window open a bit for the fresh air.  I still have my "Florida" blood so to me it's pretty chilly so I slept in my hoodie with it covering my head. I will say I slept the best I have in a long time.  Looking forward to it again tonight!

So, have a great night yourselves and see you tomorrow! 



  1. Looks like the adventure is giving you some bumps but hope fully things will settle down,xx Rachel

    1. Hopefully the bumps are over for a bit. :-) Thanks Rachel. xx