Monday, January 2, 2017

The Year Has Started

What do you do on January 1st of a new year? I took a few aspirin, yes we were partying til after 1:00 P.M. and thought..I have this new freedom back again so I better just start. I painted!

This is how it started. My girl Lola, a brown and white Newfoundland and the apple of my eye.  I did the sketch on a 300 lb watercolor block then got ready to paint.

My first wash. The Patriots football game was on at 1:00 P.M. and we were all going over to our friend Arnie's coach to watch it outside. My plan was to come back at half time and continue the piece.

I had been drinking my coffee earlier and totally forgot to remove the cup and totally forgot to cover up my painting. What could happen? Well, Ozzie gets crazed if he can't see where Roger has gone and looks out every window. He actually can push up the blinds with his nose making it look like everyone in the coach had been drinking way too much. Then I saw the painting covered with coffee spots. UGH. And who knew coffee really stains the paper and nothing on this earth, as far as I know, will remove them.

I just cant redo it. Most would but I loved the energy that it already had so I kept going. Hopefully I may come up with a solution.  One person mentioned snowflakes. I have long loved bubbles so I thought, hmmm, maybe.

A wash of orange, of all colors, all over her fur. In the light some days I can see a bit and she sparkles.

The finished painting. "Make Life Magic"  My lesson was just to keep going when you have a "wall" in front of you and make magic happen. In this case in the magic was in the bubbles. This piece is much freer then a lot of my other paintings, maybe a new adventure for 2017, and I had fun adding pinks, blues and violets. Why not?

Day 2. Roger and I go with our bottle lights and self watering planters to the local Farmers Market on Mondays. I did start a sketch so tomorrow I can paint that and get back to my commission work. Busy, busy bee me. Show and tell tomorrow!

Cuddling with the kids and sipping on an Apple Pie Martini. Celebrating another great day!!

Wishing you all a prosperous and happy New Year!


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