Monday, March 2, 2015

OH MY Gosh It's March

Time at the RV Park does fly by. I got caught in a small drama and hid for a few days but that was a good thing as I finished a watercolor for a client.

I will be delivering it on Wednesday so I'm hoping they like it.  During my hiding I also took some photos of our regular visitors.

The Cranes walk along the road here and squawk very loudly asking us to come out and feed them bread.  They have no problem and we have heard they will knock, peck, at your door if they can't find you. The insurance company would so not believe us if we had damage. 

So, I am loving our new foam gel mattress, however, during the night and when I get up in the morning I itch terribly. I am also taking thyroid medication so now I'm not sure if it's that or the mattress. Today a small headache is accompanying it all.  Sigh. Time to go see my Doctor and have blood work taken. 

Rv ers in the park are now starting to leave. There is a sadness as they leave since friendships have been made in the 3 month period. One couple has a Work Camper job in Wyoming and they are excited to know where they are heading. Some are just heading back to their homes up north. Motor homes are being washed and fixed as they prepare. We have decided to stay as we have jobs right here for the summer. I do feel the heat coming back to Florida and I cringe, what were we thinking! hahaha. I would , however, like going back to Big Hart in Georgia come September. It is a Corps of Army Engineers campground and we can stay for 14 days.  It may be nice for a change of pace.

Ok for now. Hope you are all well. I'll be back soon....



  1. Come here for a week or so during the summer. We'll make it work!

  2. The painting is beautiful....

    When investigating the itch, don't forget about the new fuzzy pjs.

    1. It may be the fuzzy blankets!!! NOOOO not my fuzzy PJ's.

  3. Beautiful picture. Hope you find the source of your itch!