Thursday, February 19, 2015

Warm And Sunny Florida....NOT!

Our little outdoor plant display. It's actually going down to 29 degrees overnight. Roger has opened up our grey tank and we will let the faucet drip a bit during the night. Our first really cold night. I'm sure everything will be fine but we don't know yet. Our learning experience. 

I covered the new palm plants in the pool area, it being part of our new job. They were expensive so hopefully they make it. We haven't put on our heat as yet. Just amazed at the insulation in this coach. At night we even sleep with our bedroom window open. Of course we have two Labs sleep with us and two fuzzy blankets to curl under. I prefer to be sleeping in colder weather and from everything I've read it could even make you loose weight. But then, maybe you have to be shivering non stop. One night my little finger was close to the window and I woke up with one frozen finger. I put my hand under my arm, between my legs and everywhere I could think of to get it warm again. Silly me. 

Tomorrow we are doing a "Paint Your Dog" class. I think 5 people have signed up so it should be hysterical. I haven't figured out yet how to work it out just yet, but I'm sure it will go just fine. Living the dream and on the edge. hahaha.

 Yes, this is Lola. Roger will be in the class so this is his portrait. Top left is the pup three coaches down from us and the pup top right is Terri's greyhound Google.

Below is Wendy's dog and of course, Sammy at the bottom. Cathy, next coach to me is painting so I chose this one for her.

If all else fails maybe I'll have everyone do this one!

We will do show and tell tomorrow night unless the class extends on and on and on. A lot of them do but we have fun doing it!

I have finished a commission and getting ready to ship it off. Part of it is still tacky so I may have to wait.

12" x 12"
oil on canvas

So, stay warm and safe. Storms around the country are really wacky lately. Thanks for following and see you soon.

Warmly, and I mean it,


  1. Sounds like fun in your class. Two things I make sure of are use big brushes and get it done in 2-2.5 hours. That way there is no time to obsess and be self critical. I also tell people to pretend they are combing or petting their dog while painting. It gives them a better sense of direction and feel for their subject and strokes. Can't wait to see what they look like. What's the new job?

    1. Thanks Miriam. I say that too about fur direction. They did great, drawing and painting!!!

  2. I just saw the forecast on the UK new for florida crikey you guys are having some strange weather,xx Rachel

    1. It's insane!! Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 80's. Total extremes in days! xx