Sunday, July 10, 2016

Watching The RV Park Day 6

Roger and I are watching the RV Park while the owners are on vacation for two weeks. We did this last year so it's familiar to us. How hard can it be? I think I mentioned last year that everyone who stay here needs to spend a day in the office to see what Wendy does, then a day outside to see what Penny does.  Today is Sunday and it wasn't a day off.  I don't think there are days off in the RV Park business. If you don't get that phone call or chat with that person you may loose business.

Again, my view from the office. All and all it hasn't been that busy but I've gone from, all the time in the world to "Lord, when can I get time to pee" , or eat.   In the past 6 days I've had a man come in full time, a couple come in for a week and another family in transit move in for a month or more. Another couple wondering if they could find a place here after the Fall season.

It's been 96 degrees or more every day with the heat index about 115 so I'd zoom around in the golf cart looking for a free spot with a bit of shade for the new comers.  Then the questions of park rules, wifi, trash and such along with just friendly chatter.  Then in the back of my head, "Is there enough toilet paper in the bathrooms?"

Our afternoon storms have started back up again and they have been like little surprises.

The table was once inside the screen house.

Just two pictures of the damage from wind in yesterdays surprise storm. Another camper had his awning ripped part way. Thankfully we pulled ours in just in time.  Today, we are ready once more.

In between making sure bathrooms are clean, phones answered, people settled I actually paint. I haven't been able to do my oil commissions but I have taken my watercolors to the office.  A little quiet "studio" away from home.  I also have company!

This is Gus.  Last year Gus was a kitten and easy to get him to come to me but this year, "Who are you???".
With the heat the plan is to get him to come into the office during the day so he'll cool off. For the first three days Gus was a no show. I'd put his food out on the step and it was gone the next morning so I knew he was eating. I walked around the yard a bit calling him but now answer. Friday I heard a meow but no sign of Gus. Yesterday I heard the meow and it was right outside the office door. He ran when I opened it but walked back enough so I could grab him and bring him in. We bonded. I had him in my lap for about an hour petting and chatting and today he's a regular and talks non stop. 

So it's now Sunday night and I'm home, feet up, a tall boat drink in hand and back to being a park renter. I have the owners on speed dial if we need them but all is well. 

Looks like THEY had my boat drink!!

5:04 P.M. and Lola's dinner bell just sounded.  No sitting around right now. One thing though, I've had my days so full I sleep better than I have in months. (no Wendy you can't stay longer for my health and sleep...LOL )

Off to feed the kids!! Have a great night.


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