Saturday, April 25, 2015

Everyone Left

So, it's official. Everyone who spent the winter here at the park has left.  The last couple was to have left last Monday. The owners, Roger, me and two new fun people went with them to lunch so we could celebrate their stay. It was wonderfully fun. The entire East coast then had horrid storms so they stayed three more days and the day before they left...we went out to lunch once more!

Roger and I then drove over to Merritt Island Refuge and drove around the reserve. It's so hot here now in Florida we said we saw more wild life at our park then we did in the refuge.

So this guy was in a side stream and if he looks huge he was. I stepped out of the car to take the photo and told Roger to be ready to take off he he came after me. LOL.  He just sat there, Whew.

I love square formats and there was this sweet duck walking alone down the road. Soon to be a painting!!

I also love clouds. 

And peeking through trees. 

He was just content to stand there while I hung out of the car to photograph him.  And off we went.

Every so often the man comes to the campground just to fish. He hides his boat over in the reeds by the owners house then pushes off and stays out there for hours. 

My plan is to do a series. The colors are stronger but today I'm working on my Chrome book. I haven't yet figured how to do a photoshop program on here. Soon!!!

So, the woman who was doing the cleaning in the bathhouse fell out of her trailer and broke her ankle in two places. Today she moved over to the west coast to be with her son and I was lucky to get her job and Roger is our new pool boy! Lucky to clean? LOL..Actually it gets me up earlier and now "moving" every day I find I plan my painting time more carefully.  I'm even planning on a painting a day on this blog as soon as I get commissions done. The Universe is taking care of us and sending all kinds of work.  I am grateful.

I'm finding the RV ing community to be rather complex. With so many economical and social backgrounds sometimes the drama is a bit negative. Unlike neighborhoods I think there is more interaction since people are out and about in a campground. My word for the week has been Respect! Oh sing it Aretha!!!  With no respect things get mucky really quickly.  Well, with our camp jobs and my paintings I'll be in a good place!

This was the beginning of a commission that is being shipped on the first.  I'll photograph it better tomorrow with my camera.

Update on my hip/back. After my Chiropractor app't on Friday I had a massage with my therapist. No fluff and buff but digging and stretching my right leg. Painful but necessary. I am thrilled to say since then I have been walking without pain!! WALKING!!!!  My ice bag and I are best buds but it's working. I have another massage in two weeks. I do ask her to do 2 minutes of "nice massage" before she ends!  I got a nice shoulder and head massage!!

Ok, that's all for today. Lola is barking at me for her dinner.

Ozzie is coming over to push the issue while Sammy is still groggy from his nap. Lola is intense. lol.

Thanks for coming by and have a great night!! I'll be blogging more now that I have more going on so...stay tuned!!


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