Sunday, March 20, 2016

Birthdays And Anniversarys..Full Week

Yup, turned 69 this week. March 16. How did I feel turning 69? I'm actually embracing it. (think of the alternative) I'm healthy except for a wacky back and hip and I'm living the life we chose and loving it.  Made a solid decision to paint everyday no matter what and use buckets of moisturizer!! Roger got a cake and friends in the park came to the rec hall to celebrate. Talked with my son Jamie and had a video call from my daughter Erin and youngest granddaughter ,Kelsey. And happy Birthdays from my grandson,Logan and granddaughter Morgan. What more could I ask for. 

Yes, I did eat the flowers!!!!

Our 21st Anniversary came two days later. We went to a great little Italian restaurant then came home and had drinks with our neighbors. Another nice day.

Two paintings I did this week. Of course a sweet Lab but other than painting my Lola, this is the first Newfie I have done. I am excited since I was asked to donate a Gift Certificate to "Droolapalooza" event coming up in April.  Perfectly named by the way. This is Maverick. Soon after we got Lola, Kim, a breeder friend told me she would show me how to groom her. We drove over across the state to her home and there was Maverick. An older, much larger Newfoundland than Lola and Lola was so afraid of him. We sat on the porch, Maverick laying down, and Lola would not come by him. At one point she was trying to climb up the side of the porch. Maverick was sweet and calm, lots of drool, and found Lola to be quite a cutie and wanted to get to know her. She was having no part of it and at one point even climbed back into our car and sat in the drivers seat. haha..glad I had the keys on me. 

So, that's it for today. I have the Bees Gees singing away today while I paint and poor Roger's eyes are crossing, so I'll end for today and let him switch the music. See you tomorrow!!!



  1. Happy Belated Birthday and Happy Belated Anniversary,xx Rachel

  2. Thank you for what you do, our Labbies are so blessed by you Sheila

  3. This is a beautiful birthday cake. I liked its design. My husband’s 40th birthday is coming next month and want to have a surprise party for him. Looking for right event venue for the party. I hope he likes my arrangements.

  4. Congratulations dear. You have turned 69, still you're strong enough. Though, you're away from your children buy you have celebrated well. I like the both of your paintings. These are really lovely. Thanks for sharing such a special day of your life with us.

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