Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Our Floor Mod

Finally!! I gathered all the photos and now have the time and quiet to put it all down.  Our friend Bob volunteered to help us redo the flooring. So grateful since we found out it was a bear of a job to do if it were just Roger and I.

Well, here was the disgusting rug we wanted to get out of our rig. My job? Keeping the dogs in the back which is why the baby gate is up. For me to get in and out I had to get on a chair and put a leg over. Coming back in was a little trickier having to pull my leg up and back. I am thankful that I have been doing stretches every day.

Roger and Bob cut and pulled the old rug and actually got it out quicker than I thought. Needless to say, after 11 years of walking on it, spilling stuff, sand and dirt from people and dogs, it was a mess. Now we had clean plywood and the job started.

Our choice for flooring was Allure Ultra Vinyl. It floats on the existing sub floor which is perfect for a moving RV. After purchase we let it get acclimated to our temperature in the RV so it wouldn't warp. The Allure Ultra is a heavier vinyl and is waterproof and scratch proof, at least so far. The kids have done a few "zoomies" through the coach and the flooring still looks brand new. We did put pads on the bottom of our chairs though just to be on the safe side.

So Sheila, did you have any particular job to do? Oh yes. While the guys took a lunch break I went around and removed any nails that were poking up. When they came back they did tell me that they could have just hammered them done. Ugh.  I could have been spared the cramping, oh well. :-)

And so it began. The guys started under the couch and moved across towards the slide. The flooring snapped in easy as they put lengths together placing them side by side. I was called out for a consult to figure what to do about curved areas in the tile.

In one of the photos above you can see that the tile curves. Do we take out some of the tiles or try to find curved transition pieces to make it work. After doing some research I decided to trim the tile.  OK, this was tricky since we have a heated floor and our tiles in the winter are always comfy.  Did I tell you I love slippers now?  It's all good really. The constant heating gave us a really crazy electric bill each month.  Bob started to cut and Roger called me to show me the net mat with cement on it. I said that it may be the heating mat but they were sure it wasn't so I gave the ok. It took a few days for the tile floor to go completely cold but the vinyl flooring is actually warm and looks so good I stopped talking about it. Haha.  I really like the indentation of the tile and the transition pieces look perfect.

Now to the slide area.  You can see the white strip. That is the end where the slide meets the floor. What to do?  The men took the weekend off to really think about the solution for this one. Some people just leave the rug on the slide, or a piece of rug on that strip, but we wanted the whole deal. 

Bringing the flooring out and over still left part of the slide transition piece showing. We brought in the slide a small amount. Our slide raises up and comes over the main flooring, so now how would we transition to the floor so that there would be no noticeable level.

Bob and Roger brought home a long piece of moulding that matched the color of the floor. This was another nights "thinking". It's amazing how many great ideas come to people after "sleeping on it".  They turned the moulding over and screwed it into the now laid flooring. Roger caulked along the top and used a colored putty and it looked perfect. There is a small gap which catches dirt and my baby toe at times and you have to be careful not to step on it so we are thinking of yet one more piece of moulding right side up which will come right to the floor.

Ozzie found a stache of tennis balls and bones under the couch!! Bonanza!!! 

Needless to say, we love our floor!! Dog Approved!!!

Have a great day.


  1. The new floor looks really nice. I like the idea of vinyl, it's easy to clean, and feels warm. You must be so happy with the new floor! :)

  2. Barbara, I love it!!!! The carpet was insane! Lol 😜

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