Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday At Cummins

You will laugh but we are getting to like the solitude! I have always said I'd love to her in the middle of no where with no people and voila', here I am! The only thing I forgot to add was please have great senery. We look out our front window and see trucks, fire engines and more RVs. However, Lola started barking a few minutes ago and there was a racoon traveling across the yard.

People are supposed to be coming in today and we are actually bummed. Getting accustomed to our privacy.

Our friend came yesterday with supplies for us. Milk, bread, dog food and wine. He's a commercial fisherman and brought some Amber Jack from the day before catch. Amazing!! Roger fried it up and along with the beans and rice we enjoyed a feast! Laughing and conversation in our private haven lasted well into the night and then we slept soundly!

Today we rest. 😂  I still haven't figured how to get photos from my phone to here. Maybe I'll check that out this afternoon and if I succeed I'll do a blog of what it's like here!

One thing that has happened was noticing a mush in our slide out wall. I have a can of flex seal so went out and sprayed corners, seams, underbelly of the slide hoping that would do it. Then we remembered the day we got here and how when the person started to move our coach we heard a huge deluge of water coming in off of our slide out. 😱 I'll put the fan on it this afternoon and it will start to dry. I am learning patience being here and learning to take possible catastrophes in stride and just work to fix or prevent. I have had time to look over the Beaver Marquis next to us over the past few days and you start seeing what's wrong. Thankfully CiCi is in better condition. Well if you don't look at my Flex seal spray today. "Crazed woman with spray can attacks RV slide out!!" 😜😱  there will be no leaking in this slide!!

I did a watercolor and put it on auction on Daily Paintworks  When you get a chance go see.😜

That's all for now, have a great night and I'll see you tomorrow for the Monday update!! Same place , same Bat Chanel!! And RIP Adam West!


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