Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thank Goodness For Iphones

So, FYI, Cummins has Internet but it's connected countrywide by their stores and when they close at 5 P.M., so does their internet. We also were told that there is none on the weekend!😳😳😳

We arrived yesterday around 1 ish in the pouring rain. Why I thought we would be looked at right away is beyond me now, but luckily we were able to get a spot in their "campground"   The parts department manager was nice enough to back us into the spot and I got to watch his spotter use really good arm signals. We have electric and water hook ups so we have the a/c going front and back. Water gathered on top of our slides in the downpour and the stop allowed the rain to fall inside on the bedroom rug. 😳😳😳 We then put out our drivers side slide to see the flooring on one end so high I could put my foot under it.  Out I go in the downpour to see the moulding on the slide coming off on the underside. My signal to Roger is banging on the coach to tell him to bring the slide back in.  We were able to remove the moulding from inside and put the slide out again. We also found some issues that need to be addressed but that's another day. The hurricane did more damage than we thought at the time but now that the sun came out I'm feeling better about everything. The manager yesterday said we would be here for two weeks and we both went into a nice slump.

I can't seem to post pics . Hopefully I will figure that out soon. There's a Beaver Monterey beside us. I walked around it to see how beautiful it was compared to sweet CiCi Blue. It has a door popping off and duck tape holding its stairs in. I'm sure at night the two coaches are commiserating with each other over their well earned battle scars. 

Well it's 4:00 P.M. Now and they close at 5 so that's it for today. Rain clouds are coming over but their are two Cardinals that fly around in front of us. Mum and Dad letting me know it's all going to be ok! 

Have a great night.. more tomorrow from our Adventure !! 


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  1. Start sketching everything! You could make this a book on the perils of RV living. TWO WEEKS?