Monday, July 27, 2015

Heat Rashes And Other Maladies

Thankfully there are no other maladies but this heat rash that both Roger and I have is doing us in. I also think Sammy has it.  I have been experimenting, trying different things to see if it may be causing the rash. And..can you say ungodly itching?

We have a washer /dryer combo that says for a wash use 1 to 2 Tbs. of detergent. I have found too many pieces in the wash it doesn't dry, but I've been using 2 Tbs.  So, could it be the detergent? Then awhile back we bought a new mattress. A 13" gel and foam beauty. (Did I say $400.00)  There is no smell but with our Lab Sammy itching I'm wondering if the heat from the mattress is causing the rash.  Oh lord.

Then, it's the first summer that we have actually spent most of our days outside, either working or heading to the dog park.  If any of you have had issues with heat rashes and have any idea I would love input.

Ozzie, our Chocolate Lab must be having insecurity issues lately. Or, he loves me beyond words, or he thinks I may give him a treat!!  Every time I sit down he needs to be right there. I go into bed and he's right beside me.  I was sitting on the couch earlier when he decided he needed to be right with me. "Can you sit beside me Oz?" "No MUM, I need to be really really close to you!"

  Well, this week I start training to run the office while Wendy and her sister Penny go on a mini vacation. Roger and I will be in charge of the park.  It's quiet right now and not many people coming in, but just watch, everyone and their uncle will arrive and everything that could break will. It's Murphy's Law isn't it.  I'll have good stories for you.

Face Book has been doing a "remember when" thing on line and showing pictures from a few years past. One of them was of my Heart Dog and Muse, Sophie.  My companion and friend. She was the main dog that are on my early canvases.  I believe if you go on the top of the blog and go to My Dogs , you will see her smiling. She made me laugh every day! The other day the rain and storm was quite amazing. When it stopped we took the kids to the dog park.  Looking up at a dark area of the sky was half of a rainbow. We always think of our Chocolate, Fergus. After he went to the Bridge a beautiful rainbow appeared over our house. We now always know it's him. For Sophie, a friend in England wrote me and told me that Soph wouldn't appear as a rainbow but as a Dolphin. I live in Florida.  But, one morning I came out of the house and looked up and there was a cloud.

The other evening, right beside the rainbow was a Dolphin cloud. We had them both with us. As the clouds started to disperse, a small cloud in the shape of a paw appeared then left. Both Roger and I witnessed it but unfortunately we forgot our camera. I truly believe our furry friends stay close.

Thank you to all the people sending me commissions.  I am so grateful!!

OK, time to take the kids for their nighttime walk to the park. Chat again soon.



  1. For a good part of the last year, I was bothered by a heat rash under my breasts. Itched like crazy too. Finally cured it by washing the area before bed, and liberally applying Cashmere Bouquet talcum powder. Works like a charm. It couldn't hurt to try it.

    1. Thank you Judith!!! I will definitely try it. Plus I'll smell good too. My Mum always had Cashmere Bouquet in our home. She probably whispered in your ear to tell me. I'll get some tomorrow.