Saturday, January 9, 2016

It's Saturday, Right?

You laugh...we have found that living in an RV we have a tendency to forget, or just not know what day it is. A Doctor coming in would find us all to have Alzheimer's I'm sure, but it's just that the things that mark time are no longer in place. It's just one long Saturday with sleeping in between. Not a bad thing as long as I make note of appointments and places I need to be with the phone alarm on.  I know, I need to get out more. hahaha!

Day #9 of the 30 Day Challenge.  8" x 10" oil on canvas.

I'm still accepting photos for paintings if you'd like to send me one. 

I'll probably continue into February, 60 day challenge?? No, I'll be just painting daily then but if you do send me photos before February I will still have them for just $100.00. Cool.

Our neighbors are heading north this coming Monday to go snowmobiling.  They will leave their rig here then be back in March. We all went out to dinner last night to celebrate and to wish them well. (And to hope they brought their long johns with them.)

That's it for today..See you tomorrow and have a great night!


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