Saturday, January 21, 2017

Yes, It's Been Awhile

Let's see, where have I been and what's happening. I finally got an appointment with an orthapedic Doctor for my hip. I brought my MRI and entered his patient room. He's a nice man,late 40's, but his first sentence was "SURGERY" . He said my MRI showed bone on bone and what pain meds did I take and how often.  Tylenol for some burning at night? I'm a very curious person so I googled MRI's and how to read them and found one similar to mine. I saw that I still have some cartilage. I said I have a tough time straightening my leg and he explained that the hip's muscles tighten around it. OK, may I have muscle relaxers then? OK and pain meds, which I don't need. Yet.

Calling my Doctor on Monday to see if I can go to PT and learn to stretch properly to straighten the muscles. I don't have time for hip surgery at this time. No pain getting up and down the coach steps so I'm good to go. I'm also waiting for Stem Cell Therapy to be mainstream and be covered by insurance.

Oh Oh, what's this? When we bought CiCiBlue we had a bubble that went across the area that the awning arm was attached too. Then I noticed it moving a bit.

Our friend Bob who helped us with our floors last winter season.  We found the water has been leaking slowly in through the weep hole. I covered it with electric tape last year, bought the covers but never put them on. Duh. Water in a coach..DANGER! 

Bob brought up a fan that we have in the bathroom now drying the damp and wet. We also need to get behind the steel beam to get that part dried too. Another thing we noticed is when we had our awning arm plan is in a few days to replace the insulation and cover the entire wall rather than try and get a perfect form. I'm fine with that and then I'll paint the bathroom with color! Goodbye beige wall paper. I'm actually excited and more excited we found out about the leak. I'll keep you posted on the repair. 

Last night was Friday Fest in Cocoa Beach, and we were there with our lights and planters.  Night venues are perfect for us. We turn them all on and people love them and we actually had returning customers!

Not sure If I showed you this one. Watercolor and Gouache on 300LB paper.  It sold and I was thrilled! Going to a new home! 

Well tomorrow a storm is predicted to come in with threats of tornadoes. I'll be putting things away in the am then painting the rest of the day to catch up with my commissions. So, with that, I'll end and wish you all a great evening.


P.S., see you tomorrow!

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