Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wow Time Flies

Holy cow, July 6!! I hope I was busy, I'm sure I was.

Funny about full timing RVing, time changes.  It's not dementia, old age or any other nasty thing, it's just that time rolls on and you don't notice. What day is it? What date? And who cares!? Unless of course you have an appointment to get to or a plane to catch. Thankfully we have devices to remind us. (apologies again to my friend Lou for forgetting that our lunch date was at 11 am and not noon.)

So I've been painting up a storm finishing commission work then adding on to it a monthly Watercolor challenge of 31 days. I'm having a blast!!!

TAKE A PEEK   That will take you to my page on Daily Paint Works.  I was on this site a few years ago and recently decided to join again. My creative energy has been renewed so who knows what might happen!

This is my latest In Progress piece.  A photo of Ozzie back when he was a pup. I may have mentioned Sammy, our black Lab, didn't care for Oz at first.  Ozzie was someone who had the potential of taking away Sammy's food, toys and personal lovings.  Well this day Ozzie climbed up onto the chaise where Sam was sunning himself and climbed right on top. I held my breath. Ozzie nibbled and bit and Sammy went into "mummy" mode and started teaching Ozzie what not to do. It was amazing to watch.

So, RV news. Still waiting! I did hear from our tow dolly man and he's coming about the third week of July with our tow dolly. Meanwhile, the park owners wanted to go home on vacation for two weeks and since we are still here, we are looking after things. I'm in the office during the day and Roger does the pool as usual.

I do get to sit in air conditioning and do my painting so it's not bad at all. I had one gentleman come in and wanted to find a full time place for his trailer, dog and his self.  He moved in a few minutes ago. A good day.
The afternoon had the thunder and lightning and downpour. We wish it would cool things off but it really doesn't. Not this week.

Well almost time to bring the kids to the dog park. Their little alarms on their paws go off and we MUST go at that time.

Chat again hopefully tomorrow... before another month goes by. 


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