Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Day Before Pot Luck At Black Meadow Landing

Today the people in Row A, Row B and Row Z (out on the point) were invited to have a group Christmas dinner. The tables were placed out behind the rig across from us and tables were placed out for the food and the yankee swap gifts. Everyone started gathering around 12.45P.M., a prayer was said then the line formed.

Christmas dinner desert style. I wouldn't have missed it for the world!! Lots of meeting people, lots of laughing, lots of conversation. There's even a couple here that at one time raised and showed Newfies!! They want to meet Lola since they have never seen a brown and white one. They raised and showed blacks, one of the AKC approved along with brown and then Landseer. (lola needs a good grooming before she meets previous award winning breeders. (Oh yes, deer in headlights)  At one point, Lola, who raised our curtain in the bedroom, saw another dog and let out her signature bark. The people looked at me and said, "There she is!!". No mistaking that voice!!

Tonight, up on the hill where the gold course is, the people are showing their light decorations and serving hot chocolate and cookies. We will go up with Bob and Betty on their golf cart with Paul and Diane hoofing it behind us. It should be fun!

So, there it is. Giving the kids dinner then I am going to stretch out on the bed to get my second wind for the evening event.

Happy Christmas Eve. I hope Santa brings you your every wish.


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