Monday, December 18, 2017

My Word For 2018

Since words have strength in our lives, and I never do well on resolutions for a whole year, I chose the word "powerful". Webster defines it as an adjective meaning "having great strength and power or a strong effect on someone or something". My plan is to take the word inward, having the strength and power within to accomplish everything I set my mind to. In that frame, today I drove solo out over the winding, twisty mountain rode to Parker. I passed the gate and whispered.."Powerful" and off I drove.

Just beyond the gate! I was ready and off I went. 

The Fed ex truck passed me going like the wind. or so I thought, but the man in front of me was stepping on his brakes at every turn. First time out maybe. 

The side of one of the mountains that makes me feel we landed on Mars. They are a red volcanic stone and there are holes everywhere. Who lives in them? (So not going to peek, and I don't care in my word is "powerful". Not doing it.)

So I made it to Parker, Arizona in 45 minutes and shipped a painting for a Christmas gift. My next stop was back down to 95 and stop at Walmart. I was picking up milk, wine, butter and bagels but had to get some stuff I needed. Undies, slippers, because the floors are cold first thing in the morning and the dogs better not eat them, and a new pair of long, fuzzy on the inside, black leggings. Oh, a Starbucks bottle Cappachino and some blueberry bread to have on my ride home.

Onto 95 north takes me to my cutoff to the Parker Dam so it was a straight run. I turned on Hair Nation on Sirius and drove. Cruising along the Scorpions came on singing "Winds of Change" and I thought, oh yes, there is a change going on. (Powerful) Finishing work on time, starting those ideas you have rolling around your head at 2:00 A.M. (Powerful) 

"Take me to the magic of the moment on a glory night 
where the children of tomorrow share their dreams with you and me" Scorpions

I love driving, freedom and powerful. 

By the time I got to Black Meadow Road Ozzie Osburn came on. I thought I'm sure someone would love driving this listening to other types of music but now I'm hearing " Just a shot in the darrrk!"

One of my goals is to do one more watercolor of Lola in the Field and do a calendar. Yes, a little late but it's 12 months and I'm hoping to accomplish this by the end of the week. (along with a zillion other projects...Powerful) 

Roger has been reading about cyber currency. He traded currency when we lived in a sticks and bricks and now has an interest in this new world, and he'd like me to know too. (powerful..I'm whispering , it's such a strange happening yet exciting.) I just applied to a cyber currency blog site and waiting to see if I get in. They host all kinds of blogs, I thought it would just be on bitcoin or such, but they have a whole art section. (Powerful and never too old)

Just about back to the campground. The quicker I get my commissioned work finished the faster I can get out here and paint the 13 million year old mountains. Powerful also means that I am falling in love with this desert land. Not sure when we would return but we never say never, so I'll soak in every sight I see, every noise I hear and even enjoy every dust storm that comes with the Santa Ana winds. (Heard they are coming back tomorrow...) 

So, I'm home, cup of coffee in hand, dogs snoozing, and Roger studying on the internet. It's been a great day so far. So everyone, have a great rest of your day, be safe and warm.

See you tomorrow,


PS,  yes I know the words to the head banger music and sing right along. Not well, but sing at the top of my voice. If you see me on the road just beep and wave...then have a great laugh. Huge hugs!!

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