Saturday, January 2, 2016

Day #2 of The 30 Day Challenge

Up and out with the dogs by 8:30A.M. . At 9:00 A.M. I meet with my friend Betty and go to the rec hall to do stretching exercises.  There are only 15 and we do them in succession adding in our groans and grunts! Some days more flexible then another. Sigh.

Coffee and chatting with Wendy at the office, breakfast then clean the bathrooms. Finally home. I had a good start on today's painting so I thought I would just whiz along. Ha.


I am finally pleased how it turned out. Tomorrow, back to dogs. Haha.  Here is the LINK to the piece.

Planning the taking out of the rug! A couple of our friends have offered to yank it out. Such an mess, I need to prepare for the house going upside down for a bit.

I just found out the day #2 painting just sold!!!! WOW. Thank you to my favorite Collector.

Have a great afternoon and see you all tomorrow for day #3!!


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